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Summer Reading and Math Recognition


Over 500 Pierce students were recognized at last Friday's assembly for

completing their summer reading and math work! This recognition was

marked by our entertaining 7th and 8th graders: comical Masters

of Ceremonies, Alex and Karoun; talented celloists, Arthur and Mirdul;

spirited singing group, Rebecca, Phoebe, Avery and Chloe and accomplished

pianist, Angelica. These 7/8 students were shining examples of Pierce

Pride! The K-6 students enjoyed them and were proud to stand and be

recognized for their summer efforts.


A big thank you goes to literacy specialist Beth Collins Willis.  She

helped to format the program, organize over 500 certificates, and

secure the new "Awesome Reader" and "Math Whiz" bracelets students

received thanks to the support of the PTO. 


Pipier Smith-Mumford, Ph. D.




Principal's Forum: How We Build Community 

Thursday 10/13 6pm @ The Pierce Library


The School Council invites all Pierce parents to our first Principal's Forum on Thurs., Oct. 13th, at 6pm. Our topic is: "How We Build Community." During this interactive evening parents will learn about the techniques and strategies used in K-8 to minimize bullying behaviors and build community (Programs used are called the Responsive Classroom in grades K-5 and Developmental Designs in grades 6-8). Teachers and specialists across the grades will lead these activities. Our goal is to bring as many Pierce parents together so that the evening is informative, supportive, and helpful. 


A second forum this spring will address Technology's Impact on Education.


Hope to see you on the October 13th!


Karen Sutton, co-chair

Pierce School Council



Final Push for Directory Info:

Please be sure your room parents have your contact information so that you are included in the Directory (or opt out if you do not want to be included.) We want to get the Directory in your hands this month!


 Calling all Cooks - Pierce Cooks!


Don't know what to take to the potluck? We've got a recipe for that. 

Not sure what to make for dinner tonight? We've got a recipe for that, too.

Want to try to cook food from another culture but don't know where to start? 

We've got many recipes for that as well!


Pierce Cookbooks are available for $10 each.

Enjoy hundreds of favorite recipes submitted by the Pierce community.

Eat well, try new things and support Pierce!


Cookbooks are available by contacting Meredith Saillant (dggmls@yahoo.com or 617-501-6901) and payment will be arranged through her via cash/check/charge.  Delivery guaranteed to your door or your child's classroom.  Now that's service!


"This is from the Pierce Cookbook? This is phenomenal!" (from the happy mouth of a kindergardener) 



One-time Volunteer Needed for Food on Wheels Walk

Pierce School needs one volunteer to coordinate with the town's other elementary schools on the Food on Wheels walk to benefit the Brookline Food Pantry. The walk, led by Driscoll School, will be held  Oct. 23 from 1-3pm. The food will be hand-delivered to the food pantry. Pierce cannot participate without a coordinator. This is a great opportunity for kids and an easy way to get involved with a finite project that ends Oct. 23!  Please email piercepto@gmail.com for more details.


Celebrity Series Tickets: $10 for Pierce Students


The Celebrity Series of Boston is offering the Pierce School community several events at an incredible discount: $10 per ticket! For over 20 years, the Celebrity Series of Boston's Take Your Seat program has encouraged participation in the arts with young audiences within the Boston Area. Schools participating must adhere to a minimum of four students to every one adult chaperone for each order. Exceptions to this ratio may be made for students with specific needs. Performances include: Alvin Ailey (only two performances for the Take Your Seat discount!), Mark Morris Dance Group, and Garrison Keillor.


Tickets are limited, and may sell out, so order early. The schedule and order form are available on the Pierce School PTO website: 



The Annual Cross Country Meet for Grades 5-8  

Thursday, October 20


Students in grades 5-8 are eligible to participate. Runners will compete in a one-mile cross country course at Larz Anderson Park. There will be a total of eight races divided by grade and gender. Parents are welcome to watch their children run and volunteer to help the P.E. staff with crowd control!


Ms. Grindstaff will be offering six practice sessions. The practices are not mandatory but lots of kids find them helpful.  


The practices will be on the following dates:


Tuesday 10/4                      Thursday 10/13

Thursday 10/6                     Monday 10/17

Wednesday 10/12                Tuesday 10/18


All practices will be held from 2:30-3:30pm in the gym.





Solution due October 20th


A caterpillar is trying to crawl up the tree. It takes 2 minutes for it to climb 1 foot, but it falls back 6 inches each time it climbs 1 foot. How long will it take the caterpillar to crawl to the top of the 8-foot tree?


Show your work using pictures, numbers or symbols.

(Hint: Try to use a number line to solve this problem.)


Please don't forget to include your full name and class!



 SOLUTION TIME for POW#2 - Counting Shells - NEXT WEEK! 







Wednesday, October 12 @ 4-9PM 


The Meat House1285 Beacon St., Coolidge Corner, will donate a portion of its Oct. 12 proceeds to the Brookline Community Foundation's Safety Net. For each pound of marinated steak tips you buy, $1 will go to the Safety Net. The Safety Net provides emergency relief to Brookline families, adults and seniors in the form of food vouchers, rent, utility bills or other extraordinary expenses that arise from unforeseen circumstances. For more info, contact Jonah Beukman, jbeukman@brooklinecommunity.org or 617-566-4442. 




FREE EVENT - Brookline SEPAC hosts guest speaker Ross W. Greene, Ph.D. 

Monday 10/17 @ 7pm at the Lawrence School Auditorium, 27 Francis Street, Brookline.  


Dr. Greene is the originator of the Collaborative Problem Solving approach and the author of highly acclaimed books, The Explosive Child and Lost at School. He is regarded as one of the top experts in working with behaviorally challenging children. His popular and dynamic lectures are known throughout the country and around the world. Parents, child and adolescent professionals, and educators shouldn't miss this wonderful opportunity! For more information contact brooklinesepac@gmail.com.



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