June, 2012      

Dear Dance Friends,

The winners of "The Celebration of ME" Dance Scholarship Fund who will attend the Jazz Dance World Congress in Pittsburgh, PA July 31-Aug 5 are:  
                   Marion Outerbridge                                              Jodi Welch 

Marion Outerbridge - Dancer/Teacher/Illusionist, Montreal, Canada

"My love for dance was realized at a very young age. I knew when I was twelve that I would be involved in dance in some shape or form for the rest of my life.
I met Gus Giordano many years ago in Stuttgart, Germany. He ignited my passion for jazz dance. Gus not only used me as a demonstrator in Germany, but also gave me a scholarship to his school. This experience one can only dream about!
I was fortunate to have met Marion Elliott (ME) in the early 90's at the Jazz Dance World Congress. Marion had a huge passion for dance and life. I think we are quite similar. We share the same name, but we also share the zest of life and the positive feeling that anything is possible if we keep moving."
Jodi Welch - Butler University, Professor Point Park University
"I have taught jazz dance and tap at Point Park University and at a private studio for 34 years.
Since jazz dance is influenced by the music of the time, I have enjoyed the challenge of adapting the movement to represent the many changes in our musical culture.
My personal style is based on a strong traditional style of jazz with a musical theater flair.
Teaching students to "perform" so that the audience enjoys the experience as much as the dancer, is one of my goals.
Jazz is such an expressive form of dance. The dancer has the ability to make the audience laugh, cry and feel all of the emotions in between.
What better way is there to communicate than through jazz dance!
Kind regards,
Pattie Obey
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