Spring 2018

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Renewal, Inc. Provides Hope for Individuals and Families Impacted
by Drug Addiction
A Message from Our President and CEO
Douglas C. Williams

It looks like spring is finally here and we’re ready for it. We’ve spent much of the long and cold winter months participating in numerous meetings, symposiums and events centered on the opioid crisis. 

The reason for our engagement in these discussions is clear:

Pennsylvania has the 4 th highest death rate in the nation due to drug overdoses, with opioid overdoses being the primary driver of those deaths.  

Behind the tragedy of drug overdose deaths, there is a life cycle of destruction that impacts individuals, families and children for generations. But there is hope .
Renewal has been providing supportive and effective drug and alcohol treatment for more than 40 years. With decades of experience and positive outcomes in helping people re-build their lives, we know there’s a way out of the disease of addiction.
Our careful and patient-focused approach to treatment addresses both the “what” and the “why” of addiction and the issues it creates so that we can not only work toward stopping destructive behavior, but can help individuals permanently manage the impulses and processes that trigger it. In other words, at Renewal, Inc., we help people think in a different way

Learn more about our treatment approaches here .

Doug Williams
President and CEO

Won’t You Be My Neighbor?
Renewal staff (pictured above) recently hosted a “Won’t You Be My Neighbor? Building Authentic Relationships in the Community” event in partnership with Duquesne University. 

The goal of the lunch time gathering was to foster genuine relationships with other Downtown organizations, collaborate when possible and learn more about each organization. For representatives of Duquesne University, that included learning more about Renewal Inc.’s inpatient, detox, outpatient, workforce and community service and housing programs .  

“We have dedicated staff that are always eager to share what we do with others—and to help break down the stigma of people who have challenges with addiction. We were able to help educate and inform, and at the same time, learn from our neighbors how we can make our communities stronger,”
 said Doug Williams.

Renewal, Inc. Partners to Offer
Enhanced Health Services

Last January, Renewal announced a partnership with Adagio Health to offer men and women in its care access to enhanced health services, including STI testing, preventative vaccinations , and breast/cervical cancer screening and reproductive services . Since its opening, the medical office at Renewal’s 704 Second Avenue facility has seen a steady stream of men and women seeking treatment, often for the first time in years.  
According to Marcia Smith, AH Nurse Practitioner,

“Patients have commented that they
value the care, non-judgmental approach
and most of all confidentiality of the staff.”

For health issues outside what the office offers, patients are referred to outside providers for further care. 
In addition to the partnership with Adagio, Renewal has also reached out
to Pittsburgh Mercy Health System to provide Hepatitis C testing and treatment. “Hep C is an ongoing medical issue for many of the men and women in our system and the partnership with Pittsburgh Mercy helps us offer the proper diagnosis and treatment,” said Becky Ludwig, Vice President of Program Management for Renewal.  Read more about the partnership with Renewal and Adagio Health.
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Every Day Will Get Easier

I grew up in Fayette County and managed to graduate from high school but at some point, my drinking got out of control. After being arrested a few times for a DUI, I knew I had to get my life together.

I’m married and I have a young son so I needed to do better for my family. 
When I came to Renewal, I started in the GETPAID® program , Renewal Inc.’s workforce development program , which helped prepare me for not just work, but keeping a job. I was part of a team that power washed Downtown sidewalks. The program director and supervisor were very supportive and helpful, and it gave me a sense of pride and accomplishment to do a job well. 

I know there are challenges ahead — the responsibility of being an adult, managing money, raising a child, but every day will get easier and I’ll move forward.

Renewal, Inc.’s capital campaign is underway. Working with 501 (c) (3) 2, a fundraising organization headed by Linda Dickerson, Renewal is working to identify grants and other sources of funding for its Renewing Hope for Better Futures Capital Campaign

The capital campaign effort aims to expand Renewal’s adult inpatient drug and alcohol treatment and behavioral health programs , and create space for a comprehensive continuum of services for youth in a new, state-of-the-art facility located adjacent to Renewal’s Second Avenue location. 

For more information on the capital campaign , and how you can help, visit our website .