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August 31, 2017

Welcome to the
2017 - 2018 
School Year! 

Dear Parents and/or Guardians:

We are excited to welcome you and your children back to our schools!  This year, as we continue transforming our curricular and instructional practices to match the district's Portrait of a Graduate, we are going to focus on two areas consistently emphasized by staff, students, and parents, which are improving students' ability to collaborate and communicate, and really defining what we mean by that. 

As we look to model these values ourselves, in addition to maintaining e-newsletters, Genesis, and community forums, the district will also be using the following new communication tools, based in part on feedback we received from the community, to keep parents and community members informed about our schools:

Canvas Observer Account :   After a very successful pilot at Holdrum Middle School, this year all teachers in the district will now be using Canvas for their teacher pages, which are replacing the teacher pages formerly found on the website.  More information on how to set up your Canvas Observer Account to access your child's  Canvas pages will be coming soon from your building principal. 

Facebook:  A recent study found that 78% of adults ages 30-64 are Facebook users.  In an effort to better reflect this, each school now has its own Facebook page, where you can access information and news about your school(s) through a platform many are regularly connected with.  This will be in addition to the district's page, which will continue to post general information, news, and events about the school district.  To access these pages just search for "River Vale Public Schools" and/or Holdrum, Woodside, or Roberge School's pages on Facebook.

Twitter:  In addition to the district's Twitter feed (@rvsupt), each school now has its own Twitter feed run by the building principal (@WoodsideES, @HoldrumMS, @RobergeES).   Twitter is a great way to stay updated on what is happening in our schools through quick snapshots of information.  To follow our  Twitter feeds, simply set up an account on www.twitter.com and "follow" any of the feeds above.

New Website: The district is excited to launch a new website, which we think you will find more user-friendly and easier to navigate.  The website is a great place to find general information about both the district and our schools, and can be found at www.rivervaleschools.com.   *The district will also be sending home information soon on how to access a new district "app," which will enable you to have key features of the website easily accessible on your mobile device.

As we embark on a new school-year, let's continue working together as a team to ensure we are preparing our students for the world in front of them, not the one behind them.

Welcome back to the River Vale School District and let's have a great school-year!

Rory McCourt
Superintendent of Schools


The district wishes to give special thanks to the River Vale PTA and the River Vale Educational Fund for their generous support of our schools.  These organizations continue to significantly contribute to our schools by providing generous funding to offset the costs of large projects.  This past year, the River Vale PTA helped to purchase tablets for K-2 students at Roberge and Woodside, new stage lighting for Holdrum, and a new playground at Woodside, with plans for a new playground at Roberge coming up. Likewise, the River Vale Educational Fund is helping to support the renovation of the Woodside Media Center, as well as the district's mindfulness program (Educate2B), and our annual RVEF grants.  Please be sure to support the PTA and RVEF in any way you can!

New  Staff

The River Vale School District welcomes new staff, including faculty, aides and administrators, as we begin the 2017-2018 school year.  We are excited to have these individuals join our existing cadre of dedicated professionals!

back to sschool night


Back to School Night is always an important opportunity to meet your child/children's teachers and learn more about our educational programs.  Our Back to School Night schedule for the upcoming school-year is as follows:


 Holdrum - September 13 at 7 P.M.

  Roberge - September 14 at 7 P.M.

Woodside - September 14 at 7 P.M.








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