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November 15, 2010


And welcome to our latest newsletter. Lots has happened since the last newsletter- let's get started!
Behold the Coming of the Vampire Empire

The GreyfriarThis month sees the release of The Greyfriar, the first book in Clay and Susan Griffith's Vampire Empire trilogy. The book has been generating tremendous buzz:

"I was blindsided by how phenomenal THE GREYFRIAR was from start to finish. Amazing vampire mythology, a chilling alternate history, and a poignant romance that grips your whole heart and refuses to let go. ...The action is exhilarating, the vampires are refreshingly sinister, and the love story a gentle force so captivating that I truly believe it will weather even the most daunting obstacles. Book two in the Vampire Empire can't come soon enough." All Things Urban Fantasy

"There is a lot of steampunk fiction coming out right now, and of course, a dizzying amount of vampire fiction, and pretty much every novel in either category claims to reinvent its genre. Every now and then, however, a book comes along that actually does. ...The pacing is perfect, the character development stunning, and the narrative twists and turns superb. It also has an appealingly sly sense of humor that manages to infuse even its darkest sections with humanity and warmth. It succeeds on every level and seems to invent whole new ones. If you've grown tired of vampires and/or steampunk, The Greyfriar is the paradoxical cure for what ails you-a vampire steampunk novel that makes both genres feel shiny and new again." -RobWillReview, November 1, 2010

"I have read 117 vampire novels in the last fifteen months. Some were great, some mediocre. But I LOVED this book. The Greyfriar is an extraordinary character. I put the book down wishing I could read the sequel immediately. The writing is lyrical and poignant. And like all of the truly best vampire novels, issues of morality and the use and abuse of power are paramount."
-Margot Adler, author of Drawing Down the Moon and Heretic's Heart; creator of the "Hour of the Wolf" radio show on WBAI, New York City

"The Greyfriar is an alternate history, steampunk novel that just took me for an unforgettable ride... Overall, I loved The Greyfriar... Anybody who's looking for a good story should definitely pick this one up, I'm sure glad that I did." - Literary Escapism.com

NYT bestselling author Marjorie M. Liu interviews Clay and Susan at her blog, talking about the process of collaboration and the differences between writing novels and comic books, among other things.

You can listen to Clay and Susan on WUNC 91.5 FM's The State of Things.

The Greyfriar is available at booksellers everywhere.

Podcast Roundup

We've had a spate of podcasts in recent weeks:

Are certain subgenres targeted at one gender over another? Editorial Director Lou Anders discusses gendered reading of fantasy over at Salon Futura with Tim Pratt and Glenda Larke.

James Enge (The Wolf Age) talks Latin, Morlock, and mythology with the Functional Nerds.

Sam Sykes has two podcasts up; at Adventures in SciFi Publishing, he talks about his debut novel Tome of the Undergates, the future, and criticism. For those who like their protagonists gray, he discusses morally ambiguous characters with SF Signal.


Hour of the Wolf
The Wolf Age
James Enge's The Wolf Age has arrived! Morlock Ambrosius returns, this time to the werewolf city of Wuruyaaria: a democracy where some are more equal than others, and a faction of outcast werewolves is determined to change the balance of power in a long, bloody election year. However, none could foresee the threat Morlock's presence would pose...

"Werewolves clash with legends in the harrowing and beautiful third novel (after 2009's This Crooked Way) detailing the epic travels of enchanter Morlock Ambrosius. Following a string of bad luck, Morlock is incarcerated in the werewolf fortress of Vargulleion. ...Enge's elegant prose perfectly captures Morlock's terse and morbid nature, which thrives in the vicious, honorable werewolf nation. Numerous intimate, complicated, and contentious relationships provide depth and gravity to the grim tale, which will enthrall fans of the dark and sinister." -Publishers Weekly starred review

"Inventive and delightful... [I] promptly tracked down the earlier [Morlock Ambrosius] titles, Blood of Ambrose and This Crooked Way, because I enjoyed this one so much... Enge's plot is admirably twisty... The author excels at depicting the bonds of friendship, the pain of betrayal, and the tragedy of well-laid plans going awry, and that emotional payload is what makes this novel into more than just an entertaining adventure story about a guy with a magical sword who fights monsters. Enge is one of the most engaging of the new sword and sorcery authors, and I hope we get to follow Morlock's exploits for a long time to come." -Locus, reviewed by Tim Pratt

And don't miss the BiblioBuffet interview with James Enge, along with Kay Kenyon (The Entire and the Rose) and Joel Shepherd (A Trial of Blood and Steel).

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World Fantasy Award nominated Blood of Ambrose!

That's it for this issue. As always, please feel free to check out our entire catalog and drop by our blog.

Happy Reading,

Rene Sears
Editorial Assistant, Pyr

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Blood of Ambrose
Nominated for Best Novel


Behind the king's life stands the menacing Protector, and beyond him lies the Protector's Shadow...

Centuries after the death of Uthar the Great, the throne of the Ontilian Empire lies vacant. The late emperor's brother-in-law and murderer, Lord Urdhven, appoints himself Protector to his nephew, young King Lathmar VII and sets out to kill anyone who stands between himself and mastery of the empire, including (if he can manage it) the king himself and his ancient but still formidable ancestress, Ambrosia Viviana.

When Ambrosia is accused of witchcraft and put to trial by combat, she is forced to play her trump card and call on her brother, Morlock Ambrosius-stateless person, master of all magical makers, deadly swordsman, and hopeless drunk.

As ministers of the king, they carry on the battle, magical and mundane, against the Protector and his shadowy patron. But all their struggles will be wasted unless the young king finds the strength to rule in his own right and his own name.

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