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Thanks for the Gift of a Coming Sabbatical
+Bishop Jon Anderson
I am thankful to have the gift of a sabbatical in the weeks after the assembly. I will begin my sabbatical the Monday after our assembly on June 10th. I will return to work on Aug. 1st. This summer will mark the end of fifteen years of serving in this office. I am thankful to have time for an extended time of rest.
The components will be
  • Rest
  • Reconnecting with family and friends
  • Reflection on Life Giving Faith in post-Christendom 
    • Pr. Rafael Malpica-Padilla said that "leadership should be seen through the lens of baptism rather than solely through the lens of ordination. Leadership takes place as people and congregations are equipped to share and live out a living faith."
    • What does a living faith look like?  How can I tend to my own spiritual life as I live in this season of my life. 
  • Exploring
  • Readings 
  • Travel 
Again thanks.  Pr. Linda Pedersen will be our acting bishop with support from two local bishops if needed. 
Our Assembly - Some Hints to Maximize your Experience
+Bishop Jon V. Anderson 

Elections - Nominating Report
First, our elections will come relatively early in the meeting. Please take time to review the candidates for positions before you arrive so you are ready to make decisions on who you will vote to support. Click here for the Nominating Report.

If you download your guidebook you will have all the documents that are on the web site. If you don't want to download this app you can manually download them at the Synod Assembly web page.
-Click here for instruction to download the guidebook app. 
-Click here for the Assembly webpage. 

There are some great workshops happening. If your congregation is in the area, people are welcome to attend this learning part of our gathering starting on Friday morning. If you invite others to attend, please sign-up online by clicking here.

Better Together Food Pack
We continue to have room for people to join together in fighting hunger and knocking down walls between people. Click here for more information. 

Figure out who in your group has the capacity to make a hotspot with their phone. There is wifi at the Redwood Area Community Center but we don't know its capacity for 500 people. So knowing who has unlimited data and could help a few people as well as take care of themselves would be wise.

Wacipi - Powwow
When we get done on Saturday you might want to experience the Wacipi at the Lower Sioux Community nearby Redwood Falls. The singing, drumming, dancing and Dakota culture make this a rich experience. Also, check out the Redwood Area Visitors Guide that will be included in your assembly bag. 
Click here for more information about the Wacipi Powwow.

A "Better Together" Food Packing event has two missional goals:
Goal #1- Provide opportunities for cross-cultural relationship building
Goal #2- Provide nutritious food for local communities

This event is a service project held at the SW MN Synod Assembly, open to the community and surrounding areas. Join us!
Click here to download and print a poster for your congregation.

Sign up to participate:

What will happen: Prior to each shift, people from various culture(s) present some educational aspect about their culture (5-10 minutes) and provide orientation for packaging.  The participants will package\meals of different types that include a nutritional scoop of vitamins. All are designed for American food shelf tastes.
For more information, please see 
Up to 150 persons pack for 2 hours. All food goes to local food shelves, backpack programs and disable/homeless veterans.

Location: Redwood Area Community Center (RACC)
Date: Friday, June 8th
Times: 7:30-9am Set-up; 9-11am Food Packing Shift; 11am-1pm Food Packing Shift; 1-3pm Food Packing Shift and 3-5pm packing/clean up

Make a Donation:  All donations matched! Goal = $15,000 (matched $30,000) for 120,000 meals!
All money for this event should be sent to: 
Southwestern Minnesota Synod, ELCA
P.O. Box 499
Redwood Falls, MN 56283
Please make check out to: SW MN Synod
In "memo" line please write: "Better Together Redwood Falls"
Synod Events
Below is a list of all the upcoming synod events. Visit the synod events webpage for more information.
June 8-9, 2018
Redwood Falls, MN 

SW MN Synod
Women of the ELCA Convention
June 29-30, 2018
Bethlehem Lutheran Church, St. Cloud

2018 Fall Theological Conference 
October 7-9, 2018
Alexandria, MN

Southwestern Minnesota Synod, ELCA 
PO Box 499, Redwood Falls, MN 56283
Phone: 507-637-3904