March 2017
Pistorio Foundation Newsletter
Over 475 Students have attained a Professional School Degree
Over 45 Infrastructure Projects have been completed
Over 32 Village Communities have benefitted
For every 1$ donation, 1$ is devolved to projects benefitting children in need

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Dear Friends,
The Foundation has gone through a period of reorganization in the past months. For logistical purposes, we have moved our headquarters from Geneva to Milan, in our formerly Milan Chapter offices, and closed the Singapore Volunteer Chapter. Supporters in Singapore and Switzerland can continue to donate to the Foundation via bank transfer to the Foundation's accounts in Milan as indicated on our website, .
Despite the ongoing changes, the activities on the ground are continuing smoothly and we are pleased to share with you our recent developments below.
News from the Milan Headquarters

In the newly established headquarters of the Foundation, Elena Pistorio has stepped down from her role as Director, after serving pro-bono in this capacity for eleven years since the launch of the Foundation.  She will continue to serve the mission and goals of the Foundation as Board Member. 
Giovanna Bottani
Elena is succeeded as Director by Giovanna Bottani who has assumed office since January 1, 2017, to complete the reorganization phase and spearhead the Foundation's activities moving forwards.  Giovanna helms from a wealth of experience in the non profit sectors and in corporate social responsibility, having worked for the past fifteen years in various roles at renown organizations including Italian Association for Aid to Children, NeoFin Foundation, and STMicroelectronics Foundation.  Giovanna holds a degree in Political Science from the Universita' Degli Studi of Milano, and Masters Degree in Corporate Social Responsibilty and in Management of Non Profit Organizations.
To all our friends and supporters in Italy, you can provide an important contribution to our work by choosing the Foundation as your charity of choice for the 5x1000 when compiling your tax returns.  Simply provide our Fiscal Number 94036370131
News from Chiang Rai Village Project, Thailand
Welcome to the new Country Manager 
Nalinthiya Navathitikul
We would like to extend our sincere gratitude to Giovanni Santavicca, our former Country Manager for the Foundation, who accomplished an amazing job, registering the Pistorio Foundation in Thailand and leading our local operations in the field for the past four years.  Giovanni has moved on to new assignments in Africa and we wish him all the best in his future endeavours. As of February, he is succeeded as Country Manager by former Pistorio Foundation Thailand Project Manager Nalinthiya Navathitikul. 
Thiya joined the Foundation in 2014 after six years of serving as a consultant for special needs children. Her main areas of expertise are education and children's rights. She holds a Bachelor Degree in Nursing and a Master Degree in Special Education. 
All the Pistorio Foundation's team would like to welcome warmheartedly our newly appointed Country Manager!
Congratulations to our newly graduated students in March 2017!
23 of our student beneficiaries graduated from the VBAC Professional School and five from Pa Sang College in Lamphun. Most of these students have been on Pistorio Foundation Scholarship since primary school.
It is with great satisfaction that every year we see new students complete successfully their long term education equipped with skills, knowledge, and a degree that will allow them to compete for decent and well paid employment in the job market, thereby breaking their families' intergenerational cycle of poverty.
The Foundation ensures that Professional School students are able to pursue their studies, and depending on the needs, provides for housing, food, uniforms, school supplies, and fees.
The subjects in which they received the certificates included Tourism, Accounting, Mechanics, Electronics, Marketing, and House Economics.
VBAC Professional School Students
Vocational School Graduates in Hotel and Tourism and House Economics from Lamphun Vocational School

Pasquale Pistorio visits Thailand 
Last November, the president of Pistorio Foundation organized a three day mission to visit Ban Mai Pattana School.
He spent time with the 23 students that are currently supported at the school, encouraging them to study hard to realize their dreams and to build a better future for themselves and for their families. 
Thanks to the Foundation they are all living at our dormitory, we support them with three meals per day, 10 months of Boarding fees, uniforms, supplies, and provide funds for staffing and running the dormitory.
Pasquale Pistorio meets the students of Ban Mai Pattana School
From our Beneficiaries
Pa Sang Industrial and Community Education College - Rung's story
My name is Rung and I come from the Akha Tribe. My three siblings and I were raised by my single mother. In fact, my father left us when I was still a little child.
My mother faced hard times and since she has never had the chance to go to school, she has always told us to study hard to improve our lives. 
I remembered how she tried t o be strong to give us the possibility of having a better future.
Then I had the chance to be supported by the Pistorio Foundation and my life started changing. Thanks to their scholarship program, I could go to my school very early and now I finally graduated!
Your support means a lot for me, thank you all

Rung with her mother and our country Manager Thyia and Project Manager May

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"On the way to school, on the way to life"