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Fall 2015
Volume 6, Issue 3
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New Cat ® PL83 and PL87 Pipelayers 
The PL83 and PL87 pipelayers have long been the standard for the pipeline industry in powerful performance, reliability and durability.   So what's new?

To meet your unique demands the all-new PL83 and PL87 pipelayer models are purpose-built to provide increased lift capacity, enhanced slope capability, ease of operation, performance and transport-ability.  The Cat C15 ACERT ™ engine meets global emission standards for the U.S. EPA Tier 4 Final / EU Stage IV or Tier 3 / Stage IIIA equivalent
emission standards, depending on your region.  And like every Cat machine, the PL83 and PL87 pipelayers are designed for long life, serviceability and rebuild capability to help keep your owning and operating costs low.
The rated lift capacity (at tipping point) for the PL83 is 170,000 lb. (77 111 kg) and 216,000 lb. (97 972 kg) for the PL87  Additional key features include:

  • Integrated, all-Cat power train with differential steering.

  • Electronically controlled hydraulic system that places total control of lifting functions into one single joystick.
  • New cab is now pressurized and incorporates new operator-comfort and convenience features.
  • Short profile block set enhances visibility to the work area and extends the working range of the boom.
  • A dash-mounted LCD display provides on-board diagnostic information for operators, allowing them to create individual profiles and operational settings, and provides access to multiple switch-controlled functions.
  • Factory equipped to accept a load-monitoring indicator (LMI), with new hydraulic circuitry, integrated mounting hardware, and ready-mount power supply to facilitate installation.
For more information please see the specalog and news release on the PLM website: plmcat.com/pipeline-equipment/pipelayers.

PipeLine Machinery International (PLM)
is your global Cat dealer for the pipeline construction industry and delivers maximum performance through quality machinery, solutions and people - and we're ready to go to work for you.


Winner of the 2016 PLM Calendar Photo Contest!
Congratulations to Lyndi May with U.S. Pipeline! 

Lyndi submitted this photograph of Cat equipment working on the  Southern Access Extension project for Enbridge in Illinois - USA.  The project consists of 168 miles (270 km) of 24 in. pipe  that will transport crude oil from Enbridge Flanagan Terminal near Pontiac, Illinois to an existing crude oil terminal near Patoka, Illinois.  T he pipelayers here are doing their job - lowering in.  

Thank you to everyone who participated in this year's contest.  The 2016 PLM Pipeline Calendar will be ready to ship mid-November.  The calendar is full of pipeline photographs from various customers all over the world.  

A new feature  this year is the equipment line-up spec page in the back of the calendar.  Place your order for today by emailing: info@plmcat.com.  
Keep snapping those pictures and hang on to them for next year's photo contest! Requirements listed here:   PLM-Photo Contest.

Product support at its best - Allied Systems highlight
PLM's focus on the pipeline industry includes dedicated Product Support Coordinators (PSCs) that work with local Cat dealers to ensure the pipeline contractor has the entire Caterpillar® parts and service resource base on alert to the needs of the project as it passes through the local dealer territories.  

PSCs are pipeline equipment specialists who know the pipeline construction industry and the unique equipment challenges it faces.  These challenges sometimes mean an opportunity to connect the customer directly with partners, such as Allied Systems, to present a solution.

In September Ralph Hendricks , a PSC with PLM, accompanied Eric Predeek, winch engineering manager, and Don Thomas, account manager with Allied Systems, out to a  customer's pipeline job-site in Williamsport, PA.

 "Slick" Kenneth Wellborn is the master mechanic on this project and is pictured in the photo to the right with Eric Predeek.  The purpose of 

the visit was to test the new "Gen II Hydraulic Manifold" on the W12 model winch.  

This product would eliminate the "roll back" felt while winching. A few program changes were made in the control manifold during testing and the winch seemed to be working perfectly.

Many thanks to "Slick" Kenneth Wellborn for taking the time to personally arrange everything for this visit. Slick's crew also helped with the installation and testing, which was also much appreciated. 
External hydraulic cooler for D8 Tractor models
The D8T track-type tractor, or dozer, gets a lot of use on a pipeline right-of-way.  Excessive winching or "yo-yoing" machines in mountainous terrain can cause overheating issues because the winch hydraulics are tied in to the machine hydraulics.  If the system got too hot you would have to wait for the system to cool down and then start work again.  This is especially true in excessive heat conditions.

To address overheating hydraulic issues on the D8T tractors PLM has partnered with Caterpillar to design an external hydraulic cooler for the D8 tractor models with a hydraulic winch, whether Allied or Paccar brand.  Ralph Hendricks, a PLM PSC, worked closely with Mark Smith, lead D8 tractor service engineer with Caterpillar on this solution.

This collaboration came together in the form of the cooler's first field test on a Snelson Companies pipeline project in Moundsville, WV. 
The test was successful and the customer is very pleased with the design of this cooler and how it's mounted on the tractor keeping in mind optimum operator visibility. 

This product improvement was successful due to several persons 
who went above and beyond their role to make it happen.  Thank you to Snelson for their help with the use of a machine and a crew for testing. 

Rachael Davis, the service manager with Walker Machinery in Parkersburg, WV, was also an enormous help with setting everything up. Todd Schaad, field technician, was invaluable with his hard work and knowledge. Special thanks goes to Mark Smith (seen below in the yellow shirt) and his team for all his hard work on getting this together for the pipeline industry.

For more information on the PLM line-up of track-type tractor models please clink on this link  PLM Track-Type Tractors , or contact your PLM account manager.

PANTHER on display at ICUEE
The International Construction and Utility Equipment Exposition (ICUEE), also known as The Demo Expo, is the  premier event for utility industry professionals to gain comprehensive insight into the latest technologies, innovations, insights, and trends affecting their industry.

PRINOTH showcased their product line-up to include the PANTHER T8 carrier crawler, distributed to the pipeline industry by PLM.  

The pipeline construction industry requires specialized equipment to facilitate the building of pipeline infrastructures that is both operational and safe.  That is where the PANTHER T8 off-road vehicle comes in.  With its low ground pressure of 4.08 psi and all-weather capability, the PANTHER T8 makes tracks into hard-to-reach job-sites all year round with all of the implements necessary from site preparation to project conclusion.  

The   PANTHER T8  uses the Cat C7.1 ACERT  engine and is U.S. EPA Tier 4 Final emissions standard compliant.  The PANTHER T8 has a payload of 16,000 lb. (7 257 kg) and is available in four configurations:
Dump Box, Tilting Flat Bed, Crane with Flat Bed and removable sides (shown above) and the Weld Deck continuous powered welding package with slewing canopy.

PANTHER T8 with Weld Deck continuous powered welding package and slewing canopy
PANTHER T8 with Dump Bed

With the highest payload and lowest ground pressure in its class, the PANTHER T8 carrier delivers the toughness, tenacity and reliability you demand from a crawler.  Plus, you'll find excellent pull ratios and generous deck space to get the job done safely and efficiently.  No matter the terrain, weather conditions, or unique challenges presented with your project, you can rely on our innovative machinery to keep your jobs moving.  Let's work together.

For more information on the PANTHER carriers please see PLM PANTHER Carrier or contact your account manager.

Your Tier 4 Final Engine
Pipeline Solutions Corner:  DEF and Tier 4 Final Engine          
PLM's commitment to the industry includes providing solutions to the challenges facing our pipeline customers. 

PLM introduces a new resource for all of your questions on Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) and Tier 4 Final / EU Stage IV Cat® Engine.  This new brochure covers topics such as engine shutdown, SCR fundamentals, commonly asked questions about DEF and basic information on compatibility, storage and handling. 

The digital copy of this brochure is available for download on the PLM website:

For more information please visit our website or contact your account manager.

Equipment Highlight:  D6N Welding Tractor

Engineered to excel on the most demanding work sites, the D6N LGP combines power, rugged components and superior balance, for maximum performance in the toughest working conditions. It keeps material moving with the reliability and durability you expect from Cat® machines. The LGP undercarriage (low ground pressure) is designed for soft and swampy conditions.

For some time now PLM has made available the D6N LGP available with a Weld Deck continuous powered welding package attached, making this machine the choice of many pipeline contractors for welding operations.  So what's new?

The voice of the customer has been heard where there is a need for shade from extreme heat temperatures.   Pictured here is the first D6N LGP tractor with a Weld Deck package to receive a slewing canopy.  

Manufactured by Vanguard, Inc., the attachment pole was created specifically for the D6N LGP with the same canopy technology as the one attached to the PANTHER carrier crawlers.  

The slewing canopy has approximately a 320 degree reach and provides for the power connectors to be conveniently up and out of the way, eliminating hazards while on the right-of-way.  For more information go to PLM D6N TTT or contact your account manager.

Purpose-built PARTS by PLM

For the full list of purpose-built parts click here:  

Global Pipeline News

PLM and the PL87 pipelayer made the front cover of Oil & Gas Produuct News! 

Updated pipelayers offer improved performance and capability 
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TransCanada Applies to Nebraska Public Service Commission for Keystone XL Approval
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EMSolutions by PLM

PLM provides equipment management solutions for the pipeline industry.  This program will help you monitor, control and manageme your equipment while increasing job-site efficiency.  For more information go to PLM EMSolutions or see your account manager.