February 2015

Postpartum Mood Concerns:
We need to be more aware

By Megan Gingo, MSW, LICSW

When you hear the phrase "postpartum mood disorder", most people think about postpartum depression (PPD). Although greater awareness is significant and postpartum depression does deserve plenty of attention, other perinatal and postpartum mood disorders are often left in the dark. Many women experience other mood disorders during or after pregnancy. Postpartum anxiety (PPA) or postpartum OCD can be quite prevalent among expectant and new mothers. I've had many clients share that this was missed as they didn't feel "depressed" so they or their care team assumed nothing was wrong or they were misdiagnosed with PPD. Women can also experience postpartum OCD, which can manifest as intrusive thoughts that are terrifying to a new mom and often kept secret for fear of being judged or worse. Women with intrusive thoughts are often misunderstood, as they have no intention of acting on the intrusive thought. Postpartum PTSD also can occur when a woman has a traumatic pregnancy or birth. The rates of all of these conditions are much higher than previously thought.



We have fantastic resources in the Twin Cities area for expectant and new mothers. There are many therapists, including me (Megan Gingo), who specialize in treating perinatal and postpartum mood disorders. There are many organizations, like Amma Parenting Center, ECFE classes and more that help women build up their community, which can be a protective factor against postpartum mood disorders. And we have a renowned care facility, The Mother Baby Program at HCMC, that offers a day hospital program for moms who need that type of care; babies are welcome, which makes the care accessible. We also have a handful of psychiatrists who specialize in treating perinatal and postpartum women.  



Let's help moms get the care they and their babies deserve by making sure we are truly asking how they are, being on the lookout and screening for not just postpartum depression, but postpartum anxiety, OCD, PTSD and knowing what resources to turn them to when they need support.


Provider Spotlight
Mrs. Gingo is a licensed clinical social worker providing services to children, ages 3-18, adults and families, including individual, family and couples therapy.  She specializes in helping individuals and couples transition to parenthood, and in the areas of grief and loss, family conflict, behavioral difficulties, anxiety, depression and family transitions.

She is experienced in working with families using Parent-Child Interaction Therapy and utilizes a strengths based and integrated approach with her clients. 

Mrs. Gingo is dedicated to working with expectant and new mothers and couples, using her training from the Gottman institute with the "Bringing Baby Home" program to help couples make a smooth transition into parenthood. 

Perinatal and postpartum mood disorders are an area of strong interest and focus in her practice.
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