July 2019
Pistorio Foundation Newsletter

  • Nearly 3.900 direct beneficiaries reached through Scholarship Programs
  • 578 Students have attained a Professional School Degree
  • Over 45 Infrastructure Projects have been completed
  • Over 32 Village Communities have benefitted
For every 1$ donation, 1$ is devolved to projects benefitting children in need
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Dear Friends,
We are delighted to announce that our 2018 Annual Activities Report  is now available on our website. We hope you enjoy reading on our year's progress and developments.

Our main highlights at a glance from the year are as follows:
  • 1128 direct beneficiaries on scholarship
  • 65 students completed Professional School
  • 2018 Investment Budget was of 243,100 Euro
  • 2018 Overhead costs totalled 24,000 Euro, or 9,87 % of our budget
2018 saw the consolidation of our partnership with Centro Italiano Aiuti all'Infanzia (CIAI) on our project in Thailand as well as in Burkina Faso. We have taken the strategic decision to handover the Thailand project to CIAI as of 2020, as CIAI has a strong presence in southeast Asia and will pursue the identification of and collaboration with new villages in need in Thailand thereafter. The Pistorio Foundation, now headquartered in Italy, will be focusing moving forwards primarily on our pipeline projects in southern Italy and on the African continent. We continue to uphold our intention to work in the best interest of our beneficiaries to maximise their academic success and well being, and to extend our reach to the most destitute children where there is the greatest need.
Pistorio Foundation

News from Thailand
Congratulations to our 2019 professional school graduates!

In 2019 the Pistorio Foundation reached 1.079 direct beneficiaries attending 11 schools, 7 colleges and 3 universities in Chiang Rai, Chiang Mai and Tak Provinces. We support underprivileged children's education and welfare from preschool to professional school or university level.
Every year, tens of students complete their twelve-year program or more of school studies and receive a professional school or university degree.
In March, 29 students graduated from professional or vocational school obtaining diplomas from colleges in Chiang Rai, Chiang Mai, Lamphun and Lampang provinces. We salute the admirable efforts and achievements of these students. Graduating students received diplomas from the following institutions in specific areas of concentration:
  • 16 students graduated from VBAC (Viroon Business Administration and Technological College) in Tourism, Mechanics, Accounting, Retail and Marketing. After graduating, 13 young graduates are planning to obtain jobs in Bangkok, Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai, and 3 will continue their studies in higher vocational school to specialize further;
  • 4 students graduated from Lamphun Centre in Fashion & Textiles and in Food & Nutrition;
  • 6 students graduated from Lampang Centre in Business Computer Studies;
  • 3 students graduated from Lamphun College of Agriculture and Technology in Agriculture.
  • An additional 2 students obtained High Vocational Certificates from Chiang Rai Vocational College in Technology of Art and from Chiang Mai College of Agriculture and Technology in Agriculture.

Many of these students have been on Pistorio Foundation scholarships since primary school or even preschool. We consider the attainment of a degree from a quality institution that will enable them to pursue a well-paid employment in a reputable company, a valuable measure of success of our scholarship program. Despite the very difficult backgrounds of these children, coming from precarious family situations and very poor living conditions, these students have been able year after year to continue their studies and reach a level of education that enables them to compete at par with all their peers. They are now empowered with a level of education that will allow them to safely navigate their future and become productive members of society, subtracting them from the ranges of exploitation, while contributing to lift their communities out of inter-generational cycles of poverty.

 Graduation of the class at VBAC in March 2019

Graduation of the 4 girls who finished their studies at the Lamphun Centre

From our Beneficiaries
Jarudej Sawadipholwong's story
Jarudej Sawadipholwong on the day of the graduation and with his family
Mr. Jarudej Sawadipholwong ("Champ" for his friends), obtained his High Vocational Certificate this year from Chiang Rai Vocational College in Technology of Arts.
Although he encountered many difficulties, such as being far away from his family, he was able to successfully reach his goal completing with full marks his studies.
After graduating, he will return to his village to help his family in coffee cultivation in Doi Chang Village, Chiang Rai. However, he plans to also continue his passion of photography and will be working part-time as a freelancer-photographer.

To all our friends and supporters in Italy, you can provide an important contribution to our work by choosing the Foundation as your charity of choice for the 5x1000 when compiling your tax returns.

Simply provide our Fiscal Number 94036370131

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