December 2014

Do You Use Your Dashboard?

STARLINK has a valuable tool that you could be using; it is your own personal dashboard. The dashboard provides valuable feedback in the simplest of form. It is easy to access and consequently, is available for your benefit.

As a participant, your dashboard collects your performance and monitors your status. Look for it after logging into your account. It's on the front page of the "member area". It is also found within every STARLINK 

course you are enrolled in. 


Sounds interesting! Let's get started. Log into your STARLINK account and visit the member area. Click on the icon that looks like a speedometer.

What Can We Learn From Accidental Learning?
By: Maryellen Weimer, PhD

The phrase carries a number of connotations. This isn't intentional learning-it's not planned. The teacher makes a decision, implements it, and it works. Often the outcome is an unexpected, but pleasant surprise. It feels like a gift. Accidental learning tends to be easy learning, which is nice. So much of what we need to master requires effort, in many cases lots of it. 


By: Rob Stagni 
It's a scenario we're familiar with because we've been there ourselves: your schedule is set. Then an issue comes up. Followed by another last-minute meeting. Something else runs late. Before you know it, you're drowning in commitments. Things start to slip. Deadlines pass. Meetings are missed. Others notice. You have trouble focusing on the things you DO make time for.  
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5 Tools for Adding Questions and Notes to Videos
By: Richard Byrne

A teacher recently emailed me because she was searching for some tools that she could use to add questions and clarifying notes to videos that she shares with her students. These are the options that I suggested.

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General Teaching Tips: Begin With A Story
General Teaching Tips: Begin With A Story

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