2020 Quarter 2 Newsletter
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Learn more about the featured grantee on this year's cover, WeightOut Ministries, below!
Artist Recovery Fund Supports Creative Workers During Coronavirus Quarantine
Our arts community has been rocked by COVID-19 and as the scale of the pandemic became clear, we knew that individual artists would be particularly vulnerable during the crisis. We also knew that these artists would be essential during the recovery. Time and again communities have turned toward the arts in times of crisis to document, distract, and, ultimately, help process our collective emotions. I still get goosebumps thinking back to the cathartic evening in the Pikes Peak Center as Yo-Yo Ma performed on September 11, 2001.
As the crisis unfolded, the Bee Vradenburg Foundation and Pikes Peak Community Foundation quickly partnered to create a first-of-its kind fund to support local artists, the Artist Recovery Fund. Community members joined in support of the work and two weeks after local stages went dark and galleries closed their doors, local artists had the financial support they needed to survive.
To date, the Artist Recovery Fund has provided low-barrier support to 132 local artists, with thanks to nearly 100 community members who joined the Bee Vradenburg Foundation to raise more than $90,000. This is the power of community, and this is the power of a thriving community foundation. Simply put, without the Pikes Peak Community Foundation expertise, relationships, and community savvy, the Artist Recovery Fund would not have been possible.
--David Siegel, Executive Director of the Bee Vradenburg Foundation
Nonprofit Leader Spotlight:
Chauncey LaBrie and WeighOut Ministries
Chauncey spent most of his life rebelling against authority, failing to capitalize on the opportunities he encountered due to a lack of positive influences in his life.

Now, Chauncey dedicates his life to being the positive influence he wishes he had. He is an advocate of Southeast Colorado Springs, a voice for the unheard, and a community parent to disadvantaged youth. He uses his nonprofit WeighOut Ministries as a solution to a deteriorating community and presents alternative choices to youth as well as to neighborhoods and the community at large.

He works to empower youth in the Southeast community by emphasizing personal responsibility–encouraging young individuals to “weigh out” options and consequences before making decisions and become great leaders for generations to come.

Community Foundation Report on
Emergency Relief Fund
The PPCF Emergency Relief Fund (ERF) was activated in March 2020 shortly after precautions related to COVID-19 were announced. The first round of ERF grants was made on March 20 and since then, over $1. 2M   has been awarded to over 60 nonprofit organizations across the Pikes Peak Region.

The ERF grants committee, comprised of organizational partners, local emergency management leaders, and the philanthropic community, met weekly from the initial March meeting through early June, reviewing grant requests totaling over $5M. These funds supported direct human service organizations providing essential human needs to individuals and families throughout our community. Access to food and food pantries, housing and utility assistance, medically necessary transportation, and resources for mental health services were prioritized as some of the most pressing community needs.

Throughout the quarantine period, due to job losses and reductions in work hours, local human service organizations saw a drastic increase in utilization of their outreach programs, including many individuals and families that had never requested assistance. The ERF continues to address our region’s most critical needs and positively demonstrates the power of collective giving, maximizing philanthropy through individual donations, donor advised funds and private philanthropy.

Giving Circle Celebrates 10 Years
of Community-Led Giving
Eight of the Founding Mothers (from left): Betty Olsen, Margaret Cordova, Kathy Holmes, Sharon Stone, Ann Hecox, Janet Knox, Chris Beyer, and Debbie Butkus
Half the Sky Giving Circle, established in 2010 by 15 dedicated women with an interest in philanthropy, supports nonprofit organizations that improve life for women and their families in El Paso County. The name comes from an ancient Chinese proverb “Women hold up half the sky” and our group recognizes that women must take an active role in philanthropy and education to sustain those who need help in our community.

Please join us in celebrating the collective $70,000+ these women have awarded to local organizations supporting women and children. We are proud partners in stewarding their giving fund over the last decade. PPCF wishes the members of Half the Sky Giving Circle a Happy 10 Year Anniversary!

New Team Member Joins PPCF's
Philanthropic Services Department
Max joined the Foundation in April 2020 as the Manager of Philanthropic Services. In his role, Max serves fundholders by helping them craft strategic philanthropy plans and connecting them to projects that fulfill their philanthropic values.

Before joining the foundation, Max worked as a Program Officer for the Council of Neighbors and Organizations where he helped neighborhoods across El Paso County connect with resources to solve problems. Max has a Master degree of Urban and Regional Planning, along with a Graduate Certificate of Real Estate Development and a BA in Sport Management, all from the University of Michigan.

Currently, he sits on the advisory committee for ReToolCOS, the overhaul of the zoning code for the City of Colorado Springs, and is the Head Coach of the Harrison High School Baseball Program.
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