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Well, another month has sped by already. Even during this very strange year, time goes so quickly. It's hot and humid here but the end of that weather is near and tourism is rebounding nicely as things begin to open again and restrictions are slowly lifted. Based on reservations for the upcoming holiday weekend the resorts will be busy and everyone seems to be feeling a bit more comfortable with travel. It doesn't look like heat and humidity will have much effect at all on the number of visitors longing to spend some time on the beach after so long away. Of course next month, October, is one of the very best months of the year for perfect weather, so if you can't make it down this month, be sure to come during the next.

The question most commonly asked of me lately goes something like "Is the border open, can we come and go without a problem, what is happening at the checkpoint, do I need reservations in order to come down, are the beaches open" etc. The answer is yes, you can come and go freely, without reservations and the border most definitely is open in both directions. The restriction for crossing into the USA does not apply to US Citizens - just bring your passport. The checkpoint is still in place presently, but passing through is easy, and the plan is to remove it completely after the busy Labor Day weekend. Sonoyta is normal and no problem, just watch your speed, as there are always policia around and they will stop you if you are going even a little above the limit (40 KM/H or about 25 MPH).
September means fresh shrimp as this is the month that commercial shrimping officially begins after a several month hiatus in order to allow proper management of the little delicacies to avoid a decline in the population. The exact date varies year by year depending on expert reports outlining details of the population and other important data.
This month is also the month for Mexico's Independence Day and all of the celebrations that go along with the very festive holiday. Contrary to popular belief, Cinco de Mayo is not Mexican Independence Day and was only a localized battle which, somehow, became more popular in the USA than did the actual date of the holiday. Festivities are a bit scaled down this year due to the covid-19 restrictions, and the Mayor will be giving his "Grito" live on Facebook this year instead of in front of the crowds gathered at City Hall. Still, there will be much celebrating going on throughout town and all of Mexico.
If you need a Mexican last will and testament for any reason, September is also the best month to have it prepared as this month is recognized by Notarios across Mexico as "will month" and most offer significant discounts for the preparation service. Let me know if you would like contact information for a professional who can assist you. One thing of note though, is that if you own property through a Mexican Bank Trust, a will is not necessary for the disposition of that property, as the beneficiaries, whom you chose when you filled out the paperwork to get the trust, are already part of the official document.
Labor Day is the unofficial beginning of the busy fall season and we usually see an increased number of visitors from now through around Thanksgiving, after which, things calm down a bit until the spring. That is certainly not to say that the town will be slow or the resorts will be empty though. At this point, Rocky Point gets many visitors all year round. But, if you like the busier times, pick the spring and fall or pretty much any holiday, and if you prefer fewer people, you can come in the Late Summer or during January or February. Better yet, just come as often as you can and enjoy yourself. That seems to work best for most people.

Enjoy this beautiful month, come to Rocky Point if you can, and if you need anything don't hesitate to ask. Let me put my experience and expertise to work for you, and re member, as always, I've been here full-time for 13 years and I am more than happy to help you with whatever you need, whether Sonoran Resorts related or not.
Just give me a call or send me an email any time and I will do my very best to help you. If I can't help you myself, I'm sure that I can point you in the right direction and help find you someone who can. 

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Puerto Penasco Advances Towards Successful Economic Recovery

At this point, approximately 95% of businesses economic activities in town have been reactivated and tourism is coming back. There is still some ways to go to reach the numbers from before the beginning of covid-19, but tourism alone has brought over 86 million pesos into the local economy.

Mayor Kiko Munro said that Puerto Peñasco is advancing in a successful economic recovery since, to date, there has been great progress in the economic reactivation process, showing that there can be a balance between maintaining health protocols increasing economy gains.

In an interview for Mexico magazine, the Mayor explained that since the gradual reopening of this tourist destination to visitors began on June 16, and through August 16, there has been a tourist influx of 82,151 people, resulting in an economic gain 86,258,000 pesos, resulting in jobs and income for families.

Condo and Hotel rental accomodations along with tourism service providers have responsibly contributed to making this happen "Since we reactivated the economy and opened our beaches, more than 15,000 people have returned to their jobs, which as we have already said, represents income for the families of the city and paves the way for more people to regain their jobs ", explained the Mayor.

Kiko Munro stressed that the suffering of people was avoided as much as possible, by controlling the contagion of Covid-19 and reactivating the economy in the shortest possible time, because the first thing was to save lives, but just as important was that workers will bring sustenance to their home.

"Everything is based on making strong decisions, as they were made in Peñasco at the beginning of the health emergency, such as closing the city for several months, in consensus with society and carrying out only essential activities," he explained.

Mayor Kiko Munro added that, from August 1st to August 16, during the reopening of the beaches and sea, more than 40,000 people have enjoyed the certified beaches of Sandy Beach and adjacent Playa Hermosa, Playa Mannys Beach with international Blue Flag certification, as well as others such as La Cholla, Mi Playa, Ostioneras, and others.

Data from the OCV, Rocky Point's Office of Conventions and Visitors, supplied data showing that from August 1 through last weekend, there had been a tourist influx of 49,232, which have left an economic impact of 51, 693,600 pesos. They further reported that these numbers are based on reduced levels of occupancy for accommodations locations which are currently authorized at 80% of their capacity in tourist developments, condominiums, villas and the like, while hotels and motels can operate at 60% and rental houses at 100%.

"We are going from strength to strength, today we see all indications that we are going to achieve a successful economic recovery, which little by little will be comparable to what we had in previous years, but, with gradual and safe steps, as has been achieved during the last five months ", stated the Mayor of Peñasco.

Phase 6 and Phase 7 of Penasco Reactivation Approved  

Phase 6 of the strategic plan "Peñasco is Activated" began on August 15 with the reopening of more businesses called "non-essential" as approved by the Municipal Health and Safety Council and thus, we continue to reactivate the economy of the municipality of Puerto Peñasco, said Mayor Kiko Munro.

The Mayor explained that time is proving that the responsible decisions made as a community have been right. However, he warned, the guard should not be lowered and we must remain vigilant so that progress continues in the reactivation and with minimal infections by Covid-19.

"There are not as many nor as complex rules that we must follow so that Peñasco can move forward, but lowering one's guard will cause greater risk of the virus affecting someone, could also hurt could family. So, without neglecting safeguards for a moment, let's continue together fighting to get ahead, "said Kiko Munro.

These are the details of phase 6 of the plan "Peñasco is Activated"

I.- Reopening of "Gymnasiums" of the post-Covid-19 economic reactivation program, to be implemented within the Municipality of Puerto Peñasco, Sonora; considering the following criteria:

* Fully comply with previously established safety and hygiene protocols;
* Operate at 40% of its maximum capacity;
* Owner and/or manager must sign a Letter of Commitment before the Municipal Economic Development Department;
* Completion of the Training Course given by the Civil Protection Directorate;
* Comply with the Health and Safety Guidelines and Standards established specifically for its business line.
II.- Reopening of "Cinemas", considering the following criteria:

* Operate at 25% of its maximum capacity;
* Owner and/or person in charge must sign a Letter of Commitment before the Municipal Economic Development Department;
* Carrying out the Training Course given by the Civil Protection Directorate;
* Fully comply with the safety and hygiene protocols, previously established, such as: healthy distance, use of antibacterial gel, use of gloves, installation of acrylics, installation of sanitizing mat, among others;
* Preferably, pre-sale tickets through applications or electronic means,
* Comply with Health and Safety Guidelines and Standards specifically established for its business line.

"We must continue to respect each and every one of the protocols; observe social distancing, wash your hands constantly, always wear a mask, do not touch your face before washing your hands, ventilate our homes, and always remembering that health comes first ", pointed out the Mayor .
Phase 7 of the Peñasco Plan is approved

Members of the Municipal Health and Safety Council approved the seventh phase of the Plan "Peñasco is Activated" on August 27, to continue the plan of reactivating the Puerto Peñasco economy, which to date has been able to reopen 95% of the economic activities, reported Mayor Kiko Munro.

Through a virtual video conference as a preventive measure of contagion and spread of the Covid-19 virus, the Mayor of Puerto Peñasco expressed that, with discipline and responsibility between the Government and Society, it has been shown that yes a balance can be achieved in the health and economy section.

He stressed that there are still various businesses, and businesses activities called non-essential that have yet to be approved, however, he said "Since we began on May 18, more than 15,0000 people have returned to work and the city has generated an economic gain of 86.2 million pesos from tourism.

As of September 1, in phase 7 of the Peñasco se Activa Plan, the following non-essential activities will be reactivated:

1.- Unanimous approval of the extension of the hours of activities until Midnight, as of September 1 of the current year; considering the following businesses:

* Restaurants (including sale and consumption of alcoholic beverages);
* Fixed and semi-fixed food sales stalls;
* Self-service stores and / or commercial chains;
* Super Markets, Markets and Groceries, and
* All types of establishments that are considered essential activities.

Note: All protocols and safety and hygiene measures, previously established against the contagion and spread of the COVID-19 Virus, remain in force, such as: mandatory use of mask, healthy distancing, use of antibacterial gel, use of gloves, installation of acrylic shields , installation of sanitizing mat, among others.

2.- Unanimous approval, the definitive removal of the "Sanitary Checkpoint" as of September 8, therefore, the cancellation of the random application of rapid tests for the detection of the virus.

3.- Unanimous approval of the reopening of gaming rooms and casinos, as of September 1 under the following criteria:
* Operate at 40% of its maximum capacity;

* Owner and/or manager must sign a Letter of Commitment before the Municipal Economic Development Department;
* Completion of the Training Course given by the Civil Protection Directorate;
* Fully comply with previously established safety and hygiene protocols, such as:

1. measure the temperature before entering the establishments, both of the staff working and of the customers,
2. mandatory use of face mask by working personnel and clients,
3. mandatory use of gloves by the working personnel,
4. signaling the healthy distance between each machine and areas of common use,
5. installation of antibacterial gel dispensers in different areas of game rooms,
6. boxed acrylic installation,
7. installation of sanitizing mat at the entrance of the establishment,
8. constant sanitation of the establishment and gaming rooms,
9. Installation of portable ozone generators, which are of great benefit to eliminate all kinds of bad odors, eradicate air or water pollutants, such as bacteria, viruses, fungi and volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and
10. Comply with all kinds of recommendations issued by the Ministry of Health and Municipal Authorities.

4.- Unanimous approval of the reopening of event rooms and authorization for the holding of family and social events; as of October 1 of this year; complying with the protocols and preventive and security measures against the contagion and spread of the COVID-19 Virus, as well as compliance with the guidelines established by the Coordination of Health Services and Strategic Projects of the State of Sonora:

* Operate at 40% of its maximum capacity;
* Owner and/or person in charge must sign a Letter of Commitment before the Municipal Economic Development Department;
* Completion of the Training Course given by the Civil Protection Directorate;
* Fully comply with previously established safety and hygiene protocols, such as:

1. measure the temperature before entering the establishment, both of the staff working and of the customers,
2. mandatory use of face mask by working personnel and clients,
3. mandatory use of gloves by the by the working personnel,
4. signaling of healthy distance in the different areas of common use,
5. installation of antibacterial gel dispensers in different areas,
6. installation of sanitizing mat at the entrance of the establishment,
7. constant sanitation of the establishment,
8. handling utensils such as plates, glasses and cutlery made of disposable materials,
9. avoid buffets and snack tables,
10. avoid food to share at the table,
11. preferably hold meetings outdoors,
12. preferably avoid the attendance of minors and adults over 65,
13. preferably avoid assisting people with symptoms of COVID-19, especially with fever and headache, and
14. comply with all kinds of recommendations issued by the Ministry of Health and Municipal Authorities.

5.- Unanimous approval of the preventive and security measure against the contagion and spread of the COVID-19 Virus, referring to the sanitation of Tourist Developments, Condominiums, Hotels, Motels, Restaurants and all types of Tourist Service Providers; Likewise, they will be provided with Professional Training for the proper use of sanitizing chemicals, for their subsequent performance, in a particular way.

Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers En Vivo en Puerto Penasco in September and November

Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers will be making their return to live performances in Puerto Penasco September 25-27 and November 20-22, 2020. Organizers have worked with the administration at the City of Puerto Penasco to develop reduced capacity event weekends which will not only include current protocols for bars and restaurants, but will do so scaled up in larger spaces providing a safe, but fun atmosphere preventing the spread of COVID-19. Tickets will go on sale Monday, September 1st at Noon AZ time at .
Both weekends will have a similar look and schedule as the band's smaller January Jam Weekend (which will return in January, 2021 during MLK Weekend!) but with less than 50% capacity, shows being held outdoors, social distancing measures in place, hand sanitizer offered to customers throughout the events, mask enforcement and temperature checks upon entering and will include enforcement led by the Tourism Auxiliary Unit. For those not familiar with TAU, their main focus is to work with local authorities to provide safe and friendly environments for tourists primarily in the resort areas. As for the rock n roll, RCPM will unleash months of bottled up energy for their first live performances with an audience in months.
"Many would argue Puerto Penasco and Sonora have enacted safety measures as good, and in many cases better, than those throughout the United States. We know the citizens of Penasco are struggling economically, but feel we and the City have come up with proactive solutions that will balance both safety and tourism through live music. Among other details, masks will be enforced entering and leaving all outdoor venues which has become the new norm on both sides of the border. This will be enforced by our friends at the TAU so all who wish to have a good time in a responsible way can and will", according to event organizers.
Details regarding how the November 20-22 weekend will be executed will be announced later this Fall and will proactively address any concerns including those having to do with COVID-19.
Events throughout the September 25-27 weekend will take place throughout Penasco at outdoor venues including Banditos, Manny's Beach Club, JJ's Cantina, Chango's and Xochitl's. Scheduled performance times and ticket info will be posted on band social media as well as .
Fundraising efforts from both weekends will benefit the local Penasco DIF chapter which benefits families in need and education programs.
For more information, please visit or contact

City Council Approves Name Change from Freemont Blvd to Dr. Francisco Javier Carrillo Ruíz Blvd

In giving his life performing his role as director of the Municipal Unit of Civil Protection and Firefighters in the safeguarding of all of Rocky Point Citizens in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, and, for his long professional career and many altruistic actions in the area of health, members of the City Council approved the change of name from Fremont Blvd. to Dr. Francisco Javier Carrillo Ruiz Blvd. Freemont Blvd, is the road that runs from Benito Juarez, next to City Hall, to the East, eventually turning into the Highway going to Caborca.

Mayor Kiko Munro thanked the participants for this approval, where he stressed that "once the late Doctor Francisco Javier Carrillo Ruíz adopted the city of Puerto Peñasco as his home, Puerto Peñasco adopted him as one of its prized and honored citizens who provided his services selflessly in favor of the community.

He highlighted that, this change was made possible because of a request from Rocky Point Citizen Isabel Cristina Ledezma. The decision was made to give this recognition to the long-time professional and citizen, Dr. Carrillo, in recognition of his career and dedication to the Municipality of Puerto Peñasco.

Potpourri - Short Shorts of All Sorts!

Sometimes so much is going on in our little slice of paradise by the sea that we can't address the many short subjects with proper attention. To handle the hodgepodge of dangling subject matter, we invented the Potpourri Page. Here are a few "short shorts" to keep you up to date.

The Black Moods Live Stream "August Isolation" Event on September 3rd to Benefit Rocky Point

We're coming to a computer screen near you... Mark your calendars for our next livestream show "AUGUST ISOLATION" on Thursday, September 3 on Facebook Live to help out the community of one of our favorite places to play/visit, Puerto Peñasco, MX (aka Rocky Point) who have suffered greatly with the loss of tourism due to the pandemic. 100% of tips donated during the stream will be donated to and we'll also donate 20% of merch sales including signed copies of the livestream poster (limited to 100). 

Here's the Link:
What songs do you want to hear us play from our new album 'Sunshine'? Leave us a comment & let us know!
Listen now @

Rocky Point Rally Celebrates 20 Years

The Greatest Motorcycle Fiesta Just South of the Border! This will be the 20th year for the Rocky Point Rally in Puerto Peñasco, Sonora (aka Rocky Point), welcoming nearly 10,000 bikers from across the U.S., Mexico, and Canada each November for 4 days of fiesta, rides, music, and more on the shore of the Sea of Cortez. Donation registration, along with proceeds from Rally events (bike show, poker run) go to seven local charities including: Breast Cancer awareness group, home for the elderly, school for children with special needs, Children's and Family Services organizations in Puerto Peñasco and Sonoyta (DIF), the Fire Department, and the local Red Cross. 

As of now, the rally is moving forward as scheduled. If there are changes or restrictions brought on due to the covid-19 situation as time draws nearer, you can find out and keep up to date on events, tickets, etc. by visiting their website at:

Special Aquatic Chair Allows Disabled People to Enjoy the Beaches and Sea

The International Rotary Club has donated an "amphibious wheelchair" to the Puerto Peñasco Clean Beaches Committee to be used, free of charge, exclusively for people with disabilities which prevent them from enjoying the beaches and see for recreation.

The delivery was made by Fernando Otañez of District 4100 of the Rotary Club, the Municipal Treasurer Maritza Montijo on behalf of the Mayor, as well as the local Rotary leader Oscar Palacio and fellow Penasco club members, Shandra Keesecker, Enrique Rodriguez, Maria Conchita Peralta, Jerry Cañez, among others.
The director of municipal Zofemat Luis Cesar Garcia Gonzalez who also attended the event, commented that they are looking for a way to acquire folding ramps to further facilitate the access of this special vehicle and conventional wheelchairs to the intertidal zone.



Peñasco Mourns Loss of Brothers after Drownings in Cholla

Sunday afternoon brought tragedy to the area of Cholla Bay after a couple from Guadalajara, Jalisco fell into the water from a jet-ski, followed by residents jumping in to try and rescue them. Two of the would-be rescuers succumbed to the waters of the Sea of Cortez, while one person from the jet-ski was taken to the hospital and the body of a fourth individual was discovered later on Sunday evening.
The unfortunate event, which claimed the lives of brothers Cruz Domingo Martínez Jiménez (49) and Óscar Martínez Jiménez (47), took place about 3:30 p.m., reported to 911 from the area near JJ's in Cholla Bay.
Emergency personnel immediately responded and were able to pull three people from the water, though two had already passed, the third - a woman - was taken to the General Hospital. The body of the woman's husband was later recovered following a search by the Mexican Navy.

Rocky Point Cruise Operator Declares Bankruptcy 

The first cruise to embark from the popular Sonoran beach resort of Rocky Point sailed out into the Sea of Cortez in early January. But amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, Cruise and Maritime Voyages, the British company behind it, declared bankruptcy in July, according to a post on the company's website. That raises questions about when - or whether - cruises will return.
"I personally am still motivated about Rocky Point," said John Dennis, who until recently was a senior sales and marketing VP with the company's U.S. branch.
Beyond the havoc the pandemic is wreaking on the cruise industry, Rocky Point does not have a home port for cruise ships. Construction of one stalled in 2015, and an estimated $50 million would be needed to complete it.
Without better infrastructure, would-be operators will still face a serious obstacle to long-term viability, even after the pandemic is controlled, according to Dennis.

Shrimp Season Opens to Provide Fresh Caught Shrimp

Shrimp Season officially begins for 2018, as announced recently by the Authorities of the CONAPESCA, the Federal Secretary of Agriculture, Livestock, Rural Development, and Fishing , and also endorsed by INAPESCA, the government entity which oversees responsible fishing practices and conservation efforts. The dates this year are September 14 for panaga, and September 29 for the larger commercial shrimp boats.

Until the 1970s, fishing was not merely a way of life in Rocky Point but essentially the only way of life. Except for sport fishermen and outdoors types from Arizona who camped along unnamed beaches, there were no tourists, no full-time Americans, no anything except for the catches and the canning and freezing industries dependent on them.

The economy of Puerto Penasco is more diverse today, but is still much affected according to what comes back in the shrimp vessels. Though Rocky Point is now mostly defined by its tourism reputation, its shrimp whose quality is known throughout Mexico and the United States is still very important. Each year, around 10,000 tons are harvested.

Jellyfish Season is Upon Us

This is the time of year to be on the lookout for jellyfish. The "floating terror" is one of the most dangerous of all the creatures that could harm us when we swim in the ocean during the Summer. It is a marine hydrozoan that has stinging cells with poisonous nematocysts inside them that are activated by chemical or physical stimulation.

If you get stung by one of these animals, you should remove any bluish-colored nematocysts by scraping with a card or something rigid and then apply ice, meat tenderizer, ammonia, vinegar, baking soda, or hydrocortisone cream to reduce pain. Be sure to watch for them on the beaches as well, as they frequently wash up on the shore and can cause painful stings to your feet, whether the animal is alive or not. 
The 2020 Sea Turtle Nesting Season Begins on Puerto Penasco Beaches

With the first 74 sea turtle eggs collected in a spawning area on Sandy Beach area, the 2020 nesting season began, announced Cesar García González, Zofemat's Operational Director in this city.
It was Saturday, August 29, when the first nesting of sea turtle eggs was reported, in front of the Esmeralda Resort development, in the Sandy Beach area.

García González explained that when they received the report of the nest containing turtle eggs, they with personnel from Profepa, Zofemat, public security, and marine biologist, Itzel Cárdenas, to protect the nest.

After the authorization of Profepa personnel for the removal of the eggs, the biologist collected a total of 74 eggs, which were transferred to a special incubator area near the Mayan Palace development.

The transfer of the eggs is due to the fact that the eggs can succumb to the high temperatures in the area during this time of year, and the hatching of the eggs becomes is endangered. For several years now, the artificial incubation method has been used and has created many new baby turtles which may have otherwise died from the heat or from human tampering.

After this first case, it is expected that in the next few days there will be more reports of the presence of sea turtles nesting, so the population is being asked to watch for and be careful of the nests. Please do not approach them or tamper with the eggs. If you see a nest with eggs present, please report it to the authorities, who will send a team to safely remove the eggs for incubation.

RCPM Continued Support for Puerto Peñasco


Even though Roger Clyne & the Peacemakers traditional Circus Mexicus wasn't able to take place on the shores of Puerto Peñasco this past June due to Covid-19, that didn't stop the band's giving spirit and dedication to the community. During Puerto Peñasco's stricter city lockdown phase, Roger Clyne & the Peacemakers helped promote fundraising and food distribution efforts of Steps of Love (affiliated with the local organization AIM Peñasco), while guitarist Jim Dalton dedicated one of his online streaming Borracho Sunday gigs to the organization.
Once travelers were able to more easily visit Puerto Peñasco again, RCPM promoter Greg Ross met with Imelda Zamudio, Director of the Municipal Office on Integral Family Development (DIF) to present a welcome donation to boost the DIF's scholarship program, which continues to support a number of students through the pandemic. In addition, RCPM donated boots and other needed supplies to the local Tourism Auxiliary Unit, with whom they've grown a strong relationship given the TAU's role in helping to make sure concert goers always have a safe, fun time.
For all of us looking for a Mexican Moonshine and desert rock fix, Roger Clyne & the Peacemakers will be making their return to Puerto Peñasco this September after having worked with Puerto Peñasco's city leaders to develop a reduced capacity event that will not only include current protocols for bars and restaurants, but also for larger spaces providing a safe, yet in a fun atmosphere preventing the spread of COVID-19. Show times, venues and who's playing will be posted on the Circus Mexicus website and RCPM's social media pages.
Puerto Peñasco Raises Blue Flag Over Beach in Front of Manny's

Puerto Peñasco mayor Kiko Munro today received the city's first distinctive Blue Flag certificate for a 71 lineal meter stretch of beach in front of Manny's Beach Club in the Mirador. This makes Puerto Peñasco the only beach in Sonora to have two certified beaches, the first a sustainable clean beach between Playa Bonita and Sandy Beach, and now International Blue Flag recognition in the Mirador.
Together with Jorge Gaona of Manny's Beach Club, Rebeca Sánchez Mijangos, Special Program Coordinator for the Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE) in Mexico, as well as Anthia Viloria Goméz-Lastiri of FEE Mexico, the mayor highlighted this broadens the breadth of attractions Puerto Peñasco offers both nationally and globally, and shows it is possible to balance economic development with responsible care for the environment.
Blue Flag distinction is an international certification for coastal areas that encompasses environmental stewardship, safety, services, educational activities, and water quality.
The Blue Flag sites for the 2020-2021 season were announced at the June 10th gathering of the National Blue Flag Panel, during which Blue Flag approval was given for a 71 meter stretch of beach in front of Manny's Beach Club in Puerto Peñasco, along with nine other spots across the country.
The mayor emphasized this part of Puerto Peñasco's Mirador beach was one of ten new Blue Flag sites in Mexico, including three in Los Cabos (BCS), two in Zihuatenejo (Guerrero), two in Puerto Progreso, (Yucatan), as well as one in Tulum (Quintana Roo) and Ciudad Madero (Tamaulipas), respectively.
Rebeca Sánchez Mijangos, FEE Special Programs Coordinator in Mexico, stressed the commitment of Puerto Peñasco's municipal administration in caring for and preserving the coasts.
She indicated the Gulf of California has seen significant environmental deterioration in recent years, making it fundamental to ensure that human activity is done in a sustainable manner. She stressed that without natural resources, neither tourism or other important activities in the region are possible.

It's Back to School Season in Mexico And Kids are Being Asked to Turn On the TV

Thanks to the Coronavirus, many families morning routines are totally out of whack. And that's becoming ever more apparent as back to school season ramps up and parents are having to play teacher and principal and counselor while also maintaining their work/home lives.
Mexico - which among the many countries that have cancelled in-person learning for this school year - is betting on TV and radio to deliver an education to all students. However, the burden is already being felt by parents who are turning to neighbors and abuelos for help.
Mexico has said no to in-person learning thanks to the Coronavirus but they're trying to come up with solutions.
Mexico's government has decided against in-person classes this year, deeming the Coronavirus too big a threat. Therefore, the country's 30 million students will all be forced to learn remotely, usually from their own homes with family helping out as impromptu instructors.
Officials say the Coronavirus - which has killed more than 60,000 Mexicans amid the nearly 600,000 confirmed cases - is far too dangerous to allow kids back into the classroom.
One student told CNN that "It's good we're still having class. But I'm sad because I was going to start high school and meet new people."
At home learning is tough even in well-developed countries. But in places like Mexico, where only 56% of households have Internet access and many students live in rural, poorly equipped Indigenous villages, it's a monumental task. So if the law requires all Mexican kids to be offered a public education, the government has decided the best way to do that is over the airwaves, with 93% of households having a television.
In the meantime, the burden on parents, already high during any normal school year, will dramatically increase this year. If kids are going to make progress, parents in the home will be the primary driving force.
Teachers are becoming part-time actors as the government enlists their help to educate the country's 30 million students.
Many of the country's teachers have been called upon to join the growing ranks of online teachers. In TV studios across Mexico City, teachers are being dressed and having makeup put on for their on-camera closeups.
For many, it's a big change. Teachers often develop close relationships with their students - they're used to setting up their classrooms, hugging kids on their first day of school, and knowing about their interests, passions, and areas that need more focus.
Inside a brightly lit studio at Mexico City TV station Channel 11 last week, fifth grade teacher Omar Morales squinted as a young man with bright purple hair applied makeup to his face. Omar Morales told CNN, that "It's challenging. It's no longer 40 kids in a class where I know their names, passions, their favorite games. Here, I'm locked in a set, but I know there's millions of kids out there who still need that knowledge."
Morales is part of an ambitious government plan to record a comprehensive set of lessons for all grade levels pre-K through high school and then broadcast them on TV. It has worked out agreements with different TV channels to broadcast that content, 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, with different grade levels at different hours.
The curriculum the government is sharing over the airwaves is meant to mirror that taught in public schools had they not been forced to close thanks to the pandemic. Music class and physical secrecies is also included in the televised offering, with gold-medal-winning diver Rommel Pacheco encouraging children to stretch.
The government has turned to TV and radio to help make sure the education gap doesn't grow wider amid the pandemic.
Mexico already suffered from an extreme education gap - meaning that rich kids often received a far better education than poor kids, who were also often from rural or Indigenous communities. This was a major problem long before the pandemic.
For example, relatively wealthy Mexico City saw a 92% secondary, or high-school level, education enrollment rate as of 2019. In the much poorer state of Chiapas, that rate stood at only 59%.
But experts fear that the pandemic could greatly exacerbate the issue - and many acknowledge that TV and radio can't solve underlying inequalities in the education system. You don't need to be an education expert to conclude that wealthier students with internet access and the ability to interact with a teacher, even remotely, might fare better than those who get their classes the same way they watch cartoons.
Mexico's Independence Day is September 16

For those of you who thought Cinco De Mayo was Mexico's Independence Day, here is your chance to redeem yourselves. Impress your friends with the interesting story behind the real Mexican Independence Day.
On September 16th, Mexicans all over the world will be having fiestas in the celebration of the Mexican Independence day, also known as Grito de la Independencia (Cry of Independence). Although Mexico's independence wasn't effectively declared from Spain until September 27, 1821, this day is still most largely celebrated as The Mexican Independence Day, as it was the day that called everyone to fight for liberty which ultimately lead to the successful revolt.
Here's a quick history lesson:
The first inhabitants of Mexico were indigenous people, one of which was the famous Aztec empire. After Christopher Columbus "discovered" America, the Spanish conquered the Aztecs, along with the other civilizations living there. They were under Spanish rule for three centuries and were named "La Nueva Espana," also known as "The New Spain."
In 1808, Napolean invaded Spain. The people saw this as an opportunity to seek their independence. Being influenced by French philosophers and the Independence of the United States, they decided to start a revolt.
On September 15, 1810, Father Hidalgo along with others freed 80 pro-independence inmates from the Spanish colonial government in the early morning of September 16, 1810. Church bells were rung upon their return and it was then that they congregated to plan for the people's revolt against the Spanish. After ten years of war, Independence was declared from Spain on September 27, 1821.
Aside from the many fiestas going on every night of September 15th into the 16th, church bells are rung, including Father Hidalgo's original church bell in his honor. Father Hidalgo's speech is recapitulated from the balconies of every mayors' office in Mexico as a tradition, while fireworks culminate at midnight with the cries of "Viva Mexico!" heard throughout.

The Mexican National Anthem - Himno Nacional Mexicano
Here is a translation to English of the Mexican National Anthem or Himno Nacional Mexicano. Acknowledged as one of the most beautiful national anthems, for both its poetry and musical score the Mexican National Anthem reminds its citizens of the struggles and commitment of the populace to defend the nation from foreign invaders.
The Himno Nacional Mexicano also known as "Mexicanos, al Grito de Guerra", (Mexicans, at the Cry of War) was the winner of a competition for the composition initiated by famous Mexican President and General, Antonio López de Santa Anna in 1853 just 4 years after his defeat in the Mexican-American War. The winner would be selected on the basis of the best patriotic theme embracing the country's culture. The point was to resurrect Mexican national pride after losing more than a third of their national territory to the United States as a result of the war. Francisco González Bocanegra was a talented poet and his fiancee, Guadalupe González del Pino continuously encouraged him to submit an entry for the national anthem (and of course the prize money and prestige)
Legend has it that she lured him into a secluded room in her parent's home and locked him in, until he produced an entry. She had selected this room of the house for the historical paintings adorning the walls. These paintings of Mexico's struggles proved the proper motivation for González and four hours later he slipped his completed lyrics out from under the door. His fiancee was delighted and immediately released him from his bonds. At the same time as the lyrical competition, a separate contest was held to create the musical score. I dare say the Rogers and Hammerstein needed to know each other to compose great musicals and music created separately from the words just didn't pan out. The following year another competition was held to compose music specifically for the lyrics composed by Francisco González and the winning score was written by Jaime Nunó.
The first public performance of the new, unofficial national anthem was performed on Independence Day, 1854 in the great Santa Anna theater in Mexico City. The theater, by the way, was an impressive construction of President Santa Ana in a previous term in office. Built on the scale of great European opera houses it remains an impressive piece of architecture until its demolition in 1901. The Anthem remained the unofficial song of the nation until 1943, it was officially adopted and edited to its current form.
Tradition dictates one stands out of respect and courtesy when the national anthem is played, just as in any nation. When saluting during the singing of the anthem citizens of Mexico place their right hand over their heart at a right angle, palm horizontal and thumb turned under, It is also traditional to make the salute more associated with European regimes of the last century, but it is truly Mexican. (Actually, it harkens back to the first century Roman dynasties. A copy of the words and music are kept in the Mexican National Archives in Mexico City. 

Himno Nacional de México / Mexico National Anthem (Letra Español / English Lyrics)
Himno Nacional de México / Mexico National Anthem (Letra Español / English Lyrics)

Are Health Protocols Reassuring Travelers? Mexico Bookings Lead Other Destinations

Mexico's health and safety protocols appear to be inspiring confidence in travelers, making some feel even safer than they would at home. That's the experience travel agent Jennifer Doncsecz had when she visited Cancún's Hyatt Ziva.
Although she was initially hesitant to make the trip, Doncsecz told Travel Weekly that by day 2 in Mexico "I actually had moments that I didn't think about Covid - for the first time in 4 1/2 months. I was like, this is really bizarre, I'm not worried about it." Doncsecz looks forward to her next trip south of the border on the Labor Day weekend.
For Americans, Mexico has become the top post-quarantine destination among the relatively few countries that are accepting American tourists. 
Tourism officials, resorts and local governments in Mexico have banded together to implement health protocols, and they are marketing those efforts in order to entice tourists to return. 
And for some, the strategy is working. "All of our hotels are now at the maximum allowed occupancy," said Armin Kaestner of the RIU Hotels chain. "It's great and it's not, because [allowable capacity] is only 30%." 
Kaestner reports RIU's Mexican properties have twice the number of bookings as its properties in Jamaica, the Dominican Republic, Aruba and the Bahamas. 
The Cancún-Riviera Maya region has registered the highest number of bookings, which is not surprising given it has the highest number of hotels in Mexico, but Los Cabos has led the highest tourism rebound on a percentage basis.
"Little by little, things have been getting back to normal. It's very interesting," said Rodrigo Esponda of the Los Cabos Tourism Board.
Research shows that arrivals in Los Cabos in July were at 27% of their July 2019 levels, a dismal figure unless you compare it with Cancún, which is at 15%, or Puerto Vallarta which has 18% of the visitors it did last year. It is also a big comeback from April through June's nearly non-existent numbers.
While domestic travel within the United States tops the post-lockdown list, travel to Mexico comes in second. Ray Snisky of Apple Leisure Group Vacations says August's Cancún bookings are down just 8% year over last year.
 "There's a real push for people saying, 'Let me get on this trip before summer ends,'" Snisky says. "I think this close-in booking trend will continue into the fall, although I don't think it will be as dramatic as in the summer."
David Lavigne of Delta Vacations says Mexico's appeal "is a very fluid trend at this point." Airlines are transporting half the usual number of passengers and hotels are capped at 25% to 30%, but at least they, and most of their beaches, are open.
Initiative Would Prohibit the Sale of Junk Food to Minors in Sonora

Hoping to modify the eating habits of Sonora, with focus primarily on the younger population, in an effort to help prevent obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, and other diseases, Deputy Miroslava Luján López, will present an initiative with a draft decree which will add various provisions to the Health Laws for the State of Sonora, effectively prohibiting the sale of junk food to minors.

The legislative member of the political group of Morena, indicated that it seeks to restrict and reduce the consumption of foods and beverages with low nutritional value and a majority content of highly processed carbohydrates, which can affect the health of people from an early age, and which has placed Sonora towards the top in rankings of deaths due to diseases caused from being overweight or obese.

"The initiative aims to dissuade the Sonoran population from consuming sugary drinks and junk foods, especially minors, since the consumption of these products at an early age has been shown to cause negative effects on their health in the future," she said.

It specified that the proposal prohibits the sale, supply, and gift to minors of sugary drinks and high calorie packaged foods, as well as its distribution and exhibition through vending machines in elementary and high school schools.

She explained that the initiative contemplates a fine of 100 to 250 pesos to individuals, or of 8,700 to 21,750 pesos to establishments which ignore the restriction. They will also have the power to close the establishment until the sanction is paid.

The Amazing Sonoran Dog

Foods have always traveled and maybe none so frequently as the love affair with foods from Mexico and the USA. Many of the foods that we eat today have origins in Mexico. When students and surfers in Southern California went to Baja California, they brought back the fish taco. When cowboys in South Texas and Northern Chihuahua began using the humble skirt steak, the fajita was born. That's classic "Tex-Mex" - a term coined in the 1940s - combining ingredients from both sides of the border. It's a common thread in food history. Most cultures share their flavors and mix and match with foods from surrounding cultures or immigrant cultures.
Mexican native and educator Jesus Garcia says that in the borderlands, the sharing goes in both directions. For instance, the chips and salsa on every table - that started in the U.S.
"Whoever invented that, it's also spilling into Mexico too, because now people demand that," he says. "And even Mexicans, because they've come here, they see you get chips and salsa before the meal. Well, we want it too."
One restaurant, El Guero Canelo made its name on what may be the ultimate example of cross-border pollination - a Mexican take on the all-American food - the hot dog.
They call it the Sonoran-style or Estilo Sonora hot dog. It originated about 20 years ago in Hermosillo, the capital of the Mexican state of Sonora. Garcia was a college student there at the time. He remembers the hot dog being a novelty from the U.S. sold on the street. "It's a typical food that you go out dancing or to a party and you come out 2-3 in the morning and then you go and find a hot dog stand," he says.
It made its way north with the most recent wave of immigrants, still sold on street carts by vendors called "dogueros." Over the past decade it has become so popular that it is estimated that there are more than 200 places to get it in Tucson - and more in Phoenix.
The Sonoran hot dog may take the phrase "with everything" to new heights. It starts with a hot dog wrapped in bacon. Then you begin piling on the beans, grilled onions, fresh onions, tomatoes, mayonnaise, cream sauce, mustard and jalapeno salsa. Add radishes, cucumbers, whole chilies and even mushrooms, if you want.
Who knows whether the Sonoran hot dog will spread from Arizona across the country, but things seem to be changing from the days when the borderlands were the test kitchen for Mexican-American food. In the past decades, Mexican immigrants have dispersed across the U.S., in many cases, says Garcia, not even stopping in the borderlands.
But, there is no need to find yourself a "doguero" if you want a Sonoran Dog. Just follow the instructions below and you'll be eating one in no time at all.  This is just one of thousands of potential combinations, but it's a start and you can develop your own favorite recipe from here. Enjoy!  

  • 4 Hot Dogs
  • 4 Buns
  • 2 slices Cooked and crumbled bacon
  • Guacamole
  • Pinto Beans
Cilantro cream:
  • 1/3 Cup Sour Cream
  • juice of 1/2 lime
  • salt to taste
  • few leaves of cilantro
  • Cheese sauce 
  • Cilantro
  • Pico De Gallo
  1. In a saucepan over medium heat, warm the pinto beans, stirring occasionally.
  2. In a blender, pulse the sour cream, lime juice, salt, and cilantro until smooth.
  3. Grill the hot dog, and toast the buns on the grill.
  4. Add the cheese sauce, pinto beans, guacamole, pico and bacon and drizzle the cilantro sauce.
  5. Garnish with cilantro and enjoy.

English Language: Partly Cloudy with an Excellent Chance of Communication

Have you ever wondered some of these things but just aren't crazy (which is a requirement for people to look up stuff like  this) enough yet to go look them up? Well, give your brain a break and your conscience some relief because we hit a milestone in the crazy department and looked up the answers to some of the questions you never thought you'd get answers to. For example:  How many words in the English language?  
The Second Edition of the 20-volume Oxford English Dictionary contains full entries for 171,476 words in current use and another 47,156 obsolete words.  For comparison, the most popular Spanish dictionary contains 100,000 words.
If you count inflections, derivatives, distinct senses, words from technical and regional vocabulary and words yet to be published, the number of words in the English language can still only be estimated.  That estimation is approximately three quarters of a million words.
Does English have the most words of any language?
Although this is impossible to answer definitively due to historical reasons, according to Oxford Dictionary resources (apparently the only lexicologists brave enough to tackle this question) it is probable that English does have the most words of at least any of the comparable world languages.
Historically, the English vocabulary has grown steadily through the influence of several major world languages. It was originally a Germanic language deriving a lot of grammar and basic vocabulary from Dutch and German.  English was also hugely influenced by Norman French when it became the language of the ruling classes after the Norman Conquest of 1066.
Always receptive to new forms of linguistic expression and definition, English was also heavily influenced by Latin as it became the language of scholars and of the Church; and Greek as it gained world status as the language of mathematics and the sciences.  Consequently the English vocabulary grew exponentially with the sum of the individual influences from Norman French, Latin, Greek added to its Germanic origin.
The only linguistic "monkey wrench" to a sure bet that English probably has the most words is that to even assume this we must ignore the handful of agglutinative languages such as Finnish, Hungarian, Turkish, Korean and Swahili that allow words to be stuck together ad infinitum for definitive description or expression purposes, which therefore can create an infinite number of words.
With all the above information under our belt, it's amazing to note that out of some 750,000 words these following strange lexicon phenomena would exist:
Dreamt is the only English word ending in -mt.Unless you count undreamt, as in technological development is at a pace undreamt of just a decade ago. (sic.2nd EOED).
Angry and hungry are the only two words in current English that end in -gry..
There is only one eight letter word in the English language that contains five consecutive vowels: Queueing.  
Underground and underfund are the only words in the English language that begin and end with the letters "und."
There are only four words in the English language which end in "dous": tremendous, horrendous, stupendous, and hazardous.
Other fun facts about English:
There are more English words beginning with the letter "s" than with any other letter. (This is mainly because clusters such as 'sc', 'sh', 'sp', and 'st' act almost like independent letters.)
The most common consonant in English is "r", followed by "t".
The most common vowel in English is "e", followed by "a".
The overall most common letter in English is "e".
The most frequently used word in the English language is "the" (it was used three times in this sentence alone). Note: The most commonly used word in conversation is "I".
Considering the last three facts, imagine this challenge:
The book Gadsby (not to be confused with "The Great Gatsby" by F. Scott Fitzgerald), written by Ernest Vincent Wright, has 50,110 words, none of which contain the letter "e"! Called a lipogram, the book was published in 1939.
When typing the final manuscript, Wright actually tied the "e" key bar back to avoid inadvertently slipping the letter in. It was appreciated mostly by other writers who knew how difficult the undertaking was.  However, according to a Bookride blog of February 2007, the book's scarcity and oddness has seen original copies priced at $4,000 by dealers.
The word "set" has more definitions than any other word in the English language.
If you spell out every number from 0 to 999, you will find every vowel except for "a". You have to count to one thousand to find an "a"!
The only letter in the alphabet with more than one syllable is "W".
The English word "therein" contains ten separate words without rearranging any of its letters: the, there, he, in, rein, her, here, ere, therein, herein.
Is that enough of the fun facts about the English language for you today? I know it is for me. 

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