June 16, 2015
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Our new, interactive timeline tracks women's candidacies for president and vice president, highlighting major milestones in women's presidential history. You'll find audio, video, shareable graphics, and other resources on the women who have run and the role of women voters in presidential politics. Spend some time exploring the timeline today and share it with friends! 

Expert Analysis

With candidate spouses (or the lack thereof) in the news, Kelly Dittmar looks at "Gender Expectations and the Presidential Partnership."

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GOP Sen. Margaret Chase Smith, 1st woman to serve in both House and Senate, ran for pres in 1964. More  @GenderWatch 2016 #genderwatch2016


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In addition to our expert outlooks, Presidential Gender Watch offers valuable resources for you to rely upon throughout the 2016 election season. Be sure to check out:
  • The latest national general election  poll from Fox News shows Ben Carson leading among women on the Republican side while Jeb Bush leads among men; among Democrats,  Hillary Clinton holds a wide lead among both women and men. Presidential Gender Watch has more historical information on the gender gap in presidential preference and voter turnout.

  • The best-known declared presidential candidates are pictured here - but they're by no means the only candidates who have filed for the 2016 race. As of 6/13, the 370 in the running include 310 men and 60 women (plus 14 candidates whose gender could not be identified from filing information). 89 are Republicans, 63 are Democrats, and 101 are independents, with the rest scattered among various parties or not affiliated with any party.  
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looks beyond "mainstream" media at how other outlets and individuals, including the candidates themselves, contribute to the gender dynamics of the presidential race

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