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May 2015
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Top 100 Clubfitters

We are once again on the Golf Digest Top 100 Clubfitters of America list.  This is the 3rd time Golf Digest has honored us. We are very proud to have been on the list every year and are the only location on Long Island to ever receive the award.  



Bobby Grace inteview

At the 2015 PGA Show Woody interviewed Bobby Grace who has been making and designing putters for over 30 years. When you have a few minutes you can pick up several great insights from this industry legend, here's the link.




Quintic Ball Roll


We emphasize the importance of a putter fitting as the best way for us to help you lower your score.

We recently purchased a Quintic putter launch monitor  which features high speed cameras. This helps us learn how putts roll after impact. 


We are currently in an R & D phase with the Quintic Putting Monitor. Once we determine its benefits as part of a total putting fitting. we may incorporate it as part of the evaluation. 

There is a lot of data to analyze so we need to do thorough research and our due diligence with it first. 

If you have had a putter fitting with us and have interest in helping us do some research so we can compile data, please email us so we can schedule a time to help us test our latest technology acquisition.







 Welcome to the latest edition of Pete's Golf News. The Golf season is finally upon us. It was a long winter and while some courses had ice damage, most are open and in great shape. We hope you have already been able to get out and enjoy.


We have made some revisions to our website. Check out and let us know what you think. We have added an online booking feature so you can now go online and book a fitting. Book a fitting online here  




Mohegan Sun

Most of you know we have been running pools for each major. We like creating a little more buzz to these tournaments. Our pools are open to everyone and there is never a fee to enter but you do need a little knowledge for the best chance to win. We are very excited to announce a partnership with Mohegan Sun for the US open, British open and PGA championships. The first place prize winner of each of these pools will win the following for themselves and one guest:


2 nights stay Mohegan Sun, a 4 star hotel, and two rounds of golf at Mohegan Sun Country Club. Accommodations can be booked Sunday through Thursdays. 

(Good till April 2016).


For the US Open, the 2nd place winner will get an R15 driver with a fitting.


Look for our pool in your in-box the Monday before the US Open. Have friends that want to join our pool, just have them go to our website and sign up for our newsletter. 




Thanks for spending a few minutes with us.  Like us on Facebook at Pete's Golf Shop or follow us on Twitter @petesgolfshopny @woodylashen @kirkoguri @sonnyburgo 






The Pete's Golf Team


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