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Andrea Bittau

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Michael Fenger

First Solo Flight

CFI Lisa Dyball


William Le Ferrand

Passed FAA Knowledge Test

CFI Thomas Daniel


Joanna Moore

First Solo Flight

CFI Kevin Hyberger

Jenny Tsai-Smith

First Solo Flight

CFI Lisa Dyball


Michel Vidal-Naquet

First Solo Flight

CFI Kevin Hyberger


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California Mountain Flying Adventure

Santa Maria Wine Tasting Weekend

Yellowstone Mountain Flying Adventure

Pop Quiz

A fun monthly knowledge test

1) When must aircraft position (nav) lights be illuminated?


2) What is the FAA recommended distance between the downwind leg of the traffic pattern and the runway?


3) What three features must an airplane have to qualify as "complex"?


(answers are at the bottom)

The Fleet

Cirrus SR20

N353CA - $255/hr


Super Decathlon

N66405 - $140/hr



N59WD - $135/hr

C182 - G1000

N182BG - $238/hr

N1483L - $243/hr 


C172S - G1000

N646DW - $172/hr  

N1004E - $172/hr
N63251 - $177/hr

C172S - 6-pack

N458SP - $155/hr

N236SP - $155/hr

N21263 - $158/hr



N5210H - $125/hr



N24896 - $102/hr 
N8010F - $100/hr 



Multi-Screened G1000 - $75/hr

Xwind 200 - $240/session

ATD GNS-430W - $30/hr    


 (member prices shown) 


Cool t-shirts, hats, and fun accessories, with designs you won't see anywhere else!

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(650) 946-1700


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655 Skyway Rd

Suite 215

San Carlos, CA 94070 


Pop Quiz Answers 

1) Sunset to sunrise.


2) 1/2 to 1 NM.


3) Moveable flaps, retractable landing gear, and a variable pitch propeller.


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February 2014

Welcome N8010F!

We're proud to announce the addition of N8010F to the San Carlos Flight Center fleet.


N8010F is an immaculately clean 1966 Cessna 150. It's a great choice for primary flight training and short hops for lunch or sightseeing. It rents

for only $100/hr for SCFC Members.


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Flying...Not Just for Old Folks
Young people are the future of aviation. SCFC welcomes pilots and aviation enthusiasts of all ages, and is proud to offer two programs designed for young people who are interested in flying.


For teens, SCFC is just forming an AeroChapter, in collaboration with the Flight School Association of North America (FSANA). The program introduces young people to aviation and aerospace through hands-on, interactive monthly educational programs and leadership opportunities. If you know a teenager that is obsessed with aviation, this is a great way to give him or her a way to meet other teens with similar interests. Contact the Flight Center for more details.

For 20-somethings, there's Flight Center Night Out, a monthly gathering of pilots and those who love aviation. The group meets monthly at a nearby restaurant, bowling alley, or go-kart track, and share food, refreshments, and ideas for the next adventure. In the works are a spring/summer camping trip and white water rafting. The next Night Out is Wednesday, February 26th at 6:30pm at Rainbow Pizza in Belmont.
Contact us to find out more, or to join the fun (650) 946-1700 or

Stay Sharp - Prepare for Emergencies

If an inflight emergency occurs, a pilot must react with speed and precision. Stay sharp. Prepare yourself to be ready for an unusual situation or emergency. Schedule recurrent training now to refresh your skills back up to Private Pilot standards and even farther. The lives of your family and friends may depend on it.


*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *  


Non-towered Airport? Watch for Traffic

Keep your guard up at Half Moon Bay and other non-towered airports. Without ATC or a requirement to talk on the radio, some pilots cut corners. Watch your blind spots and never force a right-of-way issue with another aircraft. Announce yourself but never assume that silence equals an empty pattern. Stay alert, stay safe. 


Member Profile: Anna McKendry
Anna with her dad, Martin
and Dusty Crophopper
What inspired you to learn to fly?

AM: My dad is definitely my inspiration. He has been flying for as long as I can remember.


SCFCWhat is your most memorable flight or trip?

AM: Last summer my dad and I made the trek to Oshkosh, Wisconsin, for AirVenture 2013 in a Cessna 182. For the first time, I really engaged in all the work that went into planning and executing a trip. I got really good at listening to ATIS recordings while flying over tiny airstrips, and I understood more about the planes and performers we were seeing at the show. That trip prompted me to jump into the left seat and start working towards my own license.


SCFC: What do your friends think about you becoming a pilot?

AM: They like to joke around, "who would let Anna fly a plane?" But they do ask me a lot of questions and support me in my achievements, which is really motivating. I'm excited to fly with them and share this really neat part of my life.


SCFC: What's the one of the best lessons you've learned as a pilot?

AM: That I can conquer my nerves. Flying has never really scared me, but I was nervous about the idea of being the pilot-in-command and landing a plane by myself. But with practice, studying, and confidence in my experiences, I've shed those nerves and really let my passion for flying take over. Also, I love go-arounds because who doesn't love a good old fashioned do-over?


SCFC: What is your advice for someone who wants to learn to fly?

AM: Build hours and practice, but also talk to people who are also passionate about flying. There's nothing better than exchanging stories with other pilots.


SCFC: What do you do when you're not flying?

AM: I'm a sophomore at Santa Clara University, where I play club water polo and attend many sporting events as a member of the SCU Pep Band.

The Member Profile is a regular newsletter feature,  

designed to help SCFC members get to know one another.


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Now Boarding: Upwind Summer Scholarship 

The Upwind Summer Scholarship Program has officially begun its 2014 season. Applications are now being accepted, and intense fundraising efforts have begun and will last throughout February. 


The Upwind Summer Scholarship promotes aviation to teens. The recipient will earn his/her Private Pilot certificate during the summer between their junior and senior years of high school.


Please do your part to help raise the thermometer by downloading our 2014 Upwind Donation Form and sending it in with your generous contribution. Or enter a bid on one of the silent auction items on display in the Flight Center office. Auction winners will be announced at the March 1 BBQ.


Check back at often to see our progress throughout the month toward our goal. Thank you for being a part of a great program to support the next generation of aviators.



Upcoming FlyOutGroup (FOG) Trips 

We are planning some great adventures for you in 2014. Here are just a few that we have in the works.


California Mountain Flying Adventure

March 15-16 (Sat-Sun)

Our 2-Day Mountain Training Tripsthough the Sierra Nevadas are very popular. We take a small group of planes, all C182s with 1 CFI and 2 pilots per plane. Pilots learn about high elevation airport operations and how to fly safely over mountainous terrain, experience some of California's highest and trickiest airports safely, and see some amazing scenery and stay overnight in South Lake Tahoe.


More info... 


*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *  *   *


Santa Maria Wine Tasting Weekend

April 4-6 (Fri-Sun) 

An annual FOG Favorite! Come enjoy a relaxing visit to the Santa Ynez wine country. We love this trip for lots of reasons - the flight is beautiful no matter which route you choose, we enjoy great wines and great food together, and where else can you request to taxi your airplane directly to the hotel? 


The fun kicks off Friday night with live music, wine and munchies, followed by group BBQ dinner. Saturday we enjoy a great day of wine tasting. Sunday is at your leisure.


More info... 


*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *  *   *


Each year during the last week in June, an armada of FOG airplanes departs the Bay Area bound for a fun and amazing mountain flying adventure.


This year we will take the northern route through Idaho, Montana and Wyoming - a true mountain playground for pilots! As with all FOG mountain flying adventures, we will be taking all C182s with 1 CFI and 2 pilots on board. The trip is a great opportunity to complete your C182 or G1000 avionics checkout, or earn your high-performance endorsement. It promises to be an unforgettable flying adventure with plenty of room for ground-based fun as well. Overnight stops and route are in the works now, but will include West Yellowstone, MT; McCall, ID; and Portland, OR.


More info... 


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