Q1 2021 Newsletter
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A Path to Resiliency
“This process helped us focus
at a time of crisis.”
- CEO, participant organization

2020 was a year of shifts and changes. From navigating the IT challenges that came along with remote work, to a shift to virtual celebrations, conferences and fundraising events, we have all had to embrace a new way of working.

Together, with more than a dozen partners, PPCF also shifted how we implement philanthropic investment, launching the Resiliency Through Innovation (RTI) Initiative in late 2020. This foundation collaborative comprised of lead partners: The Anschutz Foundation/Gazette Charities, Bloom FoundationChapman Foundations, GE Johnson FoundationRNR Foundation; and contributors including: Bee Vradenburg Foundation, Celebration of Life Fund, Ent Credit Union, GE Johnson Construction, Inasmuch FoundationJ.H. Edmondson Foundation, The Lane FoundationThe Leighty Foundation, The Moniker Foundation, Spur Philanthropy, and Strub Heer Fund, agreed upon funding nonprofit partners differently – encouraging the examination of organizational business practices to bolster resiliency by assessing financial health as well as Board and staff capacity.

Working with a multidisciplinary team of professionals, led by BKD advisors, nonprofits reviewed financial accounting statements, assessed board member engagement, organizational benchmarking, and conducted scenario planning to identify organizational health and pain points.

Photo credit: Melani Tutt

Pikes Peak Real Estate Foundation Launches Workforce Housing Fund
Studies show that by 2050, Colorado Springs is projected to be the state’s most populated city, driving up costs and demand for housing. Rising housing prices mean there are fewer affordable options for our local police, health care workers, teachers, and more, posing a threat to the strength of our local economy and the fabric that holds us together as a thriving community.

The Pikes Peak Real Estate Foundation (PPREF), a supporting organization of Pikes Peak Community Foundation, has launched the region’s first PPREF Workforce Housing Fund, a collaboration between the City of Colorado Springs, regional foundations, and local developers.

HomeCOS: Housing Our Future, the City’s affordable and attainable housing plan, establishes a goal of producing on average 1,000 new affordable units each year. The PPREF Workforce Housing Fund will partner with the City to support that goal by focusing on development of workforce housing.

Together with initial funders, Nor'wood Fund of Pikes Peak Community Foundation, Chapman Foundations, The Moniker Foundation, Myron Stratton Home, RNR Foundation, and The Dakota Foundation, PPREF will facilitate a funding cycle with the goal to disburse funds annually to a proposed workforce housing project in the Pikes Peak Region. You can find more information and a Request for Application on our website here.

Investment Performance and Outlook
By Leslie Sabin, Vice President of Finance and Operations

Approximately 55% of the funds at Pikes Peak Community Foundation are invested in the Moderate Pool which is currently managed by Jensen Wealth Management at Morgan Stanley. The remaining 45% of funds are invested with approximately 25 independent wealth advisors who manage investments with discretion adhering to PPCF’s Investment Policy Statement. 

The Moderate Pool, along with all of PPCF’s investments, is invested in a well-diversified portfolio in accordance with the Investment Policy Statement and overseen by the Investment and Finance Committees of PPCF. The Moderate Pool’s objectives are to preserve the long-term real purchasing power of assets and to generate a relatively predictable and growing stream of annual distributions in support of the Foundation and is allocated amongst approximately 14 fund managers to take a balanced approach to a diversified capital growth and income strategy. The Moderate Pool at Morgan Stanley is actively managed with discretion to maximize returns while managing downside risk.  

Venetucci Farm Set to Bloom with Reimagined Purpose
This month, the Pikes Peak Community Foundation (PPCF) announced that Venetucci Farm, a property PPCF began managing in 2005, entered a five-year lease with Gather Mountain Blooms, an urban flower farm. Read The Gazette story here.
Using sustainable growing practices, flowers will range from old fashioned heirlooms to Colorado mountain blooms and incorporate many herbs and grasses. Gather Mountain Blooms will host on-farm flower workshops, farm tours and a weekly flower stand.
Later this year, the Farm & Events Barn will welcome community events and intimate celebrations like weddings, family reunions, corporate events and celebrations surrounded by Venetucci Farm's authentic ambiance and charm. Learn more at VenetucciFarm.org.

Get to Know David Dahlin, our new Vice President of Philanthropic Services!
David joins PPCF with more than 30 years of social sector leadership encompassing philanthropic advising, child and youth development, the arts and culture, the environment, human services, and health and wellness. Read more about David’s background and his appointment here.

You have gravitated to the nonprofit sector and found a home in philanthropy. What has led you down that path? I grew up in a family that highly valued living lives of service. In my family, a “good job” was one where you could wake up every morning and do some good. I have always worked in the social sector and have found it very fulfilling work. Of course, none of us get wealthy doing it but it has allowed me a very fulfilling life. Over the years, I’ve also grown in wisdom as to what lends itself to the social sector, what is the best role for government, and where are the powerful levers of business the best fit. At the Community Foundation, I’m excited to advance philanthropy and guide its use strategically to do what philanthropy can do best.

PPCF is on the Move!
And finally, we are moving! This spring you will find us in a new location – 315 E. Pikes Peak Ave, we will stay in the heart of downtown, and we’ll have much bigger news to share soon. Together with lead funder The Lane Foundation, others including Bloom Foundation, Edmondson Foundation, Pikes Peak Community Foundation and Pikes Peak Real Estate Foundation have made a Mission Related Investment (MRI). What is an MRI? In the coming months we will share more about that, and our related initiative to advance philanthropy in our region! 
About Pikes Peak Community Foundation
Our MissionWe inspire generosity, serve fundholders, and mobilize resources to build community capital and effectively address issues facing the Pikes Peak Region.

Our Vision: A thriving, resilient community with the resources to ensure a vibrant quality of life for generations to come..

Our Promise: An unwavering commitment to community. We are dedicated to powering the community through grantmaking, partnerships, and research; together with our fundholders, we mobilize and align resources to support immediate and long-term needs for the health of our citizens. 
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