Medical bills in just the last 30 days, exceeds $24,000!
We hope everyone is getting back to a more normal life this summer. Unfortunately, normal did NOT happen fast enough for us to plan our major summer fundraiser this year.

Everyone really helped us last year (thank you!)
and we are asking for your help again this year.

In just the past 30 days - PWD's medical team has performed orthopedic surgeries, amputations and bone repairs on 4 dogs. These dogs were all living in severe pain. Thankfully, they are all doing well and recovering pain free but our medical bills are piling up!
Athena, a smart sweet 2 yr old shepherd mix. Her front leg was swollen due to painful osteosarcoma She was in desperate need of an amputation. She is now recovering and has had a consult with our oncologist.
Cap, a delightful 5 yr border collie. Cap was hit by a car and dislocated his hip, he needed a Femoral Head Ostectomy, and possibly more surgery on his knee (TBD). Cap will need 8 weeks of recuperation with several PT sessions. 
Ethan, a 4 year old, shepherd beagle mix- a sweetie! Ethan came to us with a very old and untreated leg injury. His left hind leg needed to be amputated. He is doing great, but he had to see our cardiologist before surgery because he has heartworm disease.  His heartworm treatment will start the end of August, another long haul for him! 
Jenga, a very overweight 9 yr old corgi, was signed over to be euthanized. Fortunately her life was saved by a doctor who reached out to us. Jenga had an unfortunate accident and had a severe break in her back leg. Jenga will have a lengthy recovery and we are all praying her surgery will be successful.  
$2000 + 4 MONTHS = Heartworm treatment
In addition to our most recent surgical bills - We had to treat EIGHT heartworm positive dogs in the first 6 months of this year. This treatment is in ADDITION to the other medical issues that brought the dogs to PWD.

Heartworm treatment is $2000/dog = $16,000 and requires them to be in the PWD program for a minimum of 4 months AFTER their recovery from other surgeries etc.
Heartworm, if left untreated, is fatal.
  • Gus- broken pelvis & HW+
  • Sophia- amputation & HW+
  • Martin- senior medical & HW+
  • Foxie- cerebellum disorder & HW+
  • BoBo- cushings & HW+
  • Wags- ortho evaluation & HW+
  • Ethan- amputation & HW+
  • Neve- blind & HW+
Our sweet active Foxie, is a Golden Retriever/Spitz/Border Collie mix. She is only 2 year's old, and 25 lbs. Foxie was carried into the shelter along with her litter of cute puppies. The shelter did not notice Foxie's abnormal gait until after the person left. Her puppies were quickly adopted but due to Foxie’s unique gait which is medically termed Cerebellum Disorder, she was left behind.

Foxie is also Heartworm positive and has just a couple weeks left in her recovery.

She is so happy, bubbly and her wobbly gait makes her even cuter! She can do everything a 'normal dog" can do just with a little more flair and bounce! She is good with dogs, loves to play, loves toys, good with cats, good with children and great in the car!
Because of her different abilities, her ideal home would be one level with minimal stairs to navigate (2-3 at most in the home and out to the fenced in yard). She also does not walk well on leash so she would do best in a fenced in yard.
She is looking for her new family!
Sweet Bo is a 10 yr old cattle dog mix that was surrendered to a shelter. No other rescue would consider him. He is such a GREAT dog and is a rescue "favorite"!

Bo came to us with undiagnosed Cushing’s Disease. We are now working with our internal medicine team to manage his Cushing’s disease (very expensive meds).

BO is also heartworm positive and will need to undergo his heartworm treatment in a hospital setting - WHEN possible.

He is a good example of the combination of health issues we have had to manage.
Thank you for your support.
We cannot do this work without your help.

We hope to have an in person event this fall at the rescue. Save the date of October 23rd to visit the dogs and see the organization that your generous donation is supporting.
Please be generous - visit the website for more information