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A new level of collaboration

Thanks to all of you who came out to meet our remarkable project manager and Maasai warrior Kisioki Lengoije Moitiko on his first visit to America. I appreciate your enthusiasm and the generous donations made by many.

We're putting the funds to work.  I leave for Tanzania after Thanksgiving to join Kisioki who is already on the job.  Read below to learn about our latest work in Rwanda and updates on our new Project village near the Ngorongoro crater. 

Through these excellent collaborations we are able to extend our reach. We are proud to share the stories of our new partners.  Read more below.

And with your help, the impact of the Project grows--and reaches more people. Especially at this time of year, we are grateful and thankful for your support.

Happy Thanksgiving!


Robert V. Lange
November, 2015

Overcoming geographical challenges

We are excited to bring our Project to the village of Alailelai. Located north of the Ngorongoro crater on the escarpment west of the Rift Valley, their geography presents challenges.
Clean cookstoves come to Ngorngoro 
Project meeting in Alailelai village 
But it is a natural and perfect place to expand. The Maasai there need to get the smoke out of their houses and to direct their kids onto a healthier path.
Alailelai family in doorway
Through the Ngorongoro Community Network (NCN), Judy Lane of central Massachusetts helps this village in many ways. The NCN built a new kindergarten and provides funds to help kids stay in secondary school.

And just as our women in Monduli district are starting livestock businesses, the NCN helps women of Alailelai start their own goat businesses.
It is good that organizations like ours find each other and collaborate. One of Tanzania's most famous natural wonders, the Ngorongoro crater is a major tourist destination.

Spectacular wildlife in Ngorongoro 
With its conservation area designation, travel is strictly controlled, and we've had to get special permits to transport materials and our expert Maasai women to train the Alailelai teams.

But we start training shortly, as soon as the rains subside.  Ten women and four men of our Project staff will be there. Thanks to the support of the NCN, we plan to be at the 100-stove level in a few months. 
Improving eye health in Rwanda

"I saw first hand the impact of your Stoves in the      mountains above Monduli--what a blessing your technology is for Africa--MURAKOZE! " --
                                              George Vardaman, Peace Eye Care
George Vardaman, Peace Eye Care 
Getting the smoke out of the house is not just about lung health. The women are glad their chronic eye irritation is gone too.

We are very happy that the Peace Eye Care project of Saddleback Church in Orange County, California and Rwanda has discovered us.

Peace Eye Care treats vision problems and provides eye exams and glasses. In partnership with us, they are now tackling a primary cause of the people's eye problems:  smoky cooking in poorly ventilated homes.
Micro-grid electrification Tanzania
Women's teams installing stoves in micro-grid boma

George Vardaman, Russell Lange, and Rwandan leader Simon Mateka  represent the Rwandan project team. They recently spent two days visiting several of our Project villages with stoves in operation.  They saw one of our electrified bomas at night in Enquiki, observed womens' team stove installations, and learned how women train women to be the installation experts.

We are very pleased to collaborate with the Peace Eye Care Project. It takes time to create and master all the aspects of a successful joint project, and we are both committed to making sure it happens right.
Our fireboxes, manufactured at our Tanzanian headquarters,   have arrived in Rwanda. We will guide them in setting up a metal manufacturing facility in central Rwanda, keeping costs down while developing local capabilities.

An award-winning story
The micro-grid electrification project of the Maasai Stoves & Solar Project and ICSEE was the subject of one film in a ten-film series by USAID.

Congratulations to Morgana WIngard who just received a Silver Davey award for the ten-film series.View the three-minute piece featuring Teresia Olatoi, Installation Team Trainer.
Maasai Stoves _ Solar Project 
Teresia Olatoi, Maasai Stoves & Solar Project