Tiny Homes Provide Hope

We are thrilled to announce that our first three tiny homes for youth are complete and ready for youth to move in! These homes will have a positive impact on teens living independently and who would otherwise be homeless. Youth living in the tiny homes will have access to services Pivot provides as they continue on their path to becoming self-reliant adults with ties to our community.
Youth like Carter who aged out of foster care with no support system in place and no idea what he was going to do or where he was going to live.
For a while, Carter was able stay with friends, couch surf, but eventually found himself in a homeless shelter. He soon realized this was not a good environment for him and his goals and needed to find something different. Though he had a job, he found it very difficult to find affordable housing options.
Luckily, Carter was introduced to Pivot.
Pivot helped with immediate needs like clothing for school and was able to connect him with a temporary living situation until something more permanent could be arranged. Something like the tiny homes.
“Having the tiny homes right here at Pivot will help remove so many barriers,” Carter said. “It will also help me be closer to my youth advocate and to resources I might need as I learn by practice what I need to know to learn to live independently.”
This connection with Pivot has helped Carter stay focused on his future. Since he no longer has to worry about where he would live, he has been able to catch up in school and is now on track to graduate in December. He is working and is excited about moving into a tiny home close to his job.                         
“Pivot has helped me see that there are still people who care and want to help. I want to thank those of you who support Pivot. These first three tiny homes aren’t just about me and two other youth. It will be about the hundreds that they will serve in the future,” Carter said. “What you did here will forever make a difference. You’ve made these tiny houses feel like home. And they are a gateway to a bright future. A gateway to greatness.”