September 2017
Pistorio Foundation Newsletter
Over 475 Students have attained a Professional School Degree
Over 45 Infrastructure Projects have been completed
Over 32 Village Communities have benefitted
For every 1$ donation, 1$ is devolved to projects benefitting children in need

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 Dear Friends,
The last few months have been a period of change for Pistorio Foundation: we have officially become to all effects an "Italian" ONLUS, or non profit organisation, with new Headquarters in Vimercate, and we have launched our new website to present ourselves in a more innovative way.

Moreover, we have issued for the very first time an Annual Report in Italian that is available on our website at the following link: Rapporto Annuale.

For the website and publishings in Italian, we would like thank our long-time contributor Mario Orlandi, who has overseen the editing process and the new look of the website. Mario has been an active volunteer since the Foundation's establishment, managing communications and graphics online including the website, newsletters, Facebook page, and Blog. He is our longest serving contributor to date, and we would like to thank him whole heartedly for the continued, relentless dedication and for the amazing job done!

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Pistorio Foundation Team

From our Beneficiaries
Chiang Rai Village Project, Thailand
"My name is Jarudej and I was born in the village of Ban Doi Chang in Chiang Rai province, in northern Thailand, known for their coffee production.
My family settled in this village many years ago. I have Thai Citizenship but I am Akha and we speak both Akha and Thai languages.
I graduated from Ban Doi Chang Secondary School and applied for higher vocational program in Chiang Rai city. I was interested in photography so I chose to study Technology of Arts. My father did not agree that I should continue studying because my eldest brother was in university and my father was afraid of the burden of paying for tuition for both of us. My mother encouraged me to apply and suggested I find a part-time job while studying and I also received support from Pistorio Foundation. That's how I have been able to pursue my Higher Vocational School education.
Our belated King inspired me to take photos, as he had a passion for photography - a camera was among his essential travel items especially when he toured projects in rural Thailand. It helped him to capture the country's development.
During my studies, I was often selected as representative for my Vocational School to participate in Academic Skills Competition.
I have received scholarship support from the Pistorio Foundation since I was in Primary grade 2 until this year, which will be my last year of professional school. My goal is to find a job when I finish Vocational School. My father is also now in prison charged with drug possession, and this has created a bigger burden on my mother who is the sole provider for my family. Having a Higher Vocational diploma will allow me to be better equipped to find a job. If one day I will be able to continue to university, I will definitely do it.
I'm very grateful for the support I have received throughout these years, which has changed my life for the better."

Azrou, Back to School Project, Thailand
"Hi, my name is Abdelilah HILALI. I come from a difficult family  situation: my mother had a very rough relationship with my  stepfather and  because of this, I was forced to leave the school quite early. 
Afterwards, my mother chose to enroll me at the Azrou center where I could be looked after all day long. Now my mom is divorced and I'm planning to finish this year the Program at the center. At the end of this year, I will get my 6th primary exam certificate, which can allow me, if I succeed, to join the formal secondary school. The center has enabled me to continue my studies and catch up on the time I missed from school.
The center is also helping me with additional tutoring classes so that I can pass the exam in the best way. I want to continue my studies to build a better future for me and for my mother who strongly believes in me.
Thank you Pistorio Foundation, you gave me this possibility and I will always be grateful for this chance!"
From our Volunteers:
Last summer, university students Benjamin Finestone and Pasquale Pistorio Junior dedicaded a to dedicate a month of their summer holidays to live a new experience and donate their time and skills to serve our beneficiaries. They visited the school center of Pour un Sourire d'Enfant that we support in Cambodia and taught English to students of primary and secondary school.
Benjamin's words on the experience are heartwarming and remind us ofg the importance of our mission. 
"My time teaching English at PSE in Phnom Penh was an unforgettable experience, one in which I helped children brush up on their English skills whilst also playing with them outside class time and making new connections with many of them.  As a newcomer at first, it was lovely meeting all the children.  I had the benefit of teaching about 300 students and it was an amazing feeling being able to have a positive impact on so many.  I believe many of the students found my presence extremely helpful, especially when it came down to difficulties in grammar.
Playing football or basketball with the boys as well as chatting and playing in small groups with the girls, in either case my time there was always heart-warming.  It was an incredible feeling seeing them smile, laugh and having fun, a few of the children would teach me some Khmer and then nicknames to call their friends.  By the end of my time there, I truly felt saddened to leave and say goodbye to many of my students.  Fortunately, my last day coincided with their last day of their school year and as a result school staff had put out large speakers and put on music for everyone to dance to.  It was a lovely way to end my stay.   I had spent a lot of memorable moments with the children and a few really touched my heart.  I am grateful to have had the opportunity to volunteer there for a month and I hope to return one day and see my students again" - Bejamin

Volunteering at PSE- July 2017

Benjamin Finestone giving an English enrichment class to secondary school students

Pasquale Pistorio Junior handing out awards at the English Language Spelling Bee held at the School
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"On the way to school, on the way to life"