In Memoriam:
Paula Mason
Ripley-Grier's First Employee 

For the first year it was just  
Butch, Patricia and Paula. 
Our deepest condolences to
her husband Lucas and all
her friends and family.
Dance Showcase - Second Angle 
Click the video to watch Paula dance in a recent performance with Ollom Arts. She's the one in the wheelchair. 
Over President's Week in February,
I went to Orlando with my parents. I've been there in the past. One day we went to Universal Studios Orlando. Another day we went to Disney World, and on Sunday (2/26), we went to the Daytona 500 race.
At Universal Studios, Orlando, we took a VIP tour, just like at Universal Studios Hollywood. Our tour guide was very kind and took us all over. There were a lot of different rides including both motion simulators and roller coasters. My favorite rides are
The Incredible Hulk (a roller coaster), and The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man (a motion simulator).
It was a really great first experience, and I can't wait to return.
At Disney World we went to three of the four parks in one day. We started off at Animal Kingdom, then Hollywood Studios and ended up in Epcot. My favorite rides were
Expedition Everest in the Animal Kingdom and Test Track in Epcot.
Finally, on our last day in Florida, we went to the Daytona 500. We had VIP passes which meant we got to walk around the center of the track before the race started. It was a lot more thrilling than I imagined and was a great way to end our trip.
         Until next time....Jeannie

Jeannie Ripley-Grier is the 17 year old daughter of RG owners Butch Grier & Patricia Ripley.
Happy Spring, Winter, Spring and then Winter again!
But more importantly, Happy Women's History Month! This month we celebrate the strength, wisdom and artistry of women who pave the way for greatness, inspire us and change the world for the better.
On behalf of all men, "Thanks Ladies"!
March is always a full month of celebrations here at RG. Seven RG employees have birthdays (including Andre, Nakeya, Jaye, Harouna, Michael D., Tatiana and Butch Grier), Patricia Ripley celebrates 45 years of teaching fitness and Butch and Patricia mark their 34th An niversary together. Lots of reasons to celebrate!!!  
Hope everybody had a happy and safe St. Paddy's Day! 
"May the road rise to meet you!"

Graham McCarty     
RG Marketing Manager 
What a difference a wish makes!
Here at Ripley-Grier, we try to find lots of little ways to make a difference.
Due to the sales of clothes, pens, blue bottles and holiday ornaments over the past few months, we were able to raise $510 for The Make-A-Wish Foundation at The Long Beach Polar Bear's Super Bowl Splash.
Client Spotlight: 
Interview By John Norman 
Lothair sweeps into the RG offices carrying a small bag, an infectious grin, and an abundance of positive energy. The son of celebrated Jazz bass player Cleveland Eaton, you can absolutely feel the driving force and complex harmonies of a childhood steeped in music that propels his broad frame down the bright hallways to come to a final rest in my office chair. Snow falls at a frightening pace outside. "I have a student coming in from Jersey, bless her heart!", he chuckles. After bonding briefly over our shared connection to Michigan (I grew up there, he went to Interlochen Center for the Arts) we delve into his time at his alma mater, Carnegie Mellon. "Such a tremendous experience", he says, "I started in the voice department, and got SOLID technique and theory work" before eventually switching his major to Music Theatre, where he worked with Beatrice Krebbs, a powerful and flamboyant teacher who was constantly flanked by her two dogs. After graduation, he made his way to New York, where he worked for 5 years before his agent sent him on a call to audition for the UK tour of Starlight Express. It was a bit of a disaster. "I do NOT skate" he says. Well, he didn't. After a particularly embarrassing first audition (raked stages and newbie skaters don't mix well) they continued to call him back until he eventually booked the role of Poppa The Old Steam Train his third time out, a role he has now performed over 3,000 times from Germany to New Zealand. After spending 18 years in Germany teaching and performing, he made his way back to New York, where he has turned his focus to vocal coaching. Lothair emphasizes a back-to-basics focus on technique. "No matter what you are doing," he says, " good technique can be applied to any style." He teaches students here at Ripley-Grier, in styles ranging from musical theatre to rock to R&B. He also teaches out at The Star Maker School in Clinton, New Jersey. No roller skates required.
Interested students can contact Lothair through his website:
March is Women's History month. What a history it has been!  Such progress!.  Some women have gone from chattel (property) to trophies (property). It has been a very
small leap for womankind. Several times in history women were leaders of tribes and territories. In some earlier societies they were the primary owners of property and the heads of households. Even today there are some
advanced societies that have
women as government leaders. In truth of fact, most women remain underpaid, under represented, and in general underappreciated, (many still indentured). "Just Sayin"!  
March 17th was Saint Patrick's Day. A most popular saint; quite the renaissance man. In my town of Long Beach we have a large Irish population and we partied on!
On March 3rd, Butch and I celebrated our 34th anniversary of unwedded bliss! Bliss is as bliss does, of course, as relationships are hard work as life poses many challenges.  "No Ragrets!"  
On March 18th, Butch celebrated his birthday. What a blessing to all of us, especially his family!   
March also marks my 45th year teaching fitness. I started at the age of 25 at the Lotte Berk Method on East 67th Street after an intense 4 month apprenticeship. After moving to Manhattan and and working at a restaurant, a bar and a boutique, a friend recommended I go to Lotte Berk and apply.  The rest is history. 
I worked there for over 7 and a half years, and after a year hiatus in Florida I came back to New York and opened a studio with a partner at 133 West 72nd St. A few years later, I opened my own place at 131 West 72nd St. and have been there ever since.
All these circumstances represent my own Feng Shui journey as life occurrences and experiences are major factors in one's life path. So many influences contribute to the journey.

Meditate, exercise, work and play. Love more, question more & participate more,  Patricia 

Patricia Ripley is the Founder and CEO of Ripley-Grier Studios and a certified Feng Shui consultant. 
Shake off the winter doldrums with a "functional fitness" class geared toward active older adults. My classes are small, 58 minutes long, set to music and we never stop moving. Former students include Michael Apted, Bob Audy, Betty Buckley, Candice Bergen, Ali McGraw and Carly Simon. The price is $20 per single class; 10, 20 or 30 class courses are available (one time intro class for $10). For more info email me at patripleyny@gmail.com. Hope to hear from you!

                        Patricia Ripley, Ripley-Grier Studios