Happy Birthday to RG Staffers
Tommorra, Filimon,
, Rose and John! 
Feel free to sing   
"Happy Birthday"
 when you see them.  
They'll love that!

Happy Spring! It is finally starting to get warmer after a long, cold winter. To celebrate, my parents and I decided to leave this nice 70 degree weather and go to Iceland, where it was 30 degrees and windy every day. As cold as it was though, it was an amazing experience. I have wanted to go to Iceland for years and was finally able to go over my spring break from school. We were there for 5 days and saw the "northern lights", the golden circle, a snow mobile on a glacier, beautiful waterfalls, a black sand beach; we visited some really interesting stores and ate some really good meals at all different types of restaurants.
In other news, I have decided to accept Hofstra's scholarship offer and attend starting next fall. I will be studying Film Production. Now it's off to driving school! I will be commuting.
                         Bye, Jeannie

Jeannie Ripley-Grier is the 17 year old daughter of RG owners Butch Grier & Patricia Ripley.
AUDITION SEASON is upon us here at RG, and there's an energetic buzz of eager and impassioned performers practicing dance steps, warming up their voices, reading over sides and nervously pacing the hallways with the hopes of landing that next job that will propel them through the summer months.
Many performers will be given the opportunity to sparkle and shine this summer in Regional productions all over the country, or maybe even on Broadway!
But what do you do if you don't land a show?
It might be a good time to "Tend to your garden!"  
My wife and I live in a small apartment in Astoria, and a few summers ago (out of a need to create) I began cultivating a garden...in my kitchen window. It's a pretty small window and at first I only had one living plant (a philodendron). But I bought some seeds, planted them in some clay pots and before too long I had an entire window full of plants and flowers, all requiring different degrees of care.
I think learning to cultivate (even if it's just in your kitchen window in your tiny New York apartment) is a good lesson for an artist. When given the time, plant new seeds and cultivate your talents. Take a dance class or an acting class. Write something. Teach something. Step out of your comfort zone and meet other artists.
Don't get me wrong. Be brave and go audition; I hope you get the part! But if you end up without a show and some time on your hands, tend to your garden. You never know what might blossom!               
                                                                                     Graham McCarty 
  RG Marketing Manager & Window Gardener 
Client Spotlight: 
By John Norman
One of the most powerful things about the arts is the way that it inspires people to help each other. And isn't that, at it's root, what it's all about? Art-as-service. Since 2011, the  American Russian Children's Home has been channeling the creative power of children in the arts for the benefit of other children battling life-threatening illnesses. Founder Katrina Doubrovina has given birth to an organization that spans two continents and delivers top-notch ballet training to children ages 4-21, while raising money for the t reatment and support of children with hematological, oncologic and immunological diseases in Russia and the US. Their current program is directed by Michael Lavrovsky, director of the legendary Bolshoi Ballet Academy. Students get to interact directly with the children they help, through Skype sessions and letter-writing programs, so that they can take joy not only in the creation of beauty and mastery of craft, but the knowledge that they are giving back to a world that needs them. At a young age, feeling that connection to a wider responsibility is a great and powerful gift.
To learn more about the ARChH, you can reach out to them at info@archh.org
Happy Earth Day! The ultimate example of Feng Shui is the environment of Earth, our lovely blue planet. Taking care of the environment and  treating the Earth with respect are key elements of creating a comfortable, healthy space to live and grow, for all creatures. Grow a garden, plant a tree, clean up litter, recycle, be aware of light and noise pollution in your living environments, clear clutter and share abundance. Above all express gratitude in your life.
I am currently reading a book about Krishnamurti, a learned philosopher. He speaks about the "Me" and "Not Me" attitude we have concerning ourselves and others; But we are all the same. Considering the "Me" and the "Not Me", we are able to justify actions or indifference to others. We can create enemies to the "Me" and harm the "Not Me" to keep us safe. But, again, we are all the same humanity.
I am teaching an intro to Feng Shui on Monday, May 8th (6-8pm), in Long Beach, NY in a couple weeks. We will focus on clearing clutter and Spring cleaning, as well as enhancing any desired areas of my students needs. For example: Relationships at home and work, wealth enhancements, health concerns, travel, helpful people, job search, etc. Contact me at patripleyny@gmail.com if your are interested in any Feng Shui workshops I may be offering in the future.
We just returned from a 6 day trip to Iceland (my daughter's request for Spring Break), a truly beautiful and mystifying country; diverse landscapes and extreme geographical locations. The people were great and very fit and healthy. The fish was so fresh and veggies, tasty and diverse. I would go back but in the summer, as it was cold and windy. I caught a cold. :(  But, the water and the air were so pure and there is major environmental awareness.
We were happy to come home to the beginning of Spring and now are working in the garden and the yard. Today we hope to get a bike ride in as part of our Spring fitness plan. I continue to follow my minimal fitness plan at home: 5 minutes stretch in the am, 100 crunches with leg lifts, 30 pushups at the barre and 20 squats. Every day. No excuses!  I am also teaching three classes a week at the 131 W. 72nd St. Studios. And my husband, Butch, teaches a Tuesday evening Total Gym class. Pick up a flyer at any RG location and give me a call if your want to begin working out or continue a Functional Fitness routine.

Better and Better, Patricia 

Patricia Ripley is the Founder and CEO of Ripley-Grier Studios and a certified Feng Shui consultant. 
Shake off the winter doldrums with a "functional fitness" class geared toward active older adults. My classes are small, 58 minutes long, set to music and we never stop moving. Former students include Michael Apted, Bob Audy, Betty Buckley, Candice Bergen, Ali McGraw and Carly Simon. The price is $20 per single class; 10, 20 or 30 class courses are available (one time intro class for $10). For more info email me at patripleyny@gmail.com. Hope to hear from you!

                        Patricia Ripley, Ripley-Grier Studios