September 2016
Pistorio Foundation Newsletter
Over 450 Students have attained a Professional School Degree
Over 45 Infrastructure Projects have been completed
Over 32 Village Communities have benefitted
For every 1$ donation, 1$ is devolved to projects benefitting children in need

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Dear Friends,

The Foundation has gone through a period of reorganization in the past months. For logistical purposes, we have moved our headquarters to Milan from Geneva and we have closed the Singapore Volunteer Chapter. Supporters in Singapore can continue to make donations to the Foundation via bank transfer to the Foundation's accounts in Geneva or Milan (the bank account details are on the website). Our operations in the field have not and will not be affected by these changes and we are pleased to share with you our recent developments from the field below.
News from Chiang Rai Village Project

Partnership with STFoundation
As of July, the Pistorio Foundation has partnered with STFoundation, whose mission is to help bridge the digital divide, to bring IT training skills to Pistorio Foundation beneficiaries. A Train the trainer workshop was launched in July in Chiang Rai city and IT classes for our professional school beneficiaries have taken off in August. This is in line with the Foundation's effort to improve the level of education and preparation of our beneficiaries so they can be better equipped in diverse skills to compete in the job market once they graduate from professional school. 

Train the trainers workshop at the Professional School in Chiang Rai

First IT Training Workshop in Professional School in Chiang Rai

English Language Classes
The Foundation has provided supplementary English language classes for students from Primary to Professional School. Professional School students have benefitted from after school teaching in English led by a British volunteer who has spent four months working with our students in Chiang Rai city.
This month, two more volunteers have arrived from the UK who will be teaching English in our primary and secondary schools in Ban Mai Pattana' and Doichang for one year.

Volunteer teaching English language classes to Professional School students.

Partnership with the Silent Foundation
We would like to thank the Silent Foundation for their partnership and support of 150 primary school students enrolled in our Scholarship Program aimed at providing education to underprivileged hiil-tribe minorities in Chiang Rai.
News From Azrou Back to School Project

We are pleased to share with you the video created by our beneficiaries in Morocco, Azrou, at the closing of the school year, summarising the year's activities, including the classes, vocational training workshops, class field trips, hygiene training workshops, environmental awareness activities, school examinations, and summer camps. Our beneficiaries are school drop outs who follow a two year program of studies and vocational training that will allow them to re-enter the public school system.
Amatrice Earthquake

Following the devastating earthquake that shook central Italy on August 24, the Foundation has devolved 10,000 Euros to the Italian Red Cross for emergency relief aid.
Dalai Lama Institute of Higher Learning, Bangalore

The Foundation is delighted to share that the Dalai Lama Institute of Higher Learning in Bangalore, India, has held this year its first graduation ceremony with 77 graduates, who have majored in a number of subjects including in Tibetan Language and Literature. The Foundation had contributed in 2008 towards the construction of the building through Tibetan Children's Village.

Dalai Lama Institute of Higher Learning in Bangalore

First Graduating class from the Dalai Lama Institute of Higher Learning in Bangalore
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