January 2015

1st QTR Completed 

We have completed the first quarter of our professional development programming and as part of our commitment to you, we wanted to announce the following achievements:


*    Introduction of a new logo and launch of a new website.

*     A new training platform that includes; assessments, certificates of completion, and individualized dashboards - tracking all professional development coursework.

*    Strategic collaborations and partnerships, including CEO/Trustee training, Learning Frameworks workshops, and much more.

*   First face to face professional development workshop in San Antonio earlier this year.


STARLINK looks forward to the continued enhancement of our performance and products, with the betterment of our members in mind.

Research to Improve Retention
By: Robert J. Sternberg


One of the most serious problems facing colleges and universities today is that so many students leave before finishing their studies. When students drop out, it is bad for them because they lose huge future career and income potential; bad for the institution they leave because of lost reputation, revenue, and opportunity to make a difference in the students' lives; and bad for society because of the need for an educated work force that is able to compete in the global marketplace.
By: Sandy Chapman 

Ever tried to read the instructions for using a cell phone without the actual phone in hand? Ever tried to understand someone's explanation of how something works, say, how the planets are held in orbit around the sun, or the effect of the moon's gravitational pull on the tides, without a corresponding picture or model to illustrate? Painful, isn't it? Students can be equally frustrated trying to assimilate information in a 50-minute lecture on a technical topic if they are missing a purpose for learning or the concrete real-world reference to the abstract concept being explored.

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Integrating Technology into the College Classroom: Current Practices and Future Opportunities
By: Robin Lindbeck and Brian Fodrey

Faculty are integrating technology into the college classroom. But what are they doing?  What's working? And how can we bring these ideas into other classrooms?  As a result of questions like these the gap that currently exists between technology and effective teaching and learning strategies continues to widen.

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January Featured Program
(Available to Members Jan. 1-31, 2015)

More than ever faculty are faced with a diversity of students in their classrooms. These students come with a variety of learning styles/preferences and teachers need to provide for these differences in their teaching. Our award-winning educators will present strategies to assist the classroom teacher in promoting learning and student retention.

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