Newsletter Issue No 8
December 14, 2017 
In This Issue
The 9th Annual Talent Show
Congratulations to the 4 finalists
How do we expand our learning around a theme
An author in our school!
Math Project
Life Science
Caterpillar turns Butterfly
Program and registration for the After School Activities
Spanish elective
Let it snow at SDFAS

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School Council Minutes
The School Council met on October 9.
Minutes are now available online.


Preschool Winter Show

"Sur un air de musique Africaine"
On December 15th, at 9:00 am, the pre-elementary students will present their winter show.
This year we will focus on voice and rhythm. 
Please join us for a quick trip to the African Savannah. The performance will be followed by a classroom potluck.  

Elementary school Winter Show "Voyage entre Paris - San Diego"

Minimum Day Friday,
Décember 15
mandatory registration for extended care

Parents must register their children before Dec. 13th for extended care on minimum days, if you cannot pick up your child by 12 noon. 
Please RSVP or  send an email to:
Extended care is available from 12:00 noon until 6 p.m. 
Children that are not picked up by noon will go to the lunch area. 
So please pick up your children in the lunch area for K-8 and from the playground in preschool. 
Remember to bring a lunch as on all min day there is no Girard Gourmet lunch.

Dismissal is at 11:45 a.m. for PK0-PK1- PK2 and K-5 and at 12 noon for middle school.

Study Hall for 1st - 5th grade
In order to have your child attend Study Hall, you must register from the ASA website. 

To register for STUDY HALL

Minimum Day
Pizza Flash Sale!
The 8th graders will run a "PIZZA FLASH SALE" 
on Friday December 15, 2017
on the blacktop 
from 11:30 am to 12:30 pm

This is fundraising initiative "by the Students, for the Students" in order to fund their Montreal trip in June 2018.

 One slice: $3.00

Two slices : $5.00

One juice (Caprisun): $1.00

Girard Gourmet Lunch registration for Winter session
Remember to register your children for the school lunch program with Girard Gourmet for the Winter Session. Different options are available to you for your children in pre-elementary or K-8th. 

Remember to do so before December 28th.

You can now choose and order your meal plan from Girard Gourmet using the updated ordering system

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions:    
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Tips for a Stress Free Holiday

1. Don't overschedule! It's always tempting to overload the family calendar with parties and trips this time of year, but be realistic about your limits, and those of your children! There IS such a thing as too much holiday fun.
2. Don't compare yourself to others and pressure yourself to do all the fun holiday things you seen on social media...
Hilde Gross
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5th graders choir at "Le marché de Noël"
La Chorale des CM2

A memorable musical moment shared with our SDFAS community. Many thanks to Claire and the 5th graders students choir who sang extracts of the French opera "  Nous n'irons pas à l'opéra  " (we will not go to the opera), written by Julien Joubert.
The Marché de Noel was a great success this year
Un franc succès pour le Marché de Noël cette année

Pictured: Vendors.

"The entire SDFAS community expresses its gratitude to the Parent's Association led by Lydia Inostroza, the many local vendors and SDFAS community members and friends who made up the market, as well as to the administration, teachers and facilities team at the school for helping organize and execute such a beautiful Holiday Market event this past Friday December 8. The ambiance was warm and enchanting. Children had a wonderful time. Adults enjoyed themselves. What a wonderful way to begin the holiday season."

"Toute la communauté de SDFAS remercie l'Association des Parents menée par Lydia Inostroza, les nombreux vendeurs locaux, membres et amis de la communauté qui ont constitué le marché, ainsi que l'administration, les enseignants et l'équipe de maintenance de l'école pour leurs efforts dans l'organisation et l'exécution d'un si joli Marché de Noël ce vendredi 8 décembre passé. L'ambiance était chaleureuse et charmante. Les enfants comme les adultes se sont bien amusés. Voici une agréable façon de débuter la saison des fêtes."

La Jolla Christmas Parade  

Thank you to all the students who participated to La Jolla Christmas Parade , with many spectators to watch our SDFAS students, parents and staff march along the festively decorated SDFAS float! Our float shined with the colors of international, global education: multi-lingual, multi talented, world ready!


As embodied by our wonderful P.A.-sponsored Holiday Market this past December 8, there is no time of year more special for children than the end of year holiday season. Lights, decorations, cakes and goodies, special foods and traditions, wrapping paper, holiday cards, gifts, friends, and the warmth of family provide them with love and fill them with wonder. 
Hanukkah, the Jewish festival of oil and light, began on December 12 and lasts for eight days.  The twelve days of Christmas begin on the eve of the 24th of December and last until Epiphany or Three King's Day (la Fête des Rois) on January 6. The festival of Kwanzaa honoring African culture and traditions begins on December 26 and last's through New Year's Day. Whether you celebrate the end of the year with a menorah, Christmas tree lights, Kwanzaa candle sticks, or in some other well lit way, SDFAS honors the diverse cultures and traditions that make up our very unique community. 
The school also honors and congratulates all of our students for their hard work and efforts to learn and grow in school and at home over these first four months of the school year. 
It is now time for everyone to take a break, to rest and enjoy time with family and friends. 

Happy holidays! Happy new year! See you in 2018!

Mark Rosenblum, Head of school

Chers parents,
Comme l'a montré notre magnifique Marché de Noël du 8 décembre, marché organisé par l'Association des Parents, il n'y a pas de période de l'année plus chère aux enfants que la saison des fêtes. Lumières, décorations, gâteaux et bonbons, recettes de familles et traditions, papier cadeaux, cartes de voeux, présents, amis, et la chaleur de la famille donnent aux enfants de l'amour et les laissent émerveillés. 
Hanoucca, la fête juive de l'huile et de la lumière, a commencé le 12 décembre et durera huit jours. Les douze jours de Noël démarrent le soir du 24 décembre jusqu'à l'Epiphanie (Fête des Rois) le 6 janvier. Le festival de Kwanzaa qui honore la culture et les traditions africaines débute le 26 décembre jusqu'au jour de l'an. Que vous célébriez la fin de l'année avec une "menorah", les lumières du sapin, des chandeliers de Kwaanza ou d'une autre façon bien éclairée, SDFAS reconnaît et apprécie toutes les cultures et traditions diverses qui constituent notre communauté unique. 
L'école rend aussi hommage et félicite nos élèves pour leur travail et leurs efforts quotidiens pour apprendre et progresser dans l'école comme à la maison, tout au long de ces quatre premiers mois de l'année scolaire. 
Il est temps maintenant pour tout le monde de faire une pause, de se reposer et de profiter des moments de détente en famille et avec ses amis. 

Bonnes fêtes à tous ! Bonne année ! À l'an prochain !

Mark Rosenblum, Chef d'établissement

The 9th Annual Talent Show

Auditions will be in January. Pick up your application in the office with Stephanie or print off from the school website.
Congratulations to the 4 finalists of the contest for the Yearbook cover
Félicitations aux 4 finalistes du concours pour la couverture du livre de fin d'année scolaire

Design by Maya Satterberg (1st place) -
Design by Kaylie Zurita and Cholé Vargas (2nd place)

Congratulations to the 4 finalists who submitted their designs for the yearbook cover under the theme: "When the Past meets the Present". The one made by Maya will be the cover and the ones made by Kaylie, Chloé and Julian will be included in the yearbook.

Pictured: Iris, Elsa, Grayson, Keenan and Audrey

Pizza Party for the yearbook cover contestants
Congratulations to all the students who submitted their designs. We were delighted to see a lot of good ideas and art media used to create them. This year all the contestants for the yearbook cover were invited to the pizza party.
Pre-Elementary: How do we expand our learning around a theme (the body)
Maternelle : Comment élargissons nous notre apprentissage autour d'un thème (le corps humain)

Video: Doctor why not in Preschool

Our PK1 students focused on the body. They started by reading « la promenade de Flaubert » : During a stroll, the wind blows so hard that Flaubert's accessories and body parts fly away! He is able to get everything back, though he might just look a bit different. The children love the story.
Our 3 classes built Flaubert out of paper, blew on him, put him back together, developing body parts language and space awareness.
You probably saw some of the work derived from the theme in the classrooms. Check the video made by Alexandra in PK1: the students built a « child life size » patient. They then transformed in surgeon and operated on different body parts.
An author in our school!
Une écrivaine dans l'école !

Pictured: Elsa Devernois

Elsa Devernois is a French children's books author. 
She has published about 200 stories in books and magazines. She came to our school on December 7th and 8th to talk about her craft with students in PK2, Kinder, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 6th grade.
Our students had prepared questions which she answered with honesty and humor, encouraging our budding authors to keep cultivating their imagination.
This wonderful event was in part funded by the profits from the October book fair organized by the PA.
Thank you!
Anne, SDFAS Librarian
Middle school : Math Project: Pacific Beach and La Jolla Shores with
Mr. Giot and Mr. Moncelet
Collège : Projet de maths en grandeur nature sur la plage

This project has been running for several weeks. Carefully crafted by Nicolas Giot (MS Math teacher) and Julien Moncelet (5th grade French teacher), the project involved several collaborative classes (5th + 6th graders together), in order to work on geometry knowledge. Then came the opportunities to apply it: first, a small scale (in class, paper) - a medium scale (on the blacktop, 2 meter diameter shapes - refer to the last ECHO for the video taken with a drone) - a large scale (on the sands of Pacific Beach on Dec 4 5B/6B - on Dec 12 5A/6A) with 10 meter diameter shapes.
Elementary School : Life Science - « Animal Adaptations »
Elémentaire : Science et Vie - "Adaptation des animaux "

In the second period of the school year, the 3rd graders learned about animal adaptations in Science. The students conducted individual research on various animal adaptations: Scientific Names, Climate, Habitat, Diet, Physical Adaptations, Behavioral Adaptations, and Interesting Facts. The research project was designed to enhance the students' research, artistic, reading, and writing skills as they learned about animal adaptations.
Pre-Elementary: Caterpillar turns Butterfly
Maternelle : De chenille à papillon

Video: Caterpillar's transformation

Video: a Beautiful Butterfly

In our preschool recess area, we have a lot of Milkweed, thanks to Mrs. Gold. This is the favorite food of caterpillar, and they love it.  One day, the caterpillars stop eating, hang upside down from a twig or leaf and spin itself a silky cocoon or molts into a shiny chrysalis. Within its protective casing, the caterpillars transform their body, eventually emerging as a butterfly or moth. Our students followed this transformation and checked every day the progress.
Program and registration for the After School Activities (ASA)
Inscription aux activités extra scolaires

Registration for the Winter session 2018 is now available online. 

Click HERE to register for ASA. 

Payment : For your registration to be complete it must be paid in full before class starts (except for Homework class and the Conservatory of Music).
Late registration. Starting Tuesday December 28th a $50 late registration fee per family will be charged. Classes' prices will not be prorated for late registration.

Based on your feedback and to serve children and families better, many ASA classes will now begin at 3 :30pm to allow for either 30 minutes of daycare or 30 minutes of study hall before the activity. For all ASA starting at 3:30 pm, you must choose one of the following options (one selection only):

- Extended Care (free of charge if registered for an ASA)
- Study Hall from 3.00-3:30 pm (fee applying, will be billed later)

**It is critical for the school to have families register for study hall from now on for each day that it is desired. We must have a list of names in order to be able to plan accordingly in terms of staffing study hall correctly. Please work with us to plan your family schedule and routines accordingly. We greatly appreciate it.

Adult French Classes:  NEW beginner A0/A1 classes now available to our community. French classes are listed under the adult classes tab on our website.

Students from both 8 th grade extended studies classes started to study Of Mice and Men from Steinbeck in French and in English in September 2017. The goal of the trimester was to put together the pieces of their mock trial. The Defense and Prosecution legal teams have constructed their opening statements and their direct examination questions for their respective witnesses to help argue their main points about the case.
They constructed their cross- examination questions and closing statements and then practiced trial protocols and procedure.
The trial in English (students from the English extended studies class) took place on December 1, with members of the 7th grade serving as the jury and as the courtroom audience. The trial in French (students from the French extended studies class) will take place on December 8, with members of the 7th grade serving as the jury and as the courtroom audience. Finally, students will reflect on the similarities and differences between the American and the French legal system, and give their feedback on their learning experience.
Spanish elective field trip to a Mexican restaurant with Ms. Patino

Pictured: Nicolas and Grégoire.

The students from the Spanish elective class in the first trimester worked on food through several activities that include conversational activities, games, worksheets, board games and roleplay. As a final activity and to bring the language to real life, the students went for lunch to a Mexican restaurant in Chula Vista where they had to order their food, drinks and desserts in Spanish. This was an activity that allowed the students to practice what they have learned, to experience the culture as well as the food.
Los estudiantes de la clase optativa de español trabajaron con el tema de la comida durante el primer trimestre por medio de actividades de conversación, juegos, actividades escritas y juegos de rol. Como actividad final y de manera de llevar el idioma a la vida real, los estudiantes fueron a comer a un restaurante Mexicano situado en Chula Vista. Los estudiantes ordenaron su comida, su bebida y su postre. La actividad permitió a los estudiantes practicar lo que aprendieron, experimentar la cultura y la comida.
Let it snow at SDFAS
Il a neigé à SDFAS !

On Tuesday, December 5, thanks to the Bronner family (former SDFAS family) and the Parent's Association, children arrived to school to find SDFAS covered in "snow" (foam spread from fire truck hoses) all to celebrate the holiday season, dream of the real thing, and get into the holiday spirit for this coming Friday's Marché de Noël. It was a beautiful, white morning at school with bedazzled children and parents enjoying every moment of the marvelous snowy scene in front of the school!

Le 5 décembre dernier, grâce à la famille Bronner, ancienne famille de SDFAS, et à l'association des parents, les enfants sont arrivés à l'école et ont découverts  l'école recouverte de « neige » (savon Bronner biologique et biodégradable). Cet évènement célèbre le début des fêtes de fin d'année et l'arrivée de notre Marché de Noël ce vendredi. Ce fut une belle matinée blanche appréciée par les enfants autant que les parents ainsi que tous les passants du Mt Soledad !

- Friday, December 15: Winter Show PK-Kinder and Elementary / MS Potluck - Noon / Minimum Day
- Saturday, December 16 - Wednesday January 3: WINTER BREAK 
- Wednesday, December 27: ASA deadline registration
- Monday, January 1: HaPpY
NeW YeAr!
- Wednesday, January 3: School reconvenes
- Monday, January 8:  ASA Winter session starting
- Thursday, January 11:  PK0 Picture Day
- Monday, January 15:  Martin Luther King day, no school 
- Monday, January 22 - Friday, January 26: Parent-Teacher Meetings PK-K
- Friday, January 26: Café Croissants / State of the School
- Saturday, January 27:  Morning of Fun