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Safety Seminars
and SCFC Events


CFI Round-Table:
Teaching the 8's -
8's on Pylons and Lazy 8's

Student and New Pilots Support Group

Flying the High Country: A Pilot's Guide to Flying in to the Lake Tahoe Region

Meet the Aircraft Owners (A Members-Only Event)

Flight Center Night Out

Right Seat Workshop: Flight Instruments and Controls

New Member Orientation

Autopilot Showdown:
KAP 140 Vs. GFC 700

San Carlos Airport Day

Events & Trips
Whitewater Rafting

Full Moon Flyers
to Harris Ranch

California Mountain
Flying Weekend 

Yellowstone Mountain Flying Adventure

Pop Quiz

A fun monthly knowledge test

1) How much fuel reserve is required for a cross-country flight at night?


2) On a cross-country flight, what callsign is used to reach Enroute Flight Advisory Service (EFAS)?


3) Are you required to designate an alternate airport for a VFR cross-country flight?

(answers are at the bottom)

The Fleet

Super Decathlon

N66405 - $140/hr



N59WD - $135/hr

C182 - G1000

N182BG - $238/hr

N1483L - $243/hr 


C172S - G1000

N646DW - $172/hr  

N63251 - $177/hr

C172S - 6-pack

N458SP - $155/hr

N236SP - $155/hr

N21263 - $158/hr



N5210H - $125/hr



N24896 - $102/hr 
N8010F - $100/hr 


Cirrus SR20

N353CA - $255/hr



N200KR - $195/hr



Multi-Screened G1000 - $75/hr

Xwind 200 - $240/session

ATD GNS-430W - $30/hr    


 (member prices shown) 


Cool t-shirts, hats, and fun accessories, with designs you won't see anywhere else!

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(650) 946-1700


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655 Skyway Rd

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San Carlos, CA 94070 


Pop Quiz Answers 

1) Enough to reach your destination plus 45 minutes at cruise burn rate.


2) Flightwatch


3) No, but you are required to have an alternate plan of action if the flight can't be completed as planned.


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May 2014


Coming Soon: More Skyhawks

The flight line staff have been working very hard to bring more C172s onto the flight line. The good news is we've had a lot of success. Expect three more Skyhawks to join the Skyhawk armada within the next month - just in time for summer flying season! Watch your email for those announcements.


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Overnight Trip? - What You Need to Know

Summer is the season for overnight trips. What's cooler than taking yourself to Vegas or Catalina for a weekend?! For many of us, getaway trips are a big part of why we learned to fly. SCFC allows overnight rentals, but you need prior approval. 


Call us (650) 946-1700 or email us when you've your trip dates planned out, and we'll make sure that both the plane and you are ready for the adventure.



Ramp Safety

Here are a few guidelines for all of us to remember.

  • Be sure to pull the aircraft out of its parking place before you start up so we don't blow exhaust and debris onto other people, planes, vehicles, or objects.
  • Spend as little time as possible in parking area. There's plenty of time to complete your preflight tasks in the runup area. It's safer to linger there than it is in parking since nobody is walking around in runup.
  • Remove all foreign objects and debris (FOD) from the parking area whether it's yours or not. 
  • If you are in Flight Center parking spots near the hangars, upon starting the engine, immediately taxi down to the corner so you can be seen by arriving aircraft. Mind the hangar and fence: keep the nose wheel on the line and you won't go wrong. 
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Taxi like a Pro: Don't Ride the Brakes

One way to demonstrate mastery of the aircraft is through smooth, controlled taxi technique. Challenge yourself never to use throttle and brake at the same time (except in very tight turns). To slow down, reduce throttle to idle, and then apply brakes when idle. Doing anything else makes the propeller fight the wheels - a waste of both fuel and of brake pads. 

Member Profile - Stephen Schick

Stephen Schick is one of two high school students selected for this year's Upwind Scholarship. He is currently attending ground school at SCFC while finishing his junior year at Aragon High School, and he will begin flight training this summer. 


SCFC: What inspired you to become a pilot?

SS: I always dreamed of becoming a part of aviation, and as a kid used to memorize World War II aircraft after visits to the Hiller Aviation Museum. Earning my license seemed a distant possibility, until my freshman year when I discovered you could solo at age 16. I realized that if I put in the time, effort, and money, I could become a licensed pilot and be able to actually fly!


SCFC: What do your friends and family think about your learning to fly?

SS: My family has always been excited and supportive. When it comes to my friends, their reactions range from, "Wow, that's incredible!" to "When are you gonna take me up?" Once I get my license I have a lot of people to take flying.


SCFC: What's the coolest experience you've had as a student pilot?

SS: One day walking home from flight training I realized that my view had been completely altered by aviation. I no longer saw the sky as a vast, empty vacuum filled with clouds and birds. Now I see the sky as something tangible, a mass of air upon which wings soar and where I am able to fly. That really defines the experience of becoming a pilot - feeling that the sky is truly no longer the limit.


SCFC: What keeps you busy when you aren't training?

SS: School and homework. I also work as an intern at my district's congressional office, volunteer at the Marine Science institute, swim, and play water polo. My other hobbies include video production, collecting die-cast World War II aircraft, and sailing on the bay.


SCFC: What excites you most about joining the world of general aviation?

SS: I am very excited about sharing the experience of flight with my family and friends, letting them feel what I feel every time I fly. I look forward to participating in the rich and friendly pilot community at San Carlos Flight Center, and exploring options available only to pilots.


The Member Profile is a regular newsletter feature,  

designed to help SCFC members get to know one another.


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Volunteer Opportunities

San Carlos Airport Day

On Saturday, May 31, SCFC will participate in the San Carlos Airport Day. This free event is a great way to share our wonderful airport with the public. There will be info booths for local businesses, static aircraft displays, food, entertainment, and free airplane rides for kids courtesy of EAA Young Eagles.


SCFC will be there offering some fun activities geared for children, and we need your help. We need people to help set up, staff our info booth, manage the activities, and tear down at the end of the day. If you have a couple of hours to help out, we will appreciate it greatly! Available shifts are: 9:30am-11:30am, 11:30am-1:30pm, and 1:30-3:30pm. Click here to sign up.


Ladies, Start Your Engines!

The Air Race Classic is an annual transcontinental air race for female pilots. This year's route starts on Monday, June 16 in Concord, CA and ends four days and 2338nm later in New Cumberland, PA. The race began in 1929 when Amelia Earhart and 19 other female pilots flew from Santa Monica, California to Cleveland, Ohio in the Women's Air Derby.


Since this year's race starts so close to home, SCFC is organizing a team of volunteers to support these amazing and adventurous women pilots. Volunteer opportunities exist on the weekend of June 14-15, as well as the morning of the race start. Contact Terry at to sign up and join the fun!



Last Call for Whitewater Rafting!

May 10 (Sat)

Flying + whitewater rafting =  an awesome day. Already 15 FOG members have signed up in 5 airplanes. The rafting company tells us there are still a few spaces available. If you're interested in going, contact Terry at to confirm availability and join the fun!


More info...


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California Mountain Flying Weekend

May 17 & 18 (Sat-Sun)

We have scheduled another of our popular 2-Day Mountain Training Trips though the Sierra Nevadas.
Learn about high elevation airport operations and how to fly safely over mountainous terrain, experience some of California's highest and trickiest airports safely, see some amazing scenery, and stay overnight in South Lake Tahoe. We have a limited number of spots available for this trip, so sign up now to join in. It's a great way to work toward your high-performance endorsement or your checkout for C182 aircraft, G1000 avionics, or mountain flying. 


More info...


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We keep our online calendar updated, so bookmark this page: Better yet, follow the instructions at the top of the page to add this calendar to your iPhone.

The Partner Way to Owning an Aircraft 


Aircraft partnerships are a great way to get your feet wet in aircraft ownership without taking on the full risk, or the full investment. Several of the SCFC aircraft are owned by member partnerships and we continue to form new member groups to keep our flight line expanding. If you're interested in joining your fellow SCFC members in aircraft ownership, contact us at (650) 946-1700. The best partners are people you've already met through the Flight Center, and share a common interest. Are you ready to be an Owner?