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Ripley Grier Studios October 2016
Fall leaves

Happy Fall, y'all! Hope your Halloween prep is going nicely (Does anyone else think that candy filched from your kids bag after they go to bed somehow tastes better than if you just bought it? Plus, you're HELPING! You don't want them to eat all that garbage!! This is why being an adult rules, and is the single best argument for procreation.).

A happy, happy birthday to our founder Patricia Ripley! Without her, artists would still be rehearsing in bleak studios run by grouchy staff, and I'd be making widgets somewhere.

Just want to remind all of you that as of November 1st, the 520 8th ave building will require government or school-issued photo ID for entrance into the building. Start packing your bona-fides! And speaking of bona-fides, get yourself to the polls and VOTE!!!!!!!

John Norman
Director of Stylish Winter Garb
Ripley Grier Studios
Meet Our Staff! - Jorge Rojas
Jorge has the honor of being our longest-serving employee, in a company that has very little turnover to begin with (it's the free coffee). 

Jorge arrived in the US from Tulcingo Del Balle in the Mexican state of Pueblo, where his mother, two of his brothers, and sister still live. He started working for Ripley Grier (then called New York Spaces) way back in 1989, when we had one location and 8 studios, as the night-time cleaning guy at West 72nd Street Studios. Fast-forward to now, and he is our 939 8th ave location manager, with nearly 30 years under his belt.  In all that time, no one can recall him ever losing his formidable patience or doing less than an exceptional job. Stop by 939 on a weekday and say hi!!

Patricia Ripley - Feng Shui and Fitness
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Greetings everyone!

  We are rushing/crawling toward the upcoming election.  Please get your vote in.  Exercising your " intention"  is a most important "political" (translate: environmental) decision you can make in the next 4 years.  It will determine the social and global direction of the country which due to our immense influence in the world will determine many international policies and relationships as well. . "With great power comes great responsibility" (Stan Lee).  If you are struggling in your current life situation it may be difficulty to want to involve yourself in world affairs, but the majority of philosophies and religions teach the concept of human responsibility. Participate in your future and the future of your family, friends, neighbors, co-workers and fellow citizens.
 In Feng Shui;  personal fate,  physical & social environments, education and attitude are major factors in determining your success and health in your life.  We are so fortunate to have been born in the US, a great political and social experiment.  The world has never experienced the upheaval of ideas that the US presented when formed.  We are used to our American lifestyle and are pretty spoiled in our expectations,  but if you travel to other countries and pay attention to the conditions in most other nations, you will appreciate how Lucky we are. VOTE!
  In fitness please keep moving and watch out for overeating  (Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc.)  Parties and celebrations may cause us to eat more and not get enough sleep.  The weather is still warm enough to get out.  Don't hesitate, dress warmly and keep moving.  PS:  If you are an older adult, consider taking one of my functional fitness classes held at our West 72nd Street Studios,  We do the whole class to music (a little 80's and 90's moving music). We go nonstop except for water breaks.  We do cardio for 27 minutes then, power weights, squats (plies) at the barre, abdoninal/core work on the floor and a quiet down floor stretch.  See my ad in this newsletter for contact info and schedule.  Bon Chance!  Patricia

Preview an Original Work Directed by RG's own Graham McCarty

Happy Fall!                                                                                          
 This month I got to see the band Blue October in concert for the first time with my Dad, Shayne and Jackson at the Westbury Theater.. We got there early and met the band before the show, got a picture with them, and got signed posters. Since we were there for the meet and greet, we also entered the venue early.  I made it to the front row!  The band was very involved with the audience throughout the show.  It was an awesome concert and hopefully I'll be able to see them again.
 Halloween is almost here! What is your costume going to be? I'm going to be Louise Belcher, a character from the TV show "Bob's Burger's".  I'm very excited for Halloween this year, even though it's on a Monday.  I heard that we might be allowed to wear our costumes to school.
 This fall I am getting ready to apply to college.  We went to an open house campus tour at Fordham last weekend and on November 5th and 6th we are going up to Boston to go on a tour of Boston University.
I have about 10 choices in schools.  I just took the ACT test again to bring up my score to help me meet the requirements for the application process.  Waiting for the results.

Happy Halloween! Have fun!  See you next month.  Jeannie

Jeannie Ripley-Grier is the daughter of RG founders Patricia Ripley and Butch Grier