Newsletter Issue No 8
January 10, 2019 
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The 10th Annual Talent Show
Le Marché de Noël

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Planning and Recruitment Meeting

SDFAS will be hosting a PLANNING and RECRUITMENT meeting (aka Plenary meeting) on February 7th at 2.30pm
The meeting's objective is to go over our future activities (make sure they will take place and address any issues or concerns) and to invite potential replacements for current organizers.

SDFAS is actively looking for 
- A Parent Social chair for this year 
- A Talent show chair for next year/ they would be an apprentice to Kerry Riche as she organizes the one coming up shortly
- A Teacher Appreciation co-chair to assist Celine Theano and Amy Allemann 
Head organizers/chairs
for the Kermesse as well as the International Food Fair for this year

Date: To be determined
Chair: OPEN 

Current organizer: Kerry Riche
Date:  February 8th
Co-Chair/Apprentice(s): OPEN

Current Organizer: Linda Morales 
Date: February 18 - 22 , with the 22nd being Minimum Day before February break 
Co-chair/Apprentice)s): OPEN

Date: March 30th 

Current Organizers: Celine Theano and Amy Allemann
Co-chair/apprentice(s): OPEN
Date:  Wednesday May 1st, 2019


Kermesse Chair: OPEN
International Food Fair Chair: OPEN
Tuesday 18th of June, 2019 

Additionally, SDFAS  is actively looking for a President to replace Lydia Inostroza who has served in her role for the last 4 years. The President's main goal is to ensure that our school activities calendar is maintained.

SDFAS is also looking for a Treasurer to replace Keri Belhon who has served in her role for the last 4 years. The Treasurer's main objective is to keep track of spending and to help event chairs stay within their assigned budget.

Happy New Year again to all! 
Thank you for spreading the word and for sharing your time.

SDFAS Parents'

The position of interim Preschool Academic Coordinator

I am pleased to announce that Sophie Ricouard has accepted the school's offer to take on the position of interim Preschool Academic Coordinator for the remainder of the school year. She will retain her classroom responsibilities in PK0 through 12:15 pm daily M-F and will work in her administrative role in the afternoons. Sophie will provide interim leadership and academic coordination for the Preschool/K teaching team and for cross-divisional and inter-level curricular projects; and, she will be the point person for parents for academic information, events, kudos and concerns. Sophie will also co-manage student concerns and disciplinary issues with Babeth Esterly and myself. 

Please join me in welcoming Sophie to this important role. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns as we move forward.

Best regards, and again a happy and healthy new year to everyone.


PK0 Pictures Day


Pictures Day for PK0 will now take place on Monday January 14th.

Alexandra will also be available for make-up pictures for PK1 and PK2 students on that day by appointment only. 

If you are interested by a retake, please contact Alexandra Borbolla directly at

Girard Gourmet Lunch registration for Winter session

Remember to register your children for the school lunch program with Girard Gourmet for the Winter Session if you didn't register for the whole year. Different options are available to you for your children in pre-elementary or K-8th.

You can choose and order your meal plan from Girard Gourmet using the updated ordering system 

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions:

Ciné Club - January 11

Bande Annonce - Dans la brume avec Romain Duris & Olga Kurylenko
Bande Annonce - Dans la brume avec Romain Duris & Olga Kurylenko

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Our wonderful world: 
Spectacle des maternelles

On December 19th, students presented the Winter Show in the auditorium.The theme this year was directly inspired by our School-Wide Academic Plan and was centered around natural habitats. We explored some of Earth's wonderful treasures and sought to teach our students the importance of preserving our forests, ice flows, mountains, and deserts. Truly a great show with multi-talented students!

Bringing back memories:
Spectacle des élémentaires

On December 19th, 2018, the elementary students performed on stage "Bringing back memories" for their winter show. This year the students and their teachers wanted to speak about love and family. The story was about four children visiting their grandparents for the Holidays. While playing, they travelled through their grandparents' past and discovered their memories. A magic and beautiful moment with songs and poetry. Thank you to all our students and community for making this event a success!

Claire Selva, SDFAS 1st grade teacher and coordinator of the winter show.


Alas, the holiday festivities and relaxing days of vacation -that much needed break in the routine of school and life- are behind us. We now look forward into 2019 and make our resolutions for the new year.
One area that we can all work on together as parents and as educators is how to do a better job building resilience in our children. A recent short article from the NAIS network, shared with me by a parent, is well worth reading: "
Teaching our students resilience - how schools can help ".

In it, the author reminds us that our children must be left to endure the bumps and bruises of their lives which inevitably occur, like forgetting to turn in a homework assignment, or not studying enough for a test and getting a low grade or having an uncomfortable encounter with a classmate. As the adults -parents and educators- we would do well to restrain ourselves from immediately intervening in every such instance to "fix" the problem or "remove the obstacle". Children need to build over time from such setbacks their resilience and character. We must show them that we trust them and have faith in them to build the skills they need to successfully manage their own lives. 
Another author well worth reading on this topic is Wendy Mogel who first wrote "The Blessing of a Skinned Knee" and followed it with "The Blessing of a B minus ". Pulling from the Jewish tradition she speaks about how to parent children of all ages in today's world in ways that build self-reliance.
Apart from our resolutions, there is much learning and there are  many exciting events to look forward to at SDFAS in 2019: the State of the School address toward the end of January followed by the re-enrollment process, the Talent Show, the French and American Book Fair, Chinese New Year, a film screening of "Brainious", the Jog-a-thon, the Science Fair, Pi Day, field trips, overnight trips, the annual Gala, and so much more...
Here's to a great year! May our children grow strong in character and inner strength with the adults helping in the right way, simply asking questions and then letting our children seek and find the answers all by themselves.
See you all soon around campus! And again, happy new year.

Mark Rosenblum, Head of school

Chers parents,

Hélas, les fêtes de fin d'année et les belles journées de vacances - une coupure indispensable dans nos routines - sont derrière nous. Nous envisageons à présent l'année 2019 et c'est l'heure des bonnes résolutions.
L'un des domaines sur lequel nous, parents et éducateurs, pouvons travailler ensemble, est de mieux aider nos enfants à bâtir leur résilience. Un court article récent sur le sujet, publié par le réseau NAIS et indiqué par un parent, vaut le détour : " Teaching our students resilience - how schools can help".
L'auteur nous rappelle que nous devons laisser nos enfants endurer les bosses et les bleus qui, inévitablement, se produisent dans leurs vies, comme par exemple d'oublier de rendre ses devoirs, ou de ne pas avoir suffisamment révisé avant un test et d'obtenir une mauvaise note, ou bien d'avoir une interaction déplaisante avec un camarade de classe. En tant qu'adulte - parents et éducateurs - nous ferions bien de nous retenir d'intervenir immédiatement dans ces cas-là pour "résoudre" le problème ou "éliminer l'obstacle". Les enfants doivent petit à petit bâtir leur résilience et leur personnalité à partir de ces revers. Nous devons leur montrer que nous leur faisons confiance pour acquérir les compétences qui leur seront indispensables pour bien gérer leur vie.
Sur le même sujet, je vous recommande également Wendy Mogel, auteur de "The Blessing of a Skinned Knee" et "The Blessing of a B minus". En s'appuyant sur la tradition juive, elle explique comment être parents pour des enfants de tous les âges dans le monde d'aujourd'hui, de manière à développer leur indépendance.
Mis à part nos résolutions, il y a tellement à apprendre et tellement de superbes événements prévus pour l'année 2019 à SDFAS : The State of the School address vers la fin janvier, le processus de réinscription, le Talent Show, la Foire aux livres franco-américaine, le Nouvel An Chinois, la projection du film "Brainious", le Jog-a-thon, le Science Fair, le Pi Day, les sorties scolaires (à la journée ou sur plusieurs jours), le Gala annuel, et tant d'autres choses encore...
Vive la nouvelle année ! J'espère que nos enfants grandiront en personnalité et en force intérieure, avec l'aide d'adultes les aidant de la bonne façon, c'est-à-dire en posant simplement des questions et en laissant les enfants chercher et trouver eux-mêmes les réponses.
À bientôt sur le campus ! Et à nouveau, laissez-moi vous souhaiter une très bonne année.

Mark Rosenblum, Chef d'établissement

February 1st: Jog-a-Thon

We are in need of parent volunteers at the post-run fruit stand or first aid tent.  We also would like to encourage you to come out and cheer for the students as  they participate in this annual school wide event!!

Questions? Volunteer? Contact Diesa Seidel.
February 8: 10th Annual Talent Show

Application due date:  January 10th, 2019

For any inquiry please, contact Kerry the director and organizer of this event. 
The 2018 "Marché de Noël" was a great success!

The Marché de Noël was a wonderful way to end the school year. Our kids and parents flaunted their entrepreneurial know-how and guests from far and wide came to our campus to ring in the holidays.

Thank you to all of our volunteers and participating staff members and to each of you who attended. 

SDFAS hopes that all future activities will be as fun and memorable. 
If you would like to chair a future event or help out in any way, please consider attending the SDFAS ACTIVITY and RECRUITMENT meeting on February 7th at 2.30 pm.

Happy New Year to all,
Lydia Inostroza

Children have been also working hard after school during their preferred After School Activity. At the end of December they showed friends and family their performances. Among them, please see below some of the shows from The French Conservatory of Music, World Hand drumming class, Dance performance, and Sewing.

The French Conservatory of Music Recital at SDFAS

French Conservatory of Music Recital
French Conservatory of Music Recital

The French Conservatory of Music Recital and Orchestra took place Wednesday December 12th. The performance was amazing. Children worked very hard and their progress from last year's recital was significant. For the first time in United States, a beginner's Orchestra formed under the French system performed together after only three months of training. Stay tuned for the video that will be published at a later time.


Annual ASA Winter Dance Performance 2018

Gr 1-2 Tap & Rhythm class   opened the show tapping, clapping and grooving at the "Car Wash".
PK Creative Movement/Pre-Ballet students  had fun showing their families that they can dance and clean the house at the same time!  PK 2-K Pre-Ballet/Pre-Tap and Gr 1-2 Tap & Rhythm classes were happy to join in and lend a hand with their "Happy Working Song".
PK 2-K Pre-Tappers  sprinkled more magic as they danced to "Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo".
All of our dancers  demonstrated their ballet technique with a friend or two by their side, then individually leaped and turned across the stage, finishing with a perfect bow!  We "Decked the Halls" with joy and the audience applauded its approval!


Representation: World Hand Drumming

In the World Hand drumming class, "If you can say it, you can play it" is a method for creating and practicing rhythm patterns. During their "Last Class Celebration" these young drummers performed an African-based rhythm which is created from the rhythmic expression of the syllables in the word "Tanganyika". The students also created their own rhythms by rhythmically expressing the syllables of their names, favorite foods and things they like to do!


Sewing Creations

In sewing class last trimester students learned to sew with the sewing machine and by hand through severals small projects such as cactus and tree ornaments. The biggest project was to create one's own fabric and then choose to make a bag or a pillow. Students loved this project and were very happy to create their own designs!


Forum in 4th grade

The 4th grade A class presented for their forum a tribute to a great French songwriter, Mr. Charles Aznavour. 

They performed some of his best and most memorable songs. Charles Aznavour was one of the greatest French singers and songwriters of all time with more than 1,200 songs translated into nine different languages. He was also well known within the United States, honored with his own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. The forum's video will be sent to his family soon by Mme Aka.


Brazilian Music Presentation with Claudia in 1st grade

The children demonstrated what they learned with Claudia during the first trimester. They were able to say a few words in Portuguese such as Obrigada / Obrigada (Thank you), Bom Dia, Tudo Ben, etc. Claudia first started by a body warm-up to prepare the students to be more focused. Then each of them had to create a rhythm with her/his body and her/his classmates had to reproduce it. After that Claudia invited the parents to be part of this game. Parents participated, they had fun and they loved it. Finally, the children sang a Brazilian song and Claudia played music at the same time.

They sang "I love sweet potato". For this song, some students also played a traditional Brazilian instrument, the "shekere". It is an instrument which originated in West Africa, consisting of a large dried vine gourd with beads woven into a net covering the gourd. They shook it to make music. Each of them had a chance to play, following along to the rhythm of the song. Students passed their instrument to their neighbor on the word "sweet". At first the rhythm was slow, then Claudia made it faster and then very slow again at the end.

Edeline project: school supplies drive

With Ms. Addo at the helm, spearheading the Edeline Project, middle school students welcomed Edeline herself on campus this morning, and gathered all school supplies donations on her truck. The donations will now go to Haiti in different schools, and class supplies and 2 laptops given by SDFAS will be immediately put to good use.

Thank you to all students and families for their generosity, thank you to Ms. Addo for this meaningful and concrete action to help students in Haiti!


Parent Workshop with French Speech Therapist

On December 11, 2018, Stephanie Gontran, a French Speech Therapist, conducted a parent workshop in French on the theme of the cognitive development of the child from early childhood to the teenage years. The discussion focused on how parents can effectively and as best as they can foster a positive and supportive environment for their child, so that the child can learn. Kindness and respecting the pace of each child's learning were key concepts that underlined the lively and passionate discussion.

Thank you to all parents who attended, and thank you to Ms. Gontran for sharing her expansive knowledge and experience of more than 20 years of practice.

- January 11:  Ciné Club #4 "Dans la brume"
- January 14: Pictures Day for PK0
- January 14: School Council #2 at 3:20pm in A1
- January 21: MLK Day - no school
- January 22 - Friday January 25 : PK and Kinder P/T Meetings
- January 25:  Café Croissants - STATE OF THE SCHOOL at 8:30 am in the auditorium
February 1st: Jog-a-thon