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2012-2013 Programming 

Full Length Programs


Jan. 28-Feb. 11, 2013

"How to Develop a Leadership Plan"


Student Leadership and Success


**Feb. 18-Mar. 4, 2013

"Principled Leadership: In the Face of Change and Crisis"


**Mar. 11- Mar. 25, 2013 

"How To Write Your Own Obituary" 


Perkins Grant Programs


April 16, 2013

 2:00-3:00pm (CST)

Webinar: "Student Completion"


"Prior Learning

 Assessments for Military Veterans" 


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** Leadership & Success Programs

Call for Articles
We invite submissions of papers/articles that address all aspects of higher education professional development. Chosen material will be included in STARLINK's monthly newsletter. Please submit via PDF or Word Doc. to  STARLINK.
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"WECM Workshop 101" 
(Free Webinar)
Session 1: February 5, 2013 (10:00-11:00am CST)
Session 2: February 6, 2013 (3:00-4:00pm CST)
Upcoming Program


"How to Develop a Leadership Plan"
Showing online Jan. 28 through Feb.11, 2013

There are many leadership training programs that teach leadership skills but if you have been tasked with developing a leadership program how do you do it; where do you start? This seminar will feature successful college leadership programs and provide ideas on how to go about developing a leadership plan that will fit your specific college needs.


In addition we will separately provide at least 3 fifteen minute modules dealing with specific leadership skills.
  • Feb. 11 - 25, 2013
  • Feb. 25 - March 11, 2013
  • April 1 - 15, 2013

Student Leadership and Success
"Principled Leadership: In the Face of Change and Crisis"
Showing online 
Feb. 18 through Mar.4, 2013

 (membership required)

Rudy Giuliani is the renowned 107th Mayor of New York City (1993-2001). Under his leadership, he reduced the overall crime and murder rate to make New York City the safest large city in America. Just when New Yorkers were beginning to enjoy the city's revitalization, the unimaginable hit on 9-11.
What's In The News


This issue of The Progress of Education Reform provides a review of the research on the relationship between teacher expectations and student achievement. It also explores how policy can be used to improve how schools are evaluating for, monitoring, and providing training to teachers on the potential negative effects of fixed teacher expectations. (Emily Workman, ECS, Dec. 2012) 

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