July 28, 2017

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(Presbyterian Organized in Nurture and Teaching)

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Pastoral Opportunites
There are a number of Pastoral Opportunities available in the Presbytery.  If you know of anyone who might be interested in one of the following positions, please share this information with them.

First Presbyterian Church, Lawrenceburg- Solo Pastor 

First Presbyterian Church, Somerset- Solo Pastor

Beaumont Presbyterian Church- Head of Staff

The Presbyterian Church, Danville- Interim Head of Staff

Hunter Presbyterian Church- Interim Pastor
Churches Do Soul Searching as Neighborhoods Change

Houses of   worship do some soul searching as their neighborhoods change

July 24, 2017 by Holly Meyer, RNS

The church's predominately black congregation once mirrored the neighborhood's demographics. But today hip and eclectic East Nashville with its rising property values and trendy restaurants draws white millennials, said the Rev. Morris Tipton Jr., the church's pastor.
Given the neighborhood's shift, is Tipton worried about the church's future?
"If I think about it outside of the confines of God, I am," Tipton said. "Most of the black churches in this community are leaving. They are selling their churches to land developers who are turning them into restaurants and bars and condos and apartments and any number of things."
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Regarding Ruling Elders: Trust in God
Trust in God.   The phrase has always had a vanilla-bland feeling for me-even though I like vanilla. It just isn't a sentiment to make one snap to attention-or rise up and sing. The word "trust" in itself feels pretty tame. 
But former U.S. Secretary of State Warren Christopher makes the word more intriguing. In his essay, "A Shared Moment of Trust," from the anthology  This I Believe, he points out that in our global world, cooperation across differences is critical. And that in 2003, for example, doctors in five nations, working closely together, were able to quickly identify the SARS virus, and save thousands of lives. 
Read the Full Article HERE
Church News and Events
Events listed here do not reflect the view of the whole Presbytery and should not be seen as an endorsement of a particular theological view or stance unless otherwise stated.  If you have an event or news you would like to share with the Presbytery, please email philip.lotspeich@transypby.org
July and August Ordination Anniversaries
29- Elisa Owen- 10   years
30- Eric Mount, Jr- 56   years

1-  Richard Guerrant- 36 years
2- William McAtee- 58 years
7-  Yongwha Kim- 12 years
11- Scott Cervas- 15 years
11- Eric Iversen - 54 years
15- John White- 23 years
20- Jackson Haga - 54 years
21- Darryl Baker - 34 years
23- George Naze- 30 years

May God continue to bless your ministry!

If we have missed your ordination anniversary or have incorrect information, please email rjustus@transypby.org so we can update your information.
August Meeting Dates

10- Christian Formation- 6:30, Beaumont Presbyterian 

11- Pre-Presbytery Gathering with Ann Philbrick- Maysville

12- Presbytery Meeting- 10am- Maysville

14-15- CPM Retreat

16- Lexington Area Pastor's Lunch- 12- Rooster's Bar and Grill

22- Administration Commission- 3:00- Second, Lexington

24- Leadership Development- 1:00, Beaumont Presbyterian

24- London PNC Training- 5:00

25- South/Central Pastor's Lunch- 12- Cheddar's in London

28- North Central Pastor's Lunch- 12- Bianke's in Cynthiana

Presbytery Meetings 2017

Saturday, November 11 - 10:00 a.m. - Corbin Presbyterian.
Presbytery of Transylvania
PO Box 23580
Lexington, Kentucky 40523