February 13, 2020
Picture of  the Week!

Many thanks to our terrific crew for  lunch at Preble Street Resource Center: Greg Walsh, Heidi Larson, Red Sullivan, Santo Lombardo,Lew Phillips, Chip Leighton, Tim Queeney, Gretchen Cheney, Ashley Randlett, Elliott Pitts and Adrienne Groh.  Chef Peter and the PS Kitchen Managers made a Chicken, Kale and Potato Bake with green beans and Mac 'n Cheese on the side.  Our Cold Preppers prepared beautiful green salads and blackberries with a little lemon, cinnamon and sugar.  They were delectable.
Readings of  the Week!
6th Week After Epiphany
Sermon of  the Week!
5th Week After Epiphany
February 9, 2020
the Rev. Tim Boggs
Music of  the Week!
Stars  Score Animation
Worship Schedule

  • 8:00 am Quiet, spoken and traditional 
  • 9:30 am Holy Communion with choir and children's programs
  • 5:30 pm Celtic
    Eventide...contemplative, musical and prayerful
  • 5:00 pm Centering Prayer
Clergy and Music
 This Sunday .
  • The Rev. Holly Hoffmann will be celebrating 8 am and 9:30
  • The Rev. Tim Boggs will be preaching at 8 am and 9:30 am and celebrating at 5:30 pm   
  •  Joel Pierce is on the organ bench.
Meetings & Events
2/14        Valentine's Day
2/16         High School Youth Group   
2/16        Blood Pressure Screenings  
2/17        Office Closed
2/17        Caregivers   
2/23        Haiti Sunday  
2/25        Book Club
2/26        Ash Wednesday Services    
3/1          Parish Breakfast   
3/1          1st Sunday in Lent  
3/4          Episcopal 101 begins 
3/5          Auction for Pilgrims
3/9          2nd Monday Lunch
3/11        Episcopal 101 / 2
3/15        Blood Pressure Screening 
3/18        Episcopal 101 / 3
3/25        Episcopal 101 / 4 
4/5          Palm Sunday 
All Are Welcome

Overview of Children and Youth Programs

Children's Chapel
Ages four through sixth grade! A space of welcome, music, and prayer before lessons in our age groups. 9:30am, downstairs in Godly Play.

Nursery : During 9:30am worship for babies and toddlers.

Godly Play : ages 4- grade k
Wonder and storytelling with inviting object lessons.

Our Place : grades 1st- 4th
A rotation based program of Bible exploration.

Connect : grades 5th -6th  
God's story meets our story with games, artwork and fun!

Rite 13 :  grades 7th- 8th 
Meeting the first and third Sundays of the month  
at the 9:30 am service
Rite 13 is the name of the formation program for youth in Grades 7 and 8.  Rite 13 will be offered on the first and third Sundays of each month during the 9:30 am worship service.
The Rev. Holly Hoffmann is the staff member coordinating this program. Chris Callaway, Jason Burks, and Amber Burks are the teachers. Please speak to any of us about Rite 13. 
Parents, please email Holly+ to make sure she has an accurate email address for your family so that communications about this youth offering can be sent directly to you. Thank you!
The Rev. Holly C. Hoffmann
Contact the Rev. Holly Hoffmann for more information about Rite 13: hhoffmann@stalbansmaine.org 
Contact Debbie Fisher, Director of Children and Family's Formation, for all other programs listed above:  
Youth Group
High School Youth Gatherings
We meet on the first and third Sundays of each month  from 
Our gatherings make space for getting to know one another and to explore our faith through times of fun and games, food and fellowship, and conversation and prayer. The High School Youth Group goes on retreats, spends extended time together in overnights at the church, and participates in mission trips. 
The Rev. Holly Hoffmann, Anne Sedlack, and Peter Durin are the adults primarily involved with our high school youth group.  
If you would like to be added to our email list to learn about upcoming high school youth events, please contact the Rev. Holly Hoffmann at hhoffmann@stalbansmaine.org.

Health Ministry
liz blood pressure

Blood Pressure Screening
February 16th

A reminder from the
Health Ministry
Caring for the
Caregiver Group
Next meeting

We will be meeting every other Monday at 9 am.
  St. Alban's will  provide an opportunity for those caring for others to come together weekly for support. To learn more about this upcoming opportunity, please contact Liz Davy at
A reminder from the
Health Ministry
Join all of us for  
Parish Breakfast
March 1st after morning services 
Saint Alban's Book Club
The St. Alban's Book Group will next meet on February 25, to discuss "The Overstory," 
by Richard Powers, winner of the 2019 Pulitzer Prize for fiction. 
The novel is the story of trees and nine individuals whose lives bring them together to address 
the destruction of forests through activism  and resistance.
The meetings are held at the church, beginning at 7 p.m.
and all are welcome to attend.
Saint Alban's Cares
Here is an article you might want to read.
NYTimes: When a Friend Is in Need, Show You Care With Food
Knit and Stitch
will meet on the the  
2nd and 4th Fridays of the month, 9 -10:30 am,  
beginning in November in the upper room at
St. Alban's from 9-10:30 am.
We welcome any level and any projects.

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Dr. Anne Hallward   is a board-certified psychiatrist who works in Portland, and
she is the host and founder of Safe Space Radio,"the podcast show about subjects we'd struggle with less if we talked about them more."
Her work is familiar to many of us at St. Alban's. Some of you know of her podcasts on and some have helped enhance the reach of this good work.
I want to share an important piece of work Anne has done that is "spot-on" target for so many of us. And it's truly relevant to our ministry of St. Alban's Cares, our helping endeavor that invites us to be part of only two things: 
  • offering help, and
  • asking for help.
Why is it so hard to admit we need help? How can you help somebody, including yourself, who can't - or won't - ask for help?
Anne's program   is about asking for help: why it's so hard to admit when we need something from another person, and the surprising effects that sharing our vulnerability can have on our mental health.
The program explores how shame and stigma can prevent us from asking for what we need, why we tend to underestimate the generosity of others, and how simply asking can make us feel seen in both welcome and uncomfortable ways.
As Christians we are called to action to nurture God's children...including ourselves. And sometimes we sure need help in that good work! I invite you to listen in on Dr. Hallward's wisdom and caring.   


Spring Auction For Pilgrims!
March 5th at Centerboard Yacht Club
Spring  Auction  
For Pilgrims
March 5th
Silent Auction  begins at 6 pm and  
Live Auction at 7 pm
Centerboard Yacht Club in South Portland
Purchase Tickets here
Donate Goods, Services   
or an Experience here 
We are raising funds to support the costs of our Pilgrimage to Spain to journey on The El Camino de Santiago de Compostela, also known as The Way of St. James. We will hike more than 100 kilometers through the spiritually rich and beautiful countryside of Galician Spain. We will walk on holy ground, behold sacred shrines, and experience timeless works of art regarded as the most awe-inspiring and important of the world while we renew our commitment to the roots of our Christian faith.
Thank you for your support! 
Stock Up On Holy Kindling!
Help the Pilgrims too!

Stock up on kindling! 
G et Your Cracklin' Christian Kindling.  
Recycled Dried Red Cedar Shingles from Church renovation. $10 Suggested.
Available in Bonoff Hall. 
Help the 2020 Pilgrims.
Ash Wednesday Reminder

Once again we will burn last year's palms to make ashes for the Ash Wednesday services on February 26th, 9am, Noon and 4pm.
For the next couple weeks a basket is set up in Bonoff Hall to collect dried palms.
Join Father Tim+

Bring yourself to a four-part class offered in with Father Tim. Called, Episcopal 101 these classes will explore in some depth the Anglican tradition, basics of our faith and church, and serve to answer your questions on Episcopal life and St. Al  ban's. All are welcome including those considering Confirmation or Reception in the Episcopal Church.  Wednesday evenings at 6:30 pm March 4th - March 25th. Questions?
Ask Tim at tboggs@stalbans.org

Vestry Update
Last week your new 2020 Vestry met for dinner at the rectory Friday evening and all day Saturday for reflection, listening, praying and wondering together, guided by the Rev. Greg Syler from Washington DC, a nationally known priest engaged in parish leadership development. The vestry used our inviting rectory for these fruitful conversations to dig deeper into the St. Alban's experience and hopes for the future.
Your 2020 Vestry
The Rev Timothy Boggs, Rector
Christopher Pezzullo, Senior Warden
Maryann Sedlack, Junior Warden
Doug Jones, Treasurer
Bill Bell, Sarah Choi,  Tom Cooper, Sara Lennon, Maura McDonald,  MaryBeth Nolt, Tom Sides, Terry Scriven, Sheila Zimmerman.  
Link to pictures and bios here.
If you'd like your vestry to hear something, you can email them at Vestry@stalbansmaine.org  One of the officers will reply to you directly.
The dedicated members of your vestry partner with the rector and associate rector to guide the community of St. Alban's to a fuller understanding of God's hopes for life in this good place and beyond. While the vestry is often seen simply as the "governing board" of the parish, its choices go beyond mere policy, affecting not just the plans and finances, but also the spiritual lives of the parish. In this good work, vestry takes on a sacred duty to listen to God, one another, the members of the parish, and the deep hunger of the world.
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Support St Alban's Episcopal Church
Shop at smile.amazon.com and Amazon will donate to Saint Alban's Episcopal Church, at no cost to you.

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Thank you.
Daily, basic essentials needed.

St. Elizabeth's Update: A Return to Daily Basic Essentials and Household Goods  

Many thanks to all who brought in donations this week for St. Elizabeth's Pantry.  We had an especially bountiful collection of  beautiful blankets, sheets, pillows, small rugs, kitchen items, and personal care products. As we announced last week, we are targeting our focus to include these items  and phasing out general clothing ( except for boots, coats , hats, mittens and long underwear ) to better assist our neighbors in need . We greatly appreciate your help in this mission.   The pantry will be well stocked this coming week! Any questions?  Don't hesitate to contact Liz Cutler!
The only clothing that we will collect and distribute will be winter coats, winter boots, socks, mittens/gloves, scarves, hats, thermal underwear, and new underwear.  We will no longer collect other clothing. We will continue to do drives for particular items, such as our school backpack program in the fall and diapers, and to offer gently used children's books and soft toys. We will no longer accept books for adults or games and toys with small pieces.  
Please see our Amazon wishlist for our current needs:  http://a.co/eV6rZyn .
Thank you for your continued support so that together we can best serve those living in need in our community, 

The Rev. Holly Hoffmann
Executive Director, St. Elizabeth's Jubilee Center and Essentials Pantry

Katie's Ordination

Family Promise

Helping Others in the New Year through Family Promise

Another Successful Family Promise Host Week 
Several parishioners from St. Alban's participated in Greater Portland Family Promise (GPFP) last week, helping to house and feed three families at Cape Elizabeth United Methodist Church.  Thank you to all those who served.  As with any acts of kindness, everyone is inspired by something different.  Gus (10-years-old) said he enjoys getting to meet new people.  People who have not completed GPFP training can help by cooking, setting up or taking down beds, or laundering linens.  People who have completed GPFP training can join families for dinner, evening social time (usually games and cards), or spending the night and cooking breakfast.  The next training will be Sunday, March 1, 1:00-4:00pm at The Woodfords Club,  179 Woodford St, Portland
To learn more, please see Adrienne McAuley Groh (often at the 9:30 am service), David Klimkowski (often at the 5:30 pm service), or the Rev. Holly Hoffmann. If you want to receive emails about GPFP at St. Alban's, please email: hhoffmann@stalbansmaine.org.   Please also consider supporting Greater Portland Family Promise through smile.amazon.com.  (My purchases generated $194 support for GPFP in 2019!)