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Your Venue and Caterer -- Avoid Costly Mistakes


On-Site Caterer:  Refers to a caterer who IS affiliated with a venue where an event is being held.


Off-Site Caterer: Refers to a caterer who IS NOT affiliated with a venue where an event is being held.


More and more venues are choosing to enforce terms in their contracts wherein you must use their approved on-site vendors. Some will only suggest that you use a list of "preferred vendors." There are others that will charge you a fee if you want to bring in vendors, specifically a caterer, other than those on their "preferred vendor" list. However, more and more are insisting that they will not allow caterers other than their approved caterers, at their location. This is much like the hotel venues wherein you must use the hotel catering services. 


When choosing a venue, you might want to check your catering options BEFORE actually signing on the dotted line with the venue. You must understand what the venue provides and what the caterer provides, whether on or off-site. This can be critical to your budget. Once you sign with the venue, you are locked into their rules and regulations and possibly their caterer's as well. In some cases, this can cost you more than you anticipated. Be sure to check very carefully what your options will be.


For more information on this topic and to see a list of questions to ask your venue and caterer, follow our blog at:  

By: Regina Hare, Event Manager and Designer


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