Newsletter Issue No 4
October 12, 2017 
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Grandparents Day - Halloween 2017 Program
MLF training hosted on SDFAS
Middle: Newspaper Editorial Team
Elementary: Science
Pre-elementary: Taste Week
Elementary: Field Trip to Wild Willows farm
Middle curriculum 6th to 8th grades
Cross Country meet at Canyonside Park
Schedule for After School Activities
Fall Break

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Girard Gourmet Lunches:



Parenting Workshop
Thursday, October 12

Thursday October 12th from 6:30 to 8:00 pm in the Auditorium.

Registration to the conference is mandatory:
Sign up at the front desk or email Stéphanie at
 Deadline to register: Thursday October 12
th 2017 by 12:00 noon
Minimum Day Friday,
October 20
Dismissal is at 11:45 am for PK0-5, and at 12 noon for middle school.
Extended care is available from 12 noon until 6 pm.
Parents must register their children for extended care on minimum days before Friday October 13th, by sending an email to EXTENDED CARE if you cannot pick up your child by 12 noon.
There is no Girard Gourmet school lunch service, so if your child is staying in extended care, please provide a lunch. Children who are not picked up by noon will go to the lunch area. Please pick up your children in the lunch area for K-8 and from the playground in preschool.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions:
Extended Care during Parents-Teachers (PT) Conferences
No extended care registration is needed during PT conferences except for MS students on our Minimum Day, October 20 from 1-3 p.m.

Extended care is a service we provide for parents, you will not be charged for extended care only during the time of your parent-teacher conferences.
However, if you leave your child before or after your meeting, then you will be charged.
Please advise the extended care staff of your meeting time when you come in or when you leave the campus with your children.
Pre-K to 5th grade: Oct. 16-20. 
6-8th grade: Oct.12 from 1-6 p.m. and Oct. 20 from 1-3 p.m.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions:
Elementary school: Forum

Forum September 2017 SDFAS
Forum September 2017 SDFAS

The 4th graders have begun the year expressing their emotions and individuality through an "I Am" poem that each of them composed in class. In each line, they shared their feelings as well as their hopes and dreams for a better future. They are all deep thinkers and with such focus, will grow to become world ready.

ASA French Conservatory
of Music
     It has already been one month of practice for the children who are registered for the French Conservatory of Music for Piano and Violin lessons. All of them are progressing nicely with their music and instruments.
Sports League: Volleyball
   This year, the volleyball team is completely new and has been working hard on its game strategy under the leadership of Sophie Nehoua.

Go Stringrays! Tomorrow is another competition day!
Mexico Drive: all supplies have been delivered across the border

All supplies and boxes have been promptly delivered by volunteer parents across the border. 
The drive was a success, with:
18 boxes of food
4 boxes of blankets
3 boxes of personal hygiene items
11 boxes of baby products
2 boxes first aid
1 box of feminine products
5 boxes of blankets and socks
1 box of trash bags
1 box of flashlights and batteries
1 box of mouth covers and gloves
Again, thank you for the collective effort to help out the victims of the Mexico earthquakes.

Pièce de Théâtre "Un rapport sur la banalité de l'amour"
 Monday, October 30


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Pre-Elementary: Art integrated
Maternelle : Intégration de l'art 

 Pictured: Layla, VanGogh and sadness  

Starting from PK0 and up to 8th grade, the SDFAS curriculum integrates Arts in its daily activities in the classroom. In Kinder, our students have been working on emotions. Our 3 classes have been organizing all their activities around this theme. Each class targets social and emotional development. And builds strategies to better recognize and manage emotions, including reading and writing, as well as learning the vocabulary.

Collective creation on feeling inspired by the work of Benjamin Saulnier-Blache  

Integrating arts into core subjects helps young children learn better throughout the year following the curriculum. Arts-integrated teaching, taps into children's natural desire for active learning using their senses.
By singing, imagining, dancing, drawing and connecting their bodies and minds, children learn more deeply and meaningfully, especially in subjects like reading, math, and science.
Middle School: Visual Art
Collège : L'histoire de l'art

Pictured: Lily and Colin, Nicola.

7th grade students have worked on a " Raoul Dufy inspired La Jolla landscape or seascape".  Our artists are working in the style of "Fauvism", focusing on line quality, saturated color, stylistic rendering of landscape/seascape, using paper, sharpie and gouache.
Students are now on their project number 2:  Henri Matisse, La Musique, Textile Art.  Students are in small groups working at recreating "La Musique" in fabric. The focus is on building and assigning task building skills in order to create collaborative work items which will go for sale at our school fundraiser.


The commitment of our entire community to the financial strength of our school makes our mission possible. Our 365 students thrive as a result of growing philanthropic support for the school.

Next week, during Giving Week, the Board of Trustees will invite the entire community to express its trust in the mission of our school, and challenges each and every one with an unprecedented opportunity . If the entire community rallies and reaches the collective giving target amount of $250,000 - the Board of Trustees will contribute an impressive additional amount of $100,000. 

It is important to note that the Annual Fund is our school's primary fundraiser: it is the most critical source of immediately available and flexible funds. Our Annual Fund allows us to be extra-ordinary. It strengthens programs focusing on the arts, technology in the classroom, field trips, professional development, and financial aid. 

This year, our goal is to raise $365,000 and reach 100% parent and staff participation in the Annual Fund. Reaching full participation would be a clear expression of our community's investment in our school and our values: respect, integrity, inclusion, collaboration, and open-mindedness.

Véronique Rahmati, Director of Development

Chers parents,
L'engagement financier de toute notre communauté rend notre mission possible. Nos 365 étudiants prospèrent grâce à un soutien philanthropique croissant.

La semaine prochaine, au cours de la Semaine de la Philanthropie, le Conseil d'Administration invitera toute la communauté à exprimer sa confiance dans la mission de notre école et lancera un défi à chacun avec une opportunité sans précédent. Si l'ensemble de la communauté se mobilise et atteint le montant de 250.000$, le conseil d'administration versera une somme additionnelle de 100.000$.

Il est important de noter que le Fonds Annuel est la principale source de fonds flexibles immédiatement disponibles. Notre Fonds Annuel nous permet de nous distinguer. Il renforce des programmes comme les arts, la technologie en classe, les excursions scolaires, le développement professionnel et l'aide financière.

Cette année, notre objectif est de lever 365.000$ et d'atteindre une participation de 100% des parents et du personnel au Fonds Annuel. Une forte participation serait une expression claire de l'engagement de notre communauté et de son adhésion à nos valeurs communes : le respect, l'intégrité, l'inclusion, la collaboration et l'ouverture d'esprit.

Véronique Rahmati, Development Officer

If you love books and would like to help during the book-fair, please contact Aurélie

Grandparents Day - Halloween 2017 Program  

Grandparents and Special Friends Day will take place Friday, October 20. Save the date!

The event will start at 9 a.m. in the auditorium with coffee and pastries and a short presentation/video. Our special guests will participate this year in the Halloween celebration. They will be the judges of the pumpkin contest, and enjoy the parade with us. Of course, costumes are welcome.

Please remind grandparents and special friends to register for the event by sending an email at by Monday, October 16.

Friday, October 20th
Please note the general costumes guidelines:
  • For safety reasons, children are asked to not wear their masks when coming to school, at recess time and  during class time: teachers and staff need to be able to identify each student. Masks may be worn for the parade, the flashmob (Preschool and Elementary School) and costume contest (Middle School).
  • Avoid potentially harmful accessories such as weapons, swords, spears, sticks, etc.
  • No offensive, discriminatory and political references. 
For each division, please note additional specific recommendations (see below).
Thank you for your cooperation!

Maternelle - Pre-elementary

Please, no gory, scary costumes or fake blood. Thank you!

Schedule of events:

- 8:45: Children arrive at school wearing their costumes.
- 9:00 to 9:40 a.m.  Take pictures
- 9:45 a.m.  Parade starts led by the PK0 (about 15 to 20 minutes)
- After Flashmob bring snacks to share in the class for the potluck
11:00 a.m.  All children back in their class, except for the ones who are leaving with their parents.   


Students are welcome to come to school in costume, however no masks are allowed when entering the school, during recess or during class. Masks and props can be left in the classroom until the parade. No potentially harmful accessories such as weapons, sticks, and swords. 
Schedule of events:

- 8:30 to 10:00 a.m. regular schedule, students work in class.  (Grandparents will judge the Pumpkin Contest. From 8:30 to 10:00 a.m., they will be able to give us their opinion.)
- 10:00 to 10:15 a.m. Recess
- 10:15 to 10:30 a.m.  Flashmob
- 10:30 to 11:00 a.m.  Parade
- 11:00 to 11:45 a.m. Snack in classroom

Middle School 
Students are welcome to come to school in costume, no masks during class. Masks and props can be left in Ms. Brouder's office until the costume contest.

Schedule of events:

- 8:30 to 10:10 a.m. Class will be in session -  middle school students will go out of their classroom to watch the other divisions' events such as the  Preschool parade at 9:45 a.m .
- 10:15 a.m.  Elementary flash mob (5 to 10 minutes) - middle school students are invited to watch
- 11:00 a.m. to 12 p.m.  Halloween Potluck organized by the Room Parents.  Communication regarding the Potluck is made by the room parents.  Parents are welcome to join!
- 11:30 a.m. Costume Contest  on the deck + flash "events" organized by 8th grade - categories of contest will be discussed by 8th grade students.

Fifth graders are invited to participate in the costume contest and to the potluck. Costumes will be judged by faculty. Categories of costume contest will be decided by the 8 th graders.

Please check your costume idea with your main teacher.

Thank you for your understanding. 
MLF training hosted on SDFAS campus for Pre-elementary teachers

Formation du FML sur le campus SDFAS pour les enseignants pré-élémentaires

On Monday and Tuesday, our campus hosted a joint training for pre-elementary teachers from SDFAS and the Lycee Français of Los Angeles, led by Julie Higounet, French Pedagogic advisor. The thème was "Le jeu, support d'apprentissage" or in other words, how to use games to build learning. They worked on symbolic play, as a tool of cognitive development. Every aspect of this training targeted bilinguism and how to transfer the acquisition from English to French or French to English. The second part of the training will be in March, with SDFAS teachers going to Los Angeles.
Middle School: Newspaper Editorial Team
Collège : L'équipe d'édition du journal de l'école

Pictured: Emeraude, Sidonie and Mr Baron, Ava.

This school year, 7 students from 6th to 8th grade have embarked in an exciting adventure under the supervision of Mr. Baron in the Media & Newsletter Club. They are responsible for creating and designing from scratch, a student newsletter for our community. The roles and duties of each member of the editorial team have been well defined. The contents of the newsletter have been agreed upon, and students are now conducting research, interviews and writing their articles. Arthur: journalist - sport section, Emeraude: journalist - international news, Sidonie: editor-in-chief, Mr. Baron: teacher and facilitator, Nicola & Diego: comics (readers' favorite!), Ava: journalist - clubs section and Emilia: journalist - "person of the month" section.

Look out for the first edition!
Elementary: Science

Pictured: Jorge, Juliette and Nora.

This year, the 5th graders are starting to go to the Science lab once a week. Anne Laure Denis, Middle School Science teacher who is in charge of the science program will be teaching. They have been working on " Mixing can cause material changes (dissolving, reacting) ".
Pre-elementary: Taste Week
Maternelle : La semaine du goût


The annual Semaine du Goût or Taste Week is a celebration of flavors, good food, and nutrition. Numerous events are organized throughout the week.
This year in the pre-elementary school, children experienced "taste lessons": They explored textures and colors, compared and contrasted fresh fruits and dried fruits, and identify the main basic flavors (sour, bitter, salty, and savory). This event will not be possible without the contribution of our parents' volunteers, who cut, sliced, diced, and cooked for our students.

On behalf of the Pre-Elementary Team, Thank you! 
Elementary: Field Trip to Wild Willows farm
Élémentaire: Excursion à la ferme Wild Willows

After our field trip to Wild Willows farm, we better understand plant and animal adaptations to the desert-beach climate. Wild Willows Farm is situated in Imperial Beach next to the Tijuana River Valley. Second Grade discovered that a river ran through the area when the students collected little seashells.
The students also learned about water preservation, composting and recycling.
We also took time to smell, feel and taste different plants. Everybody wanted to stay longer.
Middle school curriculum 6th to 8th grades - Fun and visible learning in Spanish class
Programme au collège - Apprentissage amusant et visible en classe d'espagnol


In order to effectively learn a language, fun activities in situation and peer-to-peer interactions are paramount. Differentiation is also extremely important.

As we have a substantial number of students who speak Spanish fluently, a new approach and curriculum is being implemented in Spanish class across the middle school grades. We will focus on building their skills toward high school Spanish. Advanced speakers also routinely interact with regular learners. These interactions effectively empower students to become better leaders. This approach is very beneficial to everyone and reinforces regular learners' language skills, meaningful interpersonal dialogues and activities, as well as the advanced speakers' self-confidence and leadership skills' development.
Enjoy this sample of pictures from the Spanish class.
Congratulations to all students and their teacher, Ms. Patino!
Cross Country meet at Canyonside Park
Rencontre des coureurs au parc Canyonside

Pictured: Front - Tahli and Emi Back -  Lexine, Chloe and Emil

SDFAS cross country team competed at Canyonside Park and they did very well!

5 & 6 girls:  gold - 1 medal, bronze - 1 medal

7 & 8 girls: gold - 1 medal , bronze - 1 medal

7 & 8 boys: bronze - 1 medal

Congratulations! Go Stringrays!
Schedule for After School Activities (ASA) during Parent-Teachers (PT) conférences October 16- 20

- ASA during PT conferences for the following

Tuesday Oct. 17th : Playball (no class on 9/19), World Hand Drumming (no class 9/26), Jiu- Jitsu (no class 9/12)

Wednesday Oct. 18th : Planète verte (no class 9/6), Creative Movement/Pre-ballet (no class 9/6), Basketball (Diesa sick 9/20)

Thursday Oct. 19th : Les petits chefs (no class 9/7), Tap & Rhythmic Dance (no class 9/21)
- NO ASA during PT conferences for the following

Monday Oct. 16th : Kids Dance Adventure, Skateboard, ALBION Soccer, French Homework, Italian, Tennis, On s'amuse au théâtre, Les beaux arts, Soccer

Tuesday Oct. 17th : Ceramic, Chess, French Homework

Wednesday Oct. 18th : Soccer, Mathematical Problem Solving, Skateboard, French Homework

Thursday Oct. 19th : Playball, French Homework, Chinese

Friday Oct. 20th : Minecraft, French Homework, Triple Threat minus 1, Rhythmic Gymnastics

Saturday Oct. 21th: Surf
Fall Break: October 23-27 (5 days)
Mise à jour des activités extra-scolaire

SDFAS is offering vacation camps for PK0-8 th grade at the following dates:  ONLINE REGISTER

Deadline registration Oct. 15th, 2017 on Oct. 16th a $50 late registration fee will be added to your total. 

Pay online HERE Each camp in preschool is managed by one instructor and one assistant. 

There are different groups divided by level PK0-PK1, and PK2-K. For older children there is only one group 1st - 8th Grade with one instructor. We also offer half day Surf Camp* and half day Soccer Camp.

The theme for each vacation break will be based on the season Fall, Winter and Spring activities. Children will do arts and crafts projects using nature, fun stories and activities. Children will get familiar with different songs, stories and participate in outdoor activities. If cancelation occurs on or before Oct. 15 th , we will retain a $50 cancelation fee per child. If cancelation takes place after Oct. 16 th , there is no refund. We reserve the right to cancel the camp if the minimum of 6 children is not met; we reserve the right to combine camps if registration doesn't meet the minimum.

A welcome email confirmation will be sent to parents of all registered students on Thursday Oct. 19th . We do not offer hot lunch during our vacation breaks. We offer childcare from 4-5 p.m. for $50/week. Late pick up will be charged $1/min after 5 pm. Drop in full day from 8:30 am - 4 pm. $85 per day or half days 8:30 am - 12:30 pm $75/half day are available only for preschool. Surf camp is $340.  Albion Soccer camp for 1 st -3 rd grade from 9-12pm is $250, for 4 th -8 th grade from 9-2pm is $300. If you need camp until 4 pm, your child can join the afternoon camp, price is $100/week.

*Surf Camp (Surf Diva) K-8th Grade. 9:30 am - 12:30 pm.
Children will learn to surf in small groups in a fun and encouraging environment at  California's #1 Surf School owned by twin sisters Izzy and Coco Tihanyi, at La Jolla Shores.

The Tihanyi family has two children attending SDFAS, who also surf in the ASA program and are very involved in the daily school activities and fundraising. Your child will benefit from this activity by developing balance, athleticism, and self-confidence with our positive and highly trained instructors. Surfboards and rash guards are provided for the surf lesson. Classes will feature detailed instruction in: ocean awareness, waves and currents, water safety, surf etiquette, surfing equipment, surfing history, global surf geography. All levels are accepted.

The surf program for SDFAS, La Jolla Surf Camp for boys and girls, is run by the top instructors at Surf Diva. Children must know how to swim. Parents need to fill out the package available from the office, sign the waiver and provide weight and height of their children. All children will meet the instructor at the drop off/pick up zone near the north bathrooms at La Jolla Shores.

Cancellation policy: For parents who are not sure if their children like surfing, you can cancel after the first class with a full refund minus the first class cost. Parents have to drop off and pick up their children to and from La Jolla Shores beach. Wet suits are available for rent.

- Thursday 12: Choice Application Workshop 12 - 1 pm
- Friday 13 - Friday 20: French Book Fair
- Thursday, October 12:
Parenting Workshop on Limits and Consequences with Hilde Gross 6:30 - 8 pm

- Monday 16 - Thursday 19: 6 th and 7 th grade overnight field trips
- Monday 16 - Thursday 19: PK-5 th P/T Meetings
- Monday 16 - Friday 20: Giving Week
- Friday 20: Halloween / Grandparents Day / MINIMUM DAY
- Friday 20:  Elementary and MS P/T Meetings 1 - 3 pm
- Monday Friday 23 - 27: Fall Break