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"Normally when I film I can't get people to talk to me," the producer of NowThis Food told me after a full day of filming, "but at SAME Cafe everyone wants to share their story of how the SAME community has impacted them!" The same thing happened when Colorado Public Radio and CBS 4 Denver interviewed the guests and volunteers who make up this incredible community. 

Three times in the last several weeks, we have had recording crews mingled in the normal bustle of a busy day of people being fed delicious and healthy food at the SAME Cafe. Three times I watched as guest after guest shared their stories - often through tears - of how this little community cafe has changed their lives. 

"I wouldn't eat most days if not for SAME Cafe," one guest who is experiencing homelessness told the interviewer, "because I can't eat the food at the shelter." 

"We are celebrities!" the couple who appeared in one video joyfully exclaimed after seeing the video. They join us for lunch at SAME Cafe nearly every day and are an integral part of the community.
As I sit in the Cafe early this morning, I'm filled with love and gratitude as steam rises from my coffee. The chairs are upside down, the light is dim, and there is a quiet hum of the refrigerators before the bustle of the day fills this space with community, laughter, love, and delicious food. 

Everyone deserves to experience this feeling of community over a plate of amazing food.

Isn't it incredible that we get to provide this community for everyone? No matter your involvement, whether as a donor, a guest, a volunteer, a farmer or gardener, or someone who buys us gifts from Amazon or who simply shares what we do with others - we all are part of a community. A community that people just can't help but share with anyone who will listen. 

Thank you a million times over for what you do to make this a possibility!
I want to extend an invitation to join SAME Cafe at a community gathering at the So All May Eat Gala on March 22 at 5:30pm at The Space Gallery. We will gather with old and new friends of SAME Cafe, share food prepared by local chefs, and toast to the community you and I are lucky to be part of at SAME Cafe. We will gather to raise money and support of the SAME community so that we can continue to grow and become mobile (stay tuned for the SAME Food Truck!).

Keep on loving people.
Keep on loving, people.
Keep on, loving people.
Brad Reubendale
Executive Director
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SAME Cafe by the Numbers:
Average # daily meals:
- December - 38/day
- January - 42/day
Pre-Scheduled Volunteers
- December - 77 people, 230.98hrs
- January - 72 people, 316.31hrs
Volunteer exchange for a meal:
- December -  39 people, 38.61hrs (77 meals)
- January - 74 people, 67.17hrs (135 meals)
Average donation per meal:
- December - $4.39
- January - $3.19
Mark your calendars:

So All May Eat Gala - March 22
Please reply if you are interested in volunteering or helping get the word out about this event!

Spring Seasonal Meal - May 19
Summer Seasonal Meal - August 25
Autumn Seasonal Meal - October 20
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