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NILRC is one of the oldest providers of  learning resources to colleges in the nation. Although it began as a grass roots organization to meet the basic needs of developing learning resources centers at community colleges, it has become a leader in the development and use of a variety of instructional resources and technologies.


STARLINK is working in partnership with NILRC to bring our online professional development services to all NILRC members. For more information please contact Lisa Sikora at or 608.523.4094.


Strategies for Student Ownership in Learning 
Coming October 1, 2014
Strategies for Student Ownership in Learning
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"Students crave emotional mentorship from their teachers that their parents can't give them. There's nothing wrong with that." 


Teaching is not an engineering problem. It isn't a question of transferring a certain quantity of information from one brain to another. "Educate" means "lead forth." A teacher's job is to lead forth the powers that lie asleep within her students. To put it in the language of computers, you can download all the data you want, but it won't be any good to you unless you have the software to make use of it. That software, the ability to operate on information-to understand it, to synthe�size it into new combinations, to discover and create with it-is what college is meant to "install." But here the analogy breaks down, for unlike actual software, the installation isn't quick and easy, and it certainly isn't passive.


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Programming Schedule
Academic Year  
Sep. 1,  2014 - Aug. 31, 2015

September 1, 2014*  

"Curriculum and Assessment Strategies to Improve Student Success"


October 1, 2014*

" Strategies for Student Ownership in Learning"   


November 1, 2014*

"Improving Student Outcomes in Developmental Reading/Writing Courses" 


November 1, 2014**

Leadership and Success Series

Stephen Bardo presents "Point Guard Vision" 


December 1, 2014**

Leadership and Success Series

David Garibaldi presents "Rhythm and Hue" 


January 1, 2015*

"Adult Learning Strategies" 


February 1, 2015**

Leadership and Success Series

Nicholas Kristof & Sheryl WuDunn presents "A Path Appears" 


March 1, 2015*

"Multi Measures: Holistic Advising" 


March 1, 2015**

Leadership and Success Series

Dan Harris presents "10% Happier" 


April 1, 2015*

"Tips to Improve Critical Thinking/Analytic Reasoning"


May 1, 2015**

Leadership and Success Series

Debbi Fields presents "My Recipe for Success"



*Program will be released as a training series with multiple modules.

** Program is a part of the Leadership and Success Series

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