If our biggest strengths are sometimes our biggest weaknesses, then so it stands that our best economic news can signal challenges as well. This is true if you consider unemployment.  As we breathe a sigh of relief that unemployment has dipped below 3% in Petaluma, we also recognize that companies are feeling the pinch as they struggle to find qualified employees to support growth.  

To help, we've created a Career and Lifestyle Guide to help you recruit employees not familiar with Petaluma. Read on to learn about this and other resources available from us and other organizations.

Also, don't miss our newest business profile on Katadyn, a recent addition to Petaluma's business community, and information about Petaluma's new Cannabis Business Program.  Finally, learn about upcoming community events and volunteer/sponsorship opportunities.

Let us know if we can help you expand your business or help address a hurdle you may be having.

Ingrid Alverde
Economic Development Manager
Human Resources Managers definitely have their work cut out for them right now. They're tasked with finding qualified employees, keeping them safe at work, staying compliant with regulations, and providing the right benefits.  

Luckily, businesses can get workforce support from many local resources--including us! For example, we created a  Career and Lifestyle Guide to help businesses educate their recruits about the advantages of accepting a job in Petaluma. We've also started a blog post series focused on workforce-related topics. Check out our first post, Best Practices for Job Fairs. 

Other resources and events to consider include:
Katadyn Desalination, LLC, specializes in small scale, energy-efficient desalination systems for land- and marine-based applications. It is part of the Zurich, Switzerland-based Katadyn Group, a global leader in water purification products.

How does a Swiss company focused on marine products land on fertile ground in Petaluma? 
Read our latest business profile to find out!
Petaluma's City Council has been considering how best to accommodate legal cannabis businesses since the passage of Proposition 64. In December, they approved an ordinance that would allow Petaluma businesses to manufacture or deliver cannabis-containing products or test cannabis and cannabis products for safety and potency.  

Cannabis businesses will need a permit issued by the Police Department. The initial permit will cost $3,500 and will be valid for 1 year. Renewals will cost $2,500 and will be issued to cannabis businesses successfully meeting all the program requirements.

If you have questions or want to start a cannabis business, contact Ingrid Alverde  by email
or phone, 707-778-4549.

If you've never tried a "walking meeting"...or it's been a while since you took a lunchtime stroll...or you just want to score some free (heart-healthy)'s your chance!
National Walking Day is April 4, and, to celebrate, the Petaluma Health Care District and the American Heart Association are hosting a fun and free event for businesses and their employees.
The Petaluma Walking Day event will take place April 4, from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m., at Shollenberger Park. In addition to snacks and water, you'll find blood pressure screenings, prizes, and information about how to prevent and respond to cardiac-related emergencies in the workplace. 
To sign up and get more info contact Monica Blasquez at the American Heart Association.  To participate near your workplace, contact   Erin Hawkins  at Petaluma Health Care District. 

Butter & Egg Days

Join the fun this year as the Butter & Egg Days celebration turns 100. Whether you'd like to sponsor a booth, help behind the scenes, or craft a float and march in the parade, there are lots of ways to participate!

Learn more by contacting  Marie McCusker or at the Downtown Association's  website. 

Fourth of July Fireworks

The City's Parks & Recreation Department is looking for businesses to sponsor its annual Fourth of July event and fireworks display held at the Fairgrounds. 

Interested? Contact Sandra Kraus in Parks & Rec by email or phone (707-778-4349).