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April is here, and, my, how things have changed since last month. Today is April Fools' Day, and it's really a good prank this year. I wish. Obviously, I like to keep these newsletters very positive, but there is an elephant in the room that can not be ignored, so some part of it, at least, will pertain to the current situation that seems to be affecting us all in a pretty major way. 

I have always thought myself an optimist and I try to live my life in that manner. I really also believe that I am a logical thinker and a very good problem solver. Common sense has always come naturally to me. This said, I would like to see more varying opinions, ideas, and hard facts instead of editorials masquerading as news stories. I wish that the media would post more than simply negative news and sell fear to the public. I realize that this is a serious situation and I know that we all need to cooperate so not to cause the situation to be worse or to prolong the time that it takes to recover, but there is very little in good news, hopeful news, uplifting stories, and very often, there is more opinion and conjecture out there for public consumption than anything else. This has become the nature of media. "If it bleeds it leads" has been a media saying in recent years, and this situation punctuates the truth in that statement like possibly never before. 

One example that comes to mind is the beloved actor Tom Hanks. About two weeks ago Tom and his Wife Rita Wilson, were diagnosed positive with the COVID-19 virus. This was huge news and you couldn't go to any homepage, news channel, or social media site without seeing all about it. Fast forward to today, and they are all but recovered, commenting on the uncomfortable, yet not life threatening symptoms that they experienced. Where's the news stories about this great development? No where to be found on mainstream media. You have to dig for it, just as you have to dig for any good news. By the way, Both are in their 60's. Tom is diabetic and Rita is a cancer survivor. Both high risk categories for this disease. 

I will get off my soapbox now and will try to keep most of this newsletter positive. There is enough bad news out there already. Stay safe and we'll see you all on the other side of this thing. Sooner than later! 

If you need anything, give me a call or send me an email any time and I will do my very best to help you. If I can't help you myself, I'm sure that I can point you in the right direction and help find you someone who can. 
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Jim Ringquist

Broker/Sales Director
Sonoran Resorts   Spa - Sea - Sun - Sky

Tourist Assistance Unit Advisory Committee (Tourist Police)

I hope that you enjoy my newsletter and continue to recommend it to your friends. Please feel free to give me thoughts, suggestions, or ideas for future newsletters. Puerto Peñasco is my home and I love to share the news and goings-on with you.

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Notice from our CEO: 

The Other Side of the Story

Again, please don't get me wrong. I realize that this is a serious time and requires some serious actions and sacrifices in order to minimize the effects of this disease. Our sales offices are closed, our corporate office is closed, The Tiki Bar, La Cantina Sports Bar, and Cielito Lindo Fine Mexican Food are all closed. We are staying home as much as possible and always practicing safe distances and hygine. Just as everyone should be doing. But, at what point will the complete shutdown actually cause more death and suffering than this disease itself. It is a well known fact that poverty causes suffering, disease, and starvation throughout the world. I'm no scientist, no doctor, no politician, and probably the last person who should have an opinion on this subject that anyone would listen to, but reason says that panic needs to stop and common sense needs to take over. 

So, please follow recommended procedures during this time, and please, please stay positive and optimistic. The future is still very bright and we'll all get through this to come out stronger on the other side. Check out the video and links below for another perspective. There is good news out there, but you have to look for it. Try to keep an open mind and don't believe everything 100% that you read, see, and hear.


Oops... Original Model Was Horribly Wrong
Video: Oops... Original Model Was Horribly Wrong

Help Support Rocky Point Small Business Owners and Employees

These are crazy times. Everywhere, governments are halting international travel, ordering people to stay home, and shuttering non-essential businesses. These measures are designed to slow the spread of the global pandemic COVID-19 and keep people safe.
For many, including service industry staff and healthcare workers, the impact of these measures can be devastating. The same is true for independent business owners-especially those in the infancy of their entrepreneurial journeys. Many have been forced to close their doors. Some may not reopen.
We are all social distancing, which means our dollars are not flowing into local restaurants, spas, and shops. But some of these businesses have made changes to service their customers without human contact. There are ways that we as lovers of Rocky Point can help secure the futures of our local small businesses and help them make it through these challenging times.
We'd rather live in a world full of options. From specialty items to everyday groceries, the diversity of local businesses adds personality to our world. As a customer, you can support the businesses that bring that variety.
Ask for options before you cancel
So many local businesses are finding creative, innovative ways to keep their companies alive right now. A cancellation means leaving the business completely out of pocket. Instead, ask business owners what other options they can offer.
If you've already budgeted for an expense, get in touch before you cancel. These entrepreneurs know their business extremely well and they know what they can offer. Not only will you keep some of your own plans alive, you will also help a local business get through this.
Reschedule instead of cancelling
You shouldn't travel now if you can avoid it. Even so, you've already invested time and money planning your trip. So postpone it instead of canceling. Once the crisis is over, local businesses will need to receive guests again.
Many booking platforms have built-in options to reschedule a booking. And if they don't, just reach out to the owner of your rental company, private host, or campsite directly and ask to reschedule.
Ask restaurants for to-go or delivery
Not every restaurant is on a food delivery service. But with fewer guests visiting the restaurant, many will now consider it. So if you're at home taking care of the kids, ask your local restaurant if they'll deliver a meal or a meal kit to your doorstep. Always remember to tip well.
You get fresh tasty food and the restaurant owner gets some income during hard times. Planned a family get-together over dinner? Buy them all delivery meals instead!
Don't ask for refunds
Bought tickets for an event? Sure, you may have a right to a full refund if the event is canceled. But you don't necessarily have to use that right.
Help the venue out instead and offer the price of your ticket as a donation. If you still want to do these things after the crisis is over, it's important to protect their businesses now by waiving your right to a refund.
Support a local family or make a donation to a group that will help
Locals are out of work and many live day to day. Find a family in need and help them out with money, food, and support through this time. If you're not in town, there are several groups that are now concentrating on providing support for those who are struggling now.
Ask businesses for alternatives
Most small businesses will try to accommodate you in finding a way to provide their products or services. All you need to do is ask them.
Local businesses may already offer alternatives, or they might come up with some in the next couple of weeks as the quarantine continues. If they don't, make it clear what you would be willing to pay for. You might be throwing someone a lifeline with a simple idea.
Buy fresh...
So you stocked up on anything that is dried, canned or long-lasting. If you want your stockpiling to make any sense, you should eat fresh goods now. How about fresh seafood? There is plenty here and they are willing to deliver. Fruit and vegetables from the farmers market?
...and from a small store
We've all seen the panic buying, either in person or on the news. Toilet paper, dried pasta, and spaghetti sauce were flying off the shelves faster than the staff could restock them. And most of that happened at large chain store supermarkets while the small, local stores have been less affected. Why not get your groceries at the local store on the corner? Give your business to a local business!

Use your imagination.
If you miss something, whether it be food, products, or entertainment, use your imagination. Many times there is a way to make it work remotely and/or with no close interaction. Where there's a will, there's a way.
Want to really make a difference? Ask the senior citizens in your neighborhood what they need. They often don't have the strength to carry as much and as a risk group shouldn't go shopping themselves.

Here is a link provided by Rocky Point 360 to businesses that are open for pickup and/or delivery. There are surely more so if your favorite is not listed here, give them a call:  OPEN FOR PICK-UP OR DELIVERY

Yale's Massively Popular 'Happiness' Course Is Available Free Online

In an effort to help the public find joy in the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic, Yale is making one of their most popular classes available for free online.
In just the past month, more than 600,000 people in an increasingly housebound world have signed up for Yale's "The Science of Well Being," a course originally taught on campus by psychology professor Laurie Santos.
The course highlights research that reveals misconceptions about what makes us happy - and the concrete steps we can take to live a more fulfilling life.
Total enrollment for the class from March 20 of 2018 to March 19, 2019 stood at 539,000, making it the most popular online course in Yale history. By the end of the day on March 24, 2020 enrollment stood at 1,153,744, with 631,980 people enrolling in March alone.
"The interest in the class in just the last few days has been incredible and a bit surreal," Santos said. "I think that just as people are focused on evidenced-based ways for staying physically healthy during this COVID-19 crisis, so too people are looking for evidence-based ways of improving their mental health."
The course description states, "In this course you will engage in a series of challenges designed to increase your own happiness and build more productive habits. As preparation for these tasks, Professor Laurie Santos reveals misconceptions about happiness, annoying features of the mind that lead us to think the way we do, and the research that can help us change. You will ultimately be prepared to successfully incorporate a specific wellness activity into your life."

To sign up for the free online course, visit  Coursera .
Death and Taxes
Everybody dies eventually. It's just a fact of life. But depending on how much you watch the news lately and what kinds of movies you watch, you might think that the leading causes of death are ravenous sharks, terrorist attacks, or showing your police partner a picture of your family and announcing your retirement. It turns out that you just can't make many movies about killer horses. They probably shouldn't be your main concern anyway - but horses kill far more people than sharks.
In fact,horses and cattle pose a much more significant risk to residents of the United States than sharks - not to mention lions, tigers, or bears. But have you ever wondered how they actually make those risk calculations? And not just for deadly animals, but for all of the ways that a person's life might be cut tragically short. Ken Kolosh, the manager of statistics at the National Safety Council, explained out how he crunches the numbers and calculates the risks of any given activity. Here are some of the takeaways.
"We look at the number of deaths from a particular cause, like a car crash or a plane crash, or even a dog bite," says Kolosh. "Then, we take data from the Census Bureau on population and life expectancy, and we bring all that data together to calculate the odds of dying."
You can figure out the odds of dying over the course of the year by dividing the number of deaths by the population. To get the odds over the course of an entire lifetime, just divide the one-year odds by life expectancy, which is currently about 78.6 years.
You can see these results on the National Safety Council's Odds of Dying chart. It's pretty interesting, but it's also not the most accurate way of calculating these odds. For example, about 1 in 102 Americans will die in a motor accident, but that number is presumably much higher if you only look at Americans who actually own a car, and even higher among those that drive on a daily basis. Similarly, we've got to assume that marine biologists and ranchers have very different ideas about the deadliness of sharks versus horses.
With risks like sharks or even earthquakes, it's just too difficult to pin down all of the various factors that could alter your risk relative to another person's. But when it comes to vehicles, you've got a pretty reliable across-the-board metric: distance traveled. Despite the fact that your stomach likely drops a bit each and every time you take off in an airplane, you travel many fewer miles by air than by car. For that reason, fear of death in a plane may be misplaced.
"Our chances of dying in an airplane per 100 million miles traveled is less than 0.001," says Kolosh. "Our odds of dying in a car crash are 0.47 per 100 million miles traveled. That means you're 470 times more likely per mile traveled to die in your car than on a scheduled airline."
For Americans, the two top causes of death are depressingly predictable: heart disease (1 in 6 lifetime risk) and cancer (1 in 7). But here are the top 10 risks of death over the course of your lifetime when you don't count diseases. We pulled these numbers from the NSC and the Insurance Information Institute.
Unintentional poisoning (1 in 70). This can be further broken down into death by drug poisoning (1 in 75) and death by legal or illegal opioids (1 in 109).

Suicide (1 in 91). Sadly, more than 1 in 100 Americans will likely take their own lives at some point. Remember to check in on your loved ones, and call the Suicide Prevention Lifeline if you're feeling distressed yourself.

Motor vehicle accidents (1 in 102). This number can be broken down into automotive drivers and passengers (1 in 583), motorcycle riders (1 in 846), and pedestrians (1 in 561). Remember, that doesn't mean motorcycles are safer, just that fewer people ride them.

Accidental fall (1 in 119). The risk isn't always the initial fall as much as what happens next. There's a reason why medical alert systems like Life Call are so important.

Drowning (1 in 1,086). Here's one that's certainly connected to your lifestyle: specifically, how often you go into the water. It's a good idea to read up on the signs of drowning - a drowning person doesn't flail around like you might think they do.

Fire or smoke exposure (1 in 1,506). Don't become a statistic. Always go to bed with your bedroom door closed to boost your chances of surviving a fire.

Choking on food (1 in 3,138). If you see this happening in a restaurant, don't panic. As it turns out, you don't need much practice to pull of the Heimlich maneuver. It certainly couldn't hurt to make sure you know how, though.

Biking accidents (1 in 4,050). The relatively high number of biking deaths per year should be a reminder to always, always wear your helmet - it can reduce your risk of head injury by up to 60 percent.

Accidental shooting (1 in 8,305). Obviously, you'll be at a higher risk if you keep a gun in your house

Gasoline Prices Lower in Rocky Point

If you have filled up your vehicle in Rocky Point lately, you probably noticed that the prices have dropped fairly significantly.

In some parts of the country gasoline prices of 16 pesos per liter for regular unleaded are common, an effect from the fall of oil prices throughout the world. However, there are different factors that influence the price by the time it gets to the pump in Mexico.

The fuel prices observed by end consumers at service stations are made up of various components such as: International references for gasoline prices, Exchange rate Logistics costs, Taxes, Profit margin of service stations.
In the first case, oil prices have fallen an average of 30 percent since March 6, this collapse was derived from a disagreement among the main oil producers due to reducing production in an environment of lower demand due to the pandemic of Covid-19, which caused an oversupply.

In the case of the exchange rate, the price of oil is set in dollars, so a depreciation of the peso against this currency implies a higher cost per barrel of crude, however, although the dollar has increased in price, it has been offset by the sharp drop in the price of oil.

The logistics cost is another factor that influences the price of gasoline. In Mexico, 70 percent of the volume consumed has to be imported, which implies that it has to travel by tanker, unload in a port, store, and then transport by pipeline to a terminal to be delivered by truck to what in the gasoline business is known as the last mile, that is, the point of sale at service stations.

In addition, Mexica ns pay tax for the gasoline we consume: Federal Special Tax on Production and Services (IEPS) that is determined by the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit, is established every week according to the exchange rate, international reference prices of the oil, and logistics costs.

The IEPS is an indirect tax, which means that it is transferred to customers when they buy gasoline. A state IEPS is also paid; a fixed fee for one year, which is updated according to inflation, as well as another IEPS for CO2 emissions, which is a carbon tax and is applied to greenhouse gas emissions, as well as the Value Added Tax ( IVA).

Currently there is no stimulus to the IEPS, and Secretary of the Treasury, Arturo Herrera, says "a stimulus is the elegant way of saying that there is a subsidy and the only thing we do as the price of gasoline decreases, the stimulus is also decreasing, which means that the subsidy is decreasing, so the price of gasoline is like this, the reference goes up and down and the IEPS serves as a cushion ".

How much profit from service stations is it necessary to take into account the above factors as well as the financial and operational costs (such as regulatory and administrative expenses) of each service station, such as the transportation of fuel from the storage terminals to the stations is another factor that can vary according to each individual station and the distance between them.
Potpourri - Short Shorts of All Sorts!
Sometimes so much is going on in our little slice of paradise by the sea that we can't address the many short subjects with proper attention. To handle the hodgepodge of dangling subject matter, we invented the Potpourri Page. Here are a few "short shorts" to keep you up to date.

Steps of Love Launches Efforts to Help Puerto Penasco Families

This community needs our help! Steps of Love and AIM Penasco have teamed up with Helping Puerto Penasco in Crisis. The coronavirus epidemic has led to border, school and hotel closures, all causing severe financial hardship for the families of this community. Join us in these crucial efforts and help get food to families in need!


Virtual Town Hall and Questions for US Consulate

The event was held yesterday, March 31 but if you missed it, p lease go  to the Embassy's Facebook page to see what transpired. You can gather information and ask questions on the site as well.
You can also submit your questions by sending an email to ACSMexicoCity@state.gov. They will do their best to answer as many questions as possible.
The U.S. government has no higher priority than the protection of U.S. citizens. It's essential that you are well informed and updated. We look forward to answering your questions and providing you with our most recent travel advice. In the meantime, you can learn more at the Embassy's COVID-19 website and by watching this message to U.S. citizens from Ambassador Landau on our website.

Change Reservation Dates - Don't Cancel Them
Travelers should rebook their trips for later in the year rather than cancelling plans and reservations. That way, the traveler should not be penalized and the tourism industry doesn't lose money during this rough time. It is very important to support businesses in Rocky Point so that they can keep their employees and remain in business. Some venues may also lower rates, upgrades, or extra discounts for travelers who immediately rebook
What if someone has put money down for a trip that is scheduled between late May and August?
Tammy Levent, CEO of Elite Travel, advises tourists with summer travel reservations to hold off on canceling or rebooking for now. If the current situation still exists then, you will still have plenty of time to make changes if needed. A lot of things can happen between now and May. People are freaking out way prematurely. Best to just wait and see.

Circus Mexicus 2020 Still On 

Circus Mexicus June 4-7 is still a go! We understand the event requires a lot of travel for many of you. We are keeping an eye on the situation everyday, and if any changes need to be made or if we need to reschedule, we will make an announcement NO LATER than April 27. That will still allow you plenty of time to cancel condo reservations or other travel plans and get refunds. Until then, please continue to book your reservations at  www.casago.com  and  www.laspalomasresort.net.  Lineups and ticket info can be found at  circusmexicus.net.
-CM Team

DIF and Mayor Kiko Munro deliver food support to the most vulnerable families
In order to support families with the greatest vulnerability in their economy, Mayor Kiko Munro began with the delivery of 4,000 pantries as part of the Municipal Campaign "In Peñasco we can covid-19".
He assured that the personnel who will carry out this work are equipped with the proper hygiene and safety protocols established by the World Health Organization, consisting of a coverall, face mask, and latex gloves.
Kiko Munro pointed out that the delivery of the packages will be carried out in groups of 10 people every half hour, avoiding mass crowding and taking care of the healthy distance. An estimated 180 food bags will be delivered daily, adding to this weeks total of 900 delivered so far.

WHO: Mexico "is one step ahead" against COVID-19 compared to other countries
Mexico "is one step ahead" to confront COVID-19 compared to other European countries, by trying to make the infection curve "flatter over a longer period," and has taken the correct measures to do so, said Cristian Morales, representative of the World Health Organization (WHO).
"I think we are one step ahead taking up this experience that comes from countries where this disease has already passed," said the expert in an interview published by the WHO.
The international official praised the way in which Mexico has staged the scenarios of the pandemic, while affirming that "they are on the right path."
Recently, the Mexican government declared phase 2 of the COVID-19 pandemic, when there is community transmission, and predicted that the outbreak will spread slowly, allowing it to be treated by the national health system.

Barb's Dog Rescue Needs Your Help Too!
We learned today that we should expect to see shortages in the coming weeks of dog food supplies in our area due to the impact of Covid-19 and the closing of the U.S. - Mexican border.
Dog food is currently available in some locations, but because it is shipped from Mexicali, local sources may soon run out. Our main priority right now is to buy as much food as possible and stockpile it for our needs in the weeks ahead.
These are tough times for everyone, we know. But if yo u are able to help, our friends John and Michelle Freise and Jim and Mary Schwebel have pooled their resources. They are each offering to match your donations, up to $5,000. Every dollar donated by this coming Thursday (April 3) will be tripled, allowing us to buy three times as much food.

City Council Launches Campaign "In Peñasco can we give to the Covid-19"

Under travel restrictions due to Coronavirus, Mayor Kiko Munro launched the campaign "In Peñasco you can give to the Covid-19", a program in which they will be collected cans and nonperishable food for delivery to seniors who are more vulnerable to the effects of the pandemic.

Mayor Munro reported that, through the Municipal DIF, chaired by the First Lady Linda Munro Pivac, canned or bulk food will be collected for distribution later among those who are most affected by the Coronavirus.

He explained that this campaign aims to show solidarity with the most vulnerable people in the community, because the delivery of these foods will be used exclusively to elderly persons, disabled persons, or people who have lost their jobs because of the crisis.

"The people of Penasco are closer than anyone and in difficult times we watch out for each other. So we will can help by donating non-perishable food simply by making a phone call - (638) 383-6145, from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm and staff from DIF will collect the donation home from your location" he said.

He furthered that, the Municipal Government will continue to adopt measures and incentives for prevention and control of the Coronavirus, seeking always coordinate with other levels of government and sectors of society in Puerto Penasco.

He stressed that the Municipal Government proposes to address the health risk with the possibility for the Federal and State Government to accommodate extra resources to provide more sources of employment in order to have an income now through the time of need.
Kiko Munro said the Municipal Government will remain sensitive and objective, but also firm in demanding responsibility from all other orders of government to go ahead and deal with this pandemic in a coordinated manner, but also effectively, bringing solutions to the population of Puerto Peñasco.

"I thank and acknowledge the people of Puerto Penasco who have joined the campaign to prevent the Coronavirus, stay at home, to be in solidarity with the rest of the population, so we are calling for solidarity also to help seniors, located on your block, in your neighborhood, and to stay in touch with them, if not physical, by phone, so we can support them at all times, ".

What to do With all of My Time at Home

With so many countries going on lockdown and the vast number of people staying home, you might find yourself at a loss with your usual routine out the window.  What do you do with all this time at home, when you're literally do not go out? And you're not actually sick?  Obviously, if you're unwell, please follow the correct medical protocol where you live.
A Coronavirus quarantine simply means staying at home and avoiding all non-essential contact with other people.
For many countries, it's voluntary although the government does ask people to self-isolate when they experience symptoms similar to that of the Coronavirus.  In some countries (such as Italy), a total lockdown has been enforced and anyone who leaves the house will be questioned by the police.
Create more free time. Many of us normally live a very fast-paced life. We keep telling ourselves that we'll get around to doing all the things from our to-do list - clean, spending more time with loved ones, fix something, etc. when we have more time. Guess what? We each only have 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  If you want more free time to do all those things you've always said you were going do, you need to study what you do with your time, learn how you can prioritize your tasks (including spending time with loved ones and yourself!) and then allocate the time you do have.  In other words, you need to learn some serious time management skills and a Coronavirus lockdown, which could last indefinitely, is the perfect time to do that.
Reflect and focus on you. Take this time to reflect on your life.  What have you been doing recently? Are you where you want to be? Do you know where you're going? Is your life everything that you want it to be? The Coronavirus lockdown could give you the time and space to really study your life, see what works and what doesn't, and make a plan to improve what works and completely change what doesn't. Every dark cloud has a silver lining and this could well be one. In fact, you might end up deciding that you've been neglecting yourself and use this time to dive deep into the concept of self love and family. That's got to be one of the most productive ways you can spend your quarantine time.
Create a massive to-do list. You know how productivity gurus say that you need to keep things to a minimum when you're planning out your day and writing a to-do list? You're supposed to prioritize the most urgent ones that you need to complete ASAP. Maybe it's good to listen to them when you're trying to juggle so many competing responsibilities at home and at work.  But when you're under quarantine (thanks again, Coronavirus) and not actually sick, then you're basically stuck at home with so much time you can suddenly use for whatever you want.
Obviously, there are a lot of choices but what you definitely don't want to do is waste all that time watching Netflix, stressing over the news coverage, or trying to decide what to do with all that time.  So, start with making a massive to-do list. Write down everything you've been wanting to do your entire life. This will be a sort of goals list slash to-do list. Once you're done with your list, mark the ones you can do at home. No point right now in booking flights to Macchu Picchu because ... well you know.
Study all your work-from-home options. We don't know how long the Coronavirus outbreak and therefore, your quarantine will last. This is the perfect time to start future-proofing your income and look for ways to start earning from home.  If you don't need to earn right now, then you could start a blog. Start setting it up correctly so it can actually earn you money in the future. FYI: blogging can lead to serious income but it usually takes years, just like your more traditional brick-and-mortar business. If you need to earn money now, then you can start applying for remote jobs whilst you're at home or start something brand-new on the side while you're waiting for things to go back to normal.
Deep clean the house. It always needs to be done sooner or later but how many times have you sighed over the state of your house and promised yourself that once you have more time at home, you'll get the house so clean, you'd be able to see your reflection in every surface? Put on some music and just get going. Kids at home? Make it a family event.
Start learning Spanish (or another language), or play the guitar, take up yoga, or study the stock market so that you're ready when it comes back to life. Here are a couple examples, but there are countless resources online if you take the time away from reading the news to look for them. There are museums open online, free courses, and an unlimited number of self-improvement ideas.
Udemy - Currently one of the best global marketplaces for learning and instruction, Udemy connects students all over the world to the best instructors. You'll learn new skills and, if you wait for the flash sales that happen regularly, this won't even cost you much.
Duolingo - Learn a new language for only a few minutes a day for FREE. This really works for as long as you do it every day. Get a good start on the habit now and continue even after you're back to life as normal.
Finally, exercise, exercise, exercise. What a wonderful opportunity to start getting in shape. Physical activity promotes a positive attitude and healthy outlook on life. It also helps to strengthen your immune system, not to mention reducing your chances of dying from a long list of other ailments. You do not need a gym, or even weights at home to effectively work out most of your body. If you don't know where to start, just do the search and you'll find more resources out there than you can imagine.
Obviously, this is a small list of whatever came to mind, but the bottom line and main point is that you should take this time to do something productive for yourself, your income, your family, or your community. How often have we all wished for more time off work to do those things that we never find time to do. Now you have the time, and in this day of excessive information, try to use it for something positive instead of dwelling on what might happen or how bad it could get. We are all going to get through this and life will be back to business soon enough, so make something good out of this situation.

How has COVID-19 Affected Pollution Levels Around the Globe?

As a result of the hundreds of millions of people around the world who are currently in lockdown due to the spread of COVID-19, countries are experiencing a reduction in pollution.
From North America to Europe and Asia, the reduced number of people traveling and commuting to work has decreased emissions of greenhouse gases.
The reduction in pollution has been observed both on a large scale by satellites tracking air pollution, as well as on a smaller scale in the form of clearer waters and skies.
However, experts caution that the reduced pollution is a temporary effect of the lockdowns, not a permanent change.
The local and global impact of coronavirus

Though the federal government in the United States has not enacted a national lockdown order, a few individual states are requiring that its citizens remain at home unless their need for going out is absolutely necessary.
In other countries where citizens have been on lockdown for weeks, local life has already changed. But it is now becoming clear that the lockdowns are also having global side effects.
CNN has reported that satellite images over California and other parts of the US reveal a reduction in nitrogen dioxide (NO2). The reduction of this deadly pollutant is especially evident over San Francisco and the surrounding Bay Area, as well as over western Washington state, where Seattle is located.  

NO2 is released into the air when fossil fuels are burned, either by vehicles or by power plants. Similarly, CNBC has reported that reductions in air pollution have been documented over China and Italy.
The global reduction in travel has also all but eliminated tourism in places like Japan and Thailand, resulting in wild deer and monkeys entering cities. These animals have learned to subsist off food from tourists and are now foraging and fighting for things to eat.  
While the reduction in pollution around the globe is a positive side effect of the coronavirus outbreak, scientists caution that this is only a temporary change. The global phenomenon, nonetheless, is an indication of what type of drastic actions countries will need to embrace to combat global climate change.  

COVID-19 originated from Wuhan, a city in the Hubei province of China. The country was the first to have the virus tear through its population. In response, tens of millions of people were initially put under lockdown in January to stop the spread of the disease.
Satellite images released by NASA and the European Space Agency showed a comparison of the pollution cover over China from January 1-20 of this year to that of February 10-25. The reduction is immediately apparent, with the gas cloud from the first image almost entirely missing in the second.  
Additionally, compared to the same period in 2019, China had 21.5% more "good quality air days."  
The waters of Italy

With Italy being one of the first countries outside of China to go into lockdown, reports began surfacing earlier this month claiming the country was experiencing a natural change. On social media, videos and photos purported to show dolphins swimming in the canals of Venice now that people were stuck indoors and the waters were cleared of human traffic.  
While it is true that the waters of Venice have become clearer since a nationwide lockdown began earlier in the month, Euro News reports that the viral video of dolphins is not from Venice. Rather, the video, shot by members of a local sailing team, is from the port of Cagliari in Sardinia, another Italian region 750 kilometers (nearly 470 miles) from Venice.
Still, experts have said that, while it isn't unheard of for dolphins to appear in the port, it is uncommon.  


With every region of Spain on lockdown, including the capital city of Madrid, pollution rates across the country have started to fall according to El Pais. In both Madrid and Barcelona, the two largest Spanish cities by population, NO2 levels have seen a significant drop.  
Measurements in Madrid on March 17 found a 75% drop in the gas from the week before, while Barcelona had a 45% drop off. Though storms in the area over the week could be said to account for some of that reduction, experts believed the decline in traffic was clearly a major cause.
A reduction of carbon dioxide (CO2), another greenhouse gas, occurred in Spain during the 2008 recession when local industries faced major losses in production. However, over the last decade, the country's economy rebounded as did pollution levels.This latest pandemic-related drop in pollution comes after studies earlier this year found Madrid had experienced a 10-year low in CO2 emissions due to the implementation of a low-emissions zone in the city's center.

Meet Lupe Hernandez - the Latina Who Created Hand Sanitizer

Forty-six years ago, Lupe Hernandez from Bakersfield, California made a discovery that years later would prove to be life saving to people across the globe. It is reported that this Latina nursing student had the idea for hand sanitizer after realizing that alcohol in gel form could be an effective way to clean hands when in a situation where there was no access to soap and clean water. After learning that her idea had a lot of potential commercially, she called an inventions hotline to find out more information about the process.
The Guardian published an article citing that she was the inventor of this life-changing invention on March 13, 2012. Since then, there has been very little written about her, her invention or anything else she has accomplished. Remezcla cited that Lupe was mentioned in The Growth and Development of Nurse Leaders, Second Edition, which was published in 2019.
Since the news of the coronavirus outbreak hit the global landscape, Lupe's reported invention has been in very high demand and people have been relying on it more than ever - so much so that there have been reported outages of it. Brands like Dior and Puerto Rico's Don Q Rum have announced that they would be using their plants to help fill the need for hand sanitizers.

I'm not sure that hoarding would be as widespread if, after going on your panic buying spree, you get back to the house and feel even more anxious. Instead, such behavior induces a sense of calm and control. You've taken active measures to reduce your risk (of starvation, of not being able to clean yourself after using the bathroom, etc.), and it provides at least a temporary sense of relief. It helps alleviate some of the fear and anxiety most of us are feeling.
Mexican Farmers Work Hard To Supply Food Amid COVID-19

Hundreds of thousands of Mexican farm workers are arriving in the Mexican city of Monterrey to pick-up their H-2A visas at the U.S. consulates for temporary agricultural workers. They are bound to the different farms in the United States.
While hundreds of thousands of Mexican farmworkers are working hard to ensure that there is enough food chain in the U.S., many Americans are in their home to avoid COVID-19.
The agricultural industry is the backbone of the U.S. economy and Mexican farmworkers are playing a big part in it. They are the main workforce of the country's agricultural sector. In fact, there were around more than 250,000 who came to the U.S. last year using H-2A visas and the majority of them are Mexicans.
According to Justin Flores, AFL-CIO's Farm Labor Organizing Committee Vice President, that he spoke to different people who plan to travel in North Carolina, Kentucky, Michigan, Mississippi, and more to support the agricultural industry of the country.
The efforts of the Mexican workers to work in the United States as farm workers to sustain the food chain of the country amid the threat brought by COVId-19 illustrates the paradox in the country. Mexicans work, while Americans stay at their home.
U.S. embassy in Mexico has announced already that they are suspending for the meantime the non-emergency visa appointments because of the health concerns of their employees and visitors.
However, they also notified the Mexican farmworkers who participated in the program last year that they can still get their H-2A visas and they don't need to have an in-person appointment at the consulate.
With the notification and announcement from the embassy, it is expected that around 85 to 90 percent of workers from the Pacific Northwest will be exempted according to the Director of Wafla, Ryan Ogburn.
Moreover, influential farm organizations in the United States are also asking President Trump and his administration to ease the entry of farmworkers from another country. Through this, they can assure that there will be enough food in the coming days as the country is still facing COVID-19 pandemic.
According to the food producers that their operations are still normal for now. Even though, consumers are prowling the half-empty shelves at the different supermarkets.
Meanwhile, slaughterhouses, dairies, and vegetable food producers assured that they are open for business and are ready to feed the nation. In a statement released by the President of the National Pork Producers Council Howard Roth, he wrote: "telecommuting is not an option for us; we are reporting for work as always."
Food distribution in the midst of COVID-19 pandemic has also redirected from shuttered businesses to places where people crave for it specifically in the grocery stores. Mexican farmworkers are sacrificing their health just to make sure that they can help sustain the food chain in the U.S. and that they have something in return to feed their families.

PROFECO Protects Against Price Gouging 

The Federal Consumer Prosecutor's Office (Profeco) assures that there is no justification for increasing the price of tortillas or other items during this time of increased anxiety and social distancing. They have appealed to the solidarity of producers and retail sellers at this time.

As for tortillas, in the country there are more than one hundred groups in this industry, and it is a fact that they have no pretext to raise it; corn has not risen and even transportation, which has a direct influence on the price, has not risen in price and gasoline prices have gone down.

The average price of corn tortillas nationwide is $ 15.80 pesos (about 65 cents US) per kilogram, according to the monitoring of the Who's Who in Prices program. It is important that consumers take it as the reference price to avoid abuse.

More than 400 Profeco officials throughout the country work in commercial surveillance operations, through 38 offices in the most populated cities to stop abuses.
In the case of the price of eggs, this product saw a slight increase during January and February, but was a seasonal increase as prices usually rise slightly during the cold season.
Profeco has announced that they will fine up to 3 million pesos for those who raise product prices in acts of profiteering. Ricardo Sheffield, Federal Consumer Prosecutor (Profeco) announced that businesses that raise the price of products such as eggs, tortillas, beans, among others, will be fined up to 3 million pesos. In an interview with Salvador García Soto, he explained that Profeco has the power to even freeze and close businesses due to acts such as these. He indicated that he sent a statement calling for producers' and retailers' solidarity with consumers, in addition to announcing the sanctions that will have to raise prices unjustifiably.
Profeco encourages the population to report abuses through the consumer's phone number 555-568-8722, Mexico City area and 01-800-468-8722 for the rest of the country, by email at: denunciasprofeco@profeco.gob.mx, or on their official social networks.

Home Made Flour Tortillas

Tortillas were originally made with maize (corn) flour by the native American populations before the arrival of Europeans. Flour tortillas are a more recent creation with an interesting history. Jews, who fled the Spanish inquisition in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries, mostly migrated to Northern Mexico, where they could practice their religion freely.
Although there is no evidence of a connection between Passover matzah bread and flour tortilla, it is indeed the Spanish Jews who introduced the wheat flour adaptation of the flat bread to Mexican cuisine, along with a few other mainstays of Northern Mexican cuisine such as cabrito or roast goat kid, a specialty of Monterrey and the surrounding state of Nuevo Leon, as well as albondigas or meatballs, a Sephardic version of matzah balls.
This is the main reason why flour tortilla is mostly used in Northern Mexican versions of quesadillas, tacos or burritos, but also in Honduran baleadas.
According to a Mayan legend, a peasant initially invented tortillas for his hungry king. The first tortillas that were discovered date back to approximately 10,000 BC. When the Spaniards arrived in Mexico, they gave the name of tortilla to these thin maize-based flat breads. In the south of Spain, tortilla was a thin, crispy circular bread made out of chickpea flour. Before that, the native Nahuatl name for tortillas was tlaxcalli.
There seems to be a disagreement about the use of a leavening agent in the flour tortilla. Most homemade flour tortilla recipes do not call for baking soda or baking powder but you can add a little pinch if you want to.
Tortillas taste better when they are fresh and warm. In order to keep them warm, you can use a tortilla warmer. If you don't have a tortilla warmer, you can wrap your homemade Mexican flour tortillas in aluminum foil or a damp towel and keep them in a slow cooker or oven set on low.
Tortilla is a staple food that is used to make a number of Mexican dishes. There is often a confusion between tortillas and the names of the various Mexican dishes that tortillas are used for.
Quesadillas are tortillas filled with melted cheese, burritos are filled with beans, cheese and/or meat. There are also tacos, fajitas, taquitos, tostada, and enchiladas.
Mexican flour Tortilla

Prep Time: 10 mins
Cook Time: 10 mins
Total Time: 20 mins


2½ cups all purpose flour (plus extra to form tortillas)
1 teaspoon salt
⅓ cup shortening (or lard)
1 cup hot water


In a large bowl, place the flour, salt and mix.

With the help of a fork, pastry blender or your hands, incorporate the shortening (or lard) until it resembles coarse meal.

Slowly add the hot water a little at a time until the dough holds together. Do not add all the water at once. You might need a little more or less water depending on the flour and the climate.

Turn dough onto a work surface, and knead for a couple of minutes until it is smooth.

Divide the dough in 8 pieces.

Roll every piece on your work surface with the palm of your hand to form a little disc. Those discs are called testales.
Cover them with a damp kitchen towel or plastic wrap, and let the dough rest for 30 to 45 minutes.
After the resting period, place an ungreased griddle (or comal) over medium heat. You can also use a non-stick pan.
With a rolling pin, form the tortillas on a lightly floured surface.
To form the tortillas, place the testal onto the working surface and press slightly with your hand.
Then, set the rolling pin at the center  and press forward without making it to the edge and then press backwards towards yourself stopping before the edge.

Turn the tortilla 90 degrees (like a quarter turn) and repeat pressing forward and then towards you.

Flip the tortilla and repeat the same process until you have a thin disk of about 10 to 12 inches.

Now, place the tortilla on the hot griddle.

Bake 20 to 30 seconds on one side.

Turn the tortilla, and bake for 20 to 30 seconds.

Turn again and heat for about 10 seconds. Remove the tortilla and wrap with a kitchen towel or place in a tortilla warmer.

Repeat the steps.

How to Make Homemade Flour Tortillas | Tortilla Recipe | Allrecipes.com
How to Make Homemade Flour Tortillas 

Corona: Virus vs. Beer

At the end of February, it was reported that many Americans won't drink Corona beer because of coronavirus. It has also been reported that sales of Corona beer have increased by 5%, and counting. Without getting into the mire of "Fake News", why do we as humans tend to like and believe stories that are reported as facts, when in fact, the basis is actually opinions sought from people who, when asked, appear to be systematically biased.
Perhaps it is the pressure of creating continuous content in a very competitive environment that provides motivation to seek out stories that are felt to be news-worthy. The greater the pressure, the greater the willingness to compromise our principles. Part of the problem is the level of responsibility that media outlets should take, but the more interesting area is how come so many people, when asked in the original survey, conducted by telephone, answered that they would avoid buying Corona beer due to coronavirus. We don't know how the question was phrased, but it could have been quite leading, such as "Will you avoid buying Corona Beer due to the coronavirus", which implies that there is a connection. People may at the instant they were asked, think that they had missed something, that perhaps there was a connection, and did not want to appear ignorant. Perhaps some people genuinely thought that there was a relationship based on the name. Others still may have thought that there was benefit in saying that they would avoid it, perhaps wanting to drive down beer prices, after all, many who are now working or self-isolating at home, are likely to be drinking more beer, so driving down the price of their favorite brand may be a good way to go.

The opposite view can be taken. A 5% increase in the demand for Corona beer may indeed show that people are avoiding it, as sales of other beers have gone up by 20% in the same period. Is this true? No, that's just made up, but many people reading this will think this sounds reasonable, and in a sense it becomes true. After all, many of us are expecting to be at home more in the coming weeks, self-isolating, so we need to get supplies in early. I expect that demand for food and beverages at a retail level has increased significantly over the last couple of weeks. The media influences our thoughts one way, then another, they gain either way.

Lessons can be learned from this. For sure, the first thing is that no "stories" should be accepted from anyone, without having the data behind it. Secondly, even with data in evidence, you need to understand the context behind the data. There is no value in considering any single data point in isolation. A third lesson that we can learn is that we are all wasting a huge portion of our lives reading and reacting to what is often essentially, fiction.

As with the media reports about Corona beer, there should be better responsibility taken for the incorrect reporting of "facts", but the more interesting part is why people are motivated to provide incorrect accounts of what is happening, even to the point of manipulating the data to do so. We have to bear in mind that this is not an isolated case. There are countless examples where it happens, and it is an epidemic across the country, far more than the coronavirus in fact.
Something to think about as you sit back and sip that Corona..... Cheers!

Let me know if you would like links to any of the earlier ones. (There are over 9 years worth)
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