March 2018
Pistorio Foundation Newsletter
  • Over 1500 children every year on long-term scholarships
  • Over 475 Students have attained a Professional School Degree
  • Over 45 Infrastructure Projects have been completed
  • Over 32 Village Communities have benefitted
  • For every 1$ donation, 1$ is devolved to projects benefitting children in need

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Dear Friends,
The year began in a very positive way and the Foundation is continuously giving its best to improve the access to education to its beneficiaries in its selected intervention areas: Burkina Faso, Cambodia, Morocco and Thailand.

The year ahead is looking bright with good news on our activities. In this issue we will share the recent updates on Thailand, as well as a testimonial from our beneficiaries.

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Pistorio Foundation Team

News from the headquarters
Pistorio Foundation is pleased to announce an important Partnership agreement with CIAI (Centro Italiano Aiuti all'Infanzia), a major NGO which operates across four continents, for our Thailand Village Project.
PF and CIAI carry the same values and similar missions aimed at improving the lives of underprivileged children in the countries of operation.  PF and CIAI have already experienced several years of successful collaboration in Burkina Faso with ad hoc projects addressing schooling and health care of children, as well as support to their families. This positive partnership has led to the idea of joining efforts also in South East Asia (SEA), where both organizations are already present and can count on many years of experience on the planning and implementation of educational programs.

Given these premises, we believe that this new partnership will enable both partners to expand our combined presences in SEA, and particularly to capitalize on our complementary synergies on the territory: PF's long time presence in Chiang Rai, holistic sponsorship program and village model approach, together with CIAI's expertise in education and village community development projects.  Our combined efforts will as always be aimed at the ultimate cause of improving the wellbeing of our target beneficiaries,  children and their families.

From our Beneficiaries
Pa Sang Industrial and Community Education College - Uthumporn's story
Uthumporn and her graduation
My name is Uthumporn and Pistorio Foundation has supported me from the beginning of my educational path and more in detail from the day in which I started my primary school. I have always appreciated the help they were able to provide and with it they changed my destiny.
I come from a very poor family and my parents work as seasonal laborers in the Chiang Rai province. They had to look after me and my three siblings. Of course the resources they had to help us were never enough and we had to give our personal contribution trying to find whatever job was available to contribute to our subsistence.
Now, after all these years, thanks to the contribution of Pistorio Foundation I'm graduated in Hotel and Tourism and for the first time in my life I can apply for a decent job to earn money that will give me the possibility of helping my family.
Thank you for the gifts I received for so many years, I truly wish from the bottom of my heart all the best to this amazing Foundation that can make your dreams come true.

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"On the way to school, on the way to life"