Happy Birthday to RG Staffers
Daniel, Pamela,
Shayne, Matthew,
, Charlie & Emi! 
Feel free to sing   
"Happy Birthday"
 when you see them.  
They'll love that!


On Saturday, June 10th we dedicated a studio (16-O) and celebrated the life of our dear friend and RG's 1st Employee, Paula Mason.    
Lots and lots of reasons to celebrate! And hopefully that celebratory spirit will carry us through the Summer months. Personally, I can't wait to hit the beach and soak up some rays! 
Here at RG though, we'll be spending most of our time
this Summer preparing to open our newest location at 305 W. 38th St. It's a lot of work, but will all be worth it. Have a great Summer, and stay cool!

Graham McCarty - Marketing Manager 
Client Spotlight: 
Just when you thought your day couldn't get any better, in walks a ray of sunshine in the form of Darlene Violette. You might recognize Darlene from one of her many film, television or theatre appearances; On shows such as 30 Rock , Louie and Mildred Pierce (with Kate Winslet). But to all of us at RG, she's family! Darlene first started coming to Ripley Grier in 2004, and ever since then we've known one thing for sure: Whether she's teaching a student, performing on stage or embodying Mae West, Darlene continues to inspire confidence.
Darlene's artistic journey began at Trinity Repertory Theatre, a theatre company close to her hometown of Taunton, MA. She grew up watching the great Viola Davis (before she was famous) perform at Trinity Rep, which inspired her to pursue her own artistic passions. She studied her craft with Trinity Rep's conservatory program and The National Shakespeare Conservatory, and credits two mentors with giving her the confidence to pursue her art: Life-long friend Lee Dunn of Bridgewater State College, and Mario Siletti of the National Shakespeare Conservatory, who grabbed her hand, told her she was very special and encouraged her to pursue acting as a career. This belief in her made a lasting impression on Darlene. "Even now I always go back to that moment." She had yet another breakthrough moment in her quest for self-confidence while watching a documentary about Mae West in 2010. "Mae West changed my life! She was so truly confident, and I wanted to play her." Darlene went on to do just that.
Now a teacher herself, Darlene is committed to inspiring this same level of confidence in her own students. Her desire to teach grew out of her 12 years of doing stand-up comedy in New York. She quickly realized that she could use her background in theatre to serve as an acting coach for her fellow comedians who didn't have formal training. "Make it personal, and make it important" is Darlene's advice to her students. When approaching a class, she has them first analyze and interpret the script, and then helps guide them to make personal character choices. "It's very tedious, but once you've really made it personal, then you can tell the story with authenticity."
Darlene has taught group acting classes including scene study and on-camera technique in New York City for the past ten years. She has also coached countless actors privately for auditions and in preparation for TV, Film and Theatre jobs. Darlene's students have appeared on Elementary , Public Morals , The Americans , Kevin Can Wait , It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia , Two Broke Girls , and many, many more.
It's clear that Darlene enjoys helping her students find success and achieve their goals, but she gets something personal out of her classes as well. "The best acting class I've ever had is the one I teach to someone else!" She says, "The most effective way to learn and understand something is to teach it."
Now you can benefit from Darlene's teaching as well. She will be teaching a (4 week) ON-CAMERA AUDITION TECHNIQUE CLASS  (Tuesdays & Thursdays 7-10pm) here at RG. Students will work on camera in every class, practice their material and perfect their technique in preparation for auditioning for Film & Television, with confidence. She is also available for PRIVATE ACTING COACHING (by Appointment).
We're proud to be able to provide space for Darlene and her students, and it sounds like she's pretty pleased with us as well. "When I come to Ripley-Grier, it feels very warm and safe, and I'm always treated with respect. And there is a sense of family and commonality with all the other artists who are here to hone their skills and perfect their own personal expression."
Thanks, Darlene. We think you're pretty great, too.
Email DarleneViolette@gmail.com or visit www.DarleneViolette.com for class prices and more information.
Happy Father's Day!! Happy Pride Month!! 
Today is hot! Been waiting and wishing for it, now feeling it. My flowers have exploded into bloom and are needing tending constantly. I am organically growing 3 types of lettuce, potatoes, strawberries, 3 kinds of tomatoes, 3 kinds of peppers, broccoli, carrots, zucchini, pumpkin squash, rosemary, basil and lavender. We have been eating the strawberries for the past two weeks. Our backyard is mostly clover and it looks great.  
Advice: If you don't have room for a garden, try to grow veggies in pots. Growing vegetables and herbs provides nourishment and helps with "attention meditation". Live plants enhance your Feng Shui environment and create fresh oxygen for your home. Taking care of and nurturing living thing creates "life chi".  
I am currently working on creating a harmonious environment for our new location at 305 West 38th Street (check out the signs in the windows). We are on the southwest corner of W. 38th St. and 8th Ave. with our own private entrance and elevator . I am so proud of our staff and managers who have worked so hard to make this expansion happen. Planning to open in the fall, so look for our opening announcements! 
Fun Summer Fitness: We are buying a bag tossing game for the backyard and are sprucing up the ping-pong table in the garage, cleaning the golf clubs (playing once a week with Butch), as well as pumping up the bike tires and getting out the boogie boards. Time to get into the ocean!, Just waiting for the water temperature to get up to 65 degrees (my wet-suit is rated for that temperature). Walking, jogging, biking, swimming, golfing, tennis, beach volleyball, water skiing, kite boarding, skateboarding, and even ice-skating (year round). These are just some of the summer activities we have in our very active town. We also have several yoga studios, at least 3 private gyms, Crossfit, 3 dance studios, 2 surfing schools, 3 martial arts facilities and NYSC, all with 2 miles of my house. Long Beach rocks!! Stay in your fitness mode but hydrate often. (Check out my Fitness Class Ad) 
Blessings, Patricia    

Patricia Ripley is the Founder and CEO of Ripley-Grier Studios and a certified Feng Shui consultant. 
 Keep up or start your fitness routine with my functional fitness classes. 58 minutes of Cardio, stretching, strength and core-work. I work with mature dancers, actors, and fitness minded adults. Intro class is $10.00   For more information, email patripleyny@gmail.com
Hope to hear from you!
                        Patricia Ripley, Ripley-Grier Studios
Happy Summer!
Happy Pride Month!
Happy Father's Day!
Happy Tony Awards!
The school season is over, and for me high school is over. I graduate on June 23rd and am starting college this September. I have been in the public school system for 13 years and two years before, in Pre-school. 15 years being educated! I must thank many teachers and my parents for helping me achieve this milestone.
I am going to Hofstra University which is about 25 minutes from where I live on Long Island. I will be studying TV production and Music. Recently I received 2nd place in the Long Beach High School Film Festival. I also received a "Friends of the Arts" Jazz Award. And, I have been invited to audition for the Hofstra Pep Band.
As a graduation present, I am going to Germany, Ireland, and England with my parents. We will be meeting my friend, Valentina, in Germany who is driving up with her Mom from Italy. She will travel back with us to the U.S. where we will spend another month together. I have been to England before but I am very exited to go to Germany and Ireland for the first time!
                         Ciao, Jeannie

Jeannie Ripley-Grier is the 17 year old daughter of RG owners Butch Grier & Patricia Ripley.
On Monday, May 13th, our friend Lois Silk was presented with the Joseph C. Riley Service Award for outstanding contributions to the welfare of SAG-AFTRA members through participation with the New York Film Society Committee.
This service is provided for Union Actors who join the Film Society on a yearly basis. For a nominal fee they are guaranteed a minimum of 24 films but get to see 48 films for that year. Congratulations Lois!!!