Newsletter Issue No 12
March 8, 2018 
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Our 2018 Gala is fast approaching!
Language Parade on International Day
100 Days in 1st grade
Yearbook 2018
Black History Month Celebration
Social and Emotional Learning
3D Training in 4th grade
Fly Your Ride Competition
4th Annual Middle School Film Festival
Mini-Forum PK0 and PK2

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Girard Gourmet Lunches:



School Council Minutes
The School Council met on January 8.
Minutes are now available online.


PA plenary meeting on Thursday, March 8, 2018
Dear SDFAS families, 
The PA Plenary meeting is scheduled for  March 8th between 5.30 and 6.30 PM . Please come with your questions and concerns. If you're interested in participating in the PA or would like to spearhead an activity, this is a wonderful opportunity to share your vision. 

The agenda will cover: 

- a review of this academic year's past PA activities 
- a presentation of the PA activities coming up
- a summary of the updated bylaws
- the announcement of the elections 
We will have light snacks and refreshments.
We all look forward to seeing you there!
Warm Regards, 

Lydia Inostroza
President of the Parent Association

Film in French "Les Garçons et Guillaume à table !"

First time in San Diego
Showing on March 9th, 2018 at SDFAS

Les Garçons et Guillaume à table !
Les Garçons et Guillaume à table !

Science Fair - April 9th

Calling all aspiring scientists!

The science fair is coming. Do your experiments. Display your results. Tell us what you discovered.  

Projects are due in the auditorium before school on Monday April 9th. Judging and presentations will occur during school hours between April 9th and April 11th. Results will be presented on April 12th at forum.

Projects must include an experiment that includes playing with a variable (no demonstrations or research projects). Group projects are not permitted this year. 

Families CAN help!

Conference on Parenting at SDFAS - April 10th

English Book Fair

Thanks to several SDFAS parents who volunteered their time, the 2018 English Book Fair was a great success bringing in over $6,400 in gross sales!
According to Anne Ricart, our librarian, we were able to purchase 42 books valued at $531 with the profits and still had revenue left over to credit the school or to purchase more books.

Again, many thanks to all who volunteered!   ...And to the parents & students who purchased books- Happy Reading!


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Elementary: Peter and the Wolf
Elémentaire : Peter et le loup

Pictured: Raphaël, Emil, Mahalet, Miles, Valentina and Chloé

On February 23 rd , Kindergarten to 3 rd  grade students were pleased to listen to the Philharmonic Wind Quintet, performing Peter and the Wolf. Six students were invited to read as Special Guest Narrators. At the end of the presentation, students were able to ask questions and to know more about the instruments they heard.
Jog-a-Thon 2018 - Thank you!

Thanks to the energy of all our students and the motivation of their sponsors. We have raised this year the impressive amount of $13,800! 

50% for SDFAS Athletics (Sports League/PE/Recess/Specialty Equipment)

50% for Charities - Charity Distribution:

40% = Haiti Futur (Sponsoring student tuition at l'Ecole de Rhe through goat microfinance program, and funding for skill-related summer camp).

30% = Rady's Children Hospital (Funding the 3D Heart Modeling Program, which prints out 3D hearts for children with congenital heart failure, insuring a higher rate of successful surgeries). 

15% = San Diego Ocean Foundation (Promoting ocean stewardship and supporting sustainability through protecting ecosystems and understanding marine life).

15% = Corazon de Vida Foundation (Supporting orphanages for children with disabilities in Baja, Mexico).


Many people from around our school community, nationally and internationally are expressing views about student safety and gun violence in schools. Please be aware that NAIS, of which SDFAS is a member school, has an online  " Action Center " that assists citizens from NAIS school communities--from any viewpoint or political persuasion--to communicate with Governors, Lt. Governors, State Senators and State Representatives. In these troubling times, it is meaningful to model for our children that in a democracy we can make our voices heard by communicating with the elected officials who serve as our representatives.

With that said, I'd like to highlight in this EDITO some recent and upcoming SDFAS events:

Jog-a-thon : Thanks to the energy of our students and the generosity of their sponsors, the community this year on February 2 raised the impressive amount of $13,800 in one morning. The student delegates and the Groupe Humanitaire have allocated 50% of the funds to four different charities, and with the other 50% Ms. Seidel will order new sports and recess equipment. Thank you to all parents for their support!

Talent Show : Because of the hard work and preparation efforts of many students and parents, and to the vision and organizational efforts of Kerry Riché and her team, the Talent Show was again a huge success this year. Thank you to all the students who participated, to their parents and friends who supported them, and to everyone who came to the show!

CAIS Accreditation Visit: From March 19-22 a team of six educators from CAIS schools from around California will visit our school, observe classes and interview people from throughout our community, all as part of the re-accreditation process for SDFAS. Thanks in advance to everyone who will have a part in this process: teachers, staff, administrators, students, parents and members of the Board of Trustees. I know that the school will shine throughout the visit!

International Day : Some of you have already signed up to have your child participate in the program this year. We will hold a special forum from 9-10 am on Thursday March 22 to kick off international day. The main event will consist in a Language Parade (see flyer in this edition of ECHO). Your child will have the opportunity, if desired in traditional clothing from the country or region being represented, to come to the microphone and introduce him or herself and a say a few basic things in a language other than English or French or in a regional accent or dialect of English or French.

The Gala : The gala is fast approaching! Tickets are on sale. This is our annual opportunity to enjoy each other's company, celebrate our community spirit and spend the evening supporting the school in the historic setting of the Hotel Del Coronado. Bring your friends, contact the Gala team to reserve a table... See you at the Gala "Une Célébration Pétillante" on March 24!

Keep reading Echo and enjoy the weeks to come!

Mark Rosenblum, Head of school

Chers parents,
Nombreux sont ceux qui, dans notre communauté et aux alentours, aussi bien au niveau national qu'international, s'expriment sur la question de la sécurité des élèves et la violence par les armes dans les écoles. Veuillez noter que NAIS, une association d'écoles dont SDFAS fait partie, propose en ligne un "Action Center" qui aide tout citoyen membre -quelque soit son opinion ou affiliation politique- à entrer en communication avec les gouverneurs, lieutenants gouverneurs, sénateurs et députés. En ces temps difficiles, il est important de montrer à nos enfants qu'en démocratie, nous pouvons faire entendre notre voix en communiquant avec les officiels élus pour nous représenter.  

Ceci dit, j'aimerais mettre en lumière dans cet EDITO quelques événements récents et à venir à SDFAS :

Jog-a-thon : Grâce à l'énergie de nos élèves et la générosité de leurs sponsors, la communauté cette année a levé le 2 février la somme impressionnante de 13 800$ en une matinée. Les élèves délégués et le Groupe Humanitaire ont alloué 50% des fonds à quatre oeuvres de charité et avec le reste, Ms. Siedel commandera de nouveaux équipements pour le sport et la récréation. Merci à tous les parents pour leur soutien !

Talent Show : Grâce au dur travail et aux efforts de préparation de nombreux élèves et parents, ainsi qu'à la vision et à l'organisation de Kerry Riché et son équipe, le Talent Show fut à nouveau cette année un immense succès. Merci à tous les élèves qui ont participé, à leurs parents et amis qui sont venus les encourager et à tous les spectateurs !

CAIS Accreditation Visit : Du 19 au 22 mars, une équipe de 6 éducateurs venus de différents écoles CAIS nous rendrons visite pour observer des classes et interviewer différents membres de la communauté afin de pré-accréditer SDFAS. Merci d'avance aux personnes qui participeront au processus : enseignants, personnels, administrateurs, élèves, parents et membres du conseil d'administration. Je sais que l'école sera brillante pendant toute la visite!

International Day : Certains d'entre vous ont déjà enregistré leur enfant pour participer à cet événement cette année. Nous organiserons un forum spécial entre 9h00 et 10h00 le jeudi 22 mars afin de lancer la journée internationale. L'événement principal sera une Défilé des Langues (voir l'affiche dans cette édition de l'ÉCHO). Votre enfant aura l'occasion, s'il le désire, de porter un costume traditionnel du pays ou de la région qu'il représente, de venir au micro, de se présenter et de dire quelques phrases de base dans une langue autre que l'anglais ou le français, ou même avec un accent régional ou dans un dialecte anglais ou français.

The Gala  : Le Gala approche à grands pas ! Les tickets sont en vente. C'est l'événement annuel qui nous permet de nous détendre ensemble, de célébrer l'esprit de notre communauté et de passer la soirée dans le célèbre Hotel Del Coronado tout en soutenant l'école. Invitez vos amis, contactez l'équipe du Gala pour réserver une table... Rendez-vous le 24 mars pour un Gala "Célébration Pétillante".

Continuez à lire l'Écho et profitez des semaines à venir !

Mark Rosenblum, Chef d'établissement

Our 2018 Gala is fast approaching!
Le Gala 2018, c'est bientôt !

Now is the time to purchase your tickets for this special celebration! An exquisite menu with perfectly paired wines are always part of fun at the gala. Click  Here  for the mouth-watering meal choices. 

Visit   to purchase tickets online and preview our auctions. The online auction is open to the public, and will start on  Monday March 12th . Your friends and relatives can also bid on restaurant gift certificates, birthday parties, entertainment for your family, beauty packages and more that were donated by parents and businesses. 

Thank you for your support!
Language Parade on International Day at SDFAS
Défilé des langues pour la Journée Internationale à SDFAS 

On Thursday, March 22, 2018 during Forum time from 9 - 10am, there will be a community-building event to kick-off international day. The event will be a grand Défilé des Langues (Language Parade) organized outside on the blacktop. 

Please note that in order to participate, a sign-up sheet MUST be completed ( attach flyer and sign up as a link to PDF ) and handed in to the child's teacher or to Stéphanie in the main office by Monday, March 19, 2018 - 3:30 pm.

The Défilé des Langues to launch international day 2018 will be a fun and moving experience for everyone!
Elementary: 100 Days
Elémentaire : le 100ème jour à l'école

"100 great school days! Explained in 100 words...

Tuesday, February 13, the two first grade classes celebrated the hundredth day of school in color!  Each student was to dress from "head to toe" in the color of their choice. The multicolored students posed in front of cameras to make a rainbow of kids. This nice event was the culmination of the work done in English and in French since the beginning of the school year with the album, Emily's first 100 days of school (Les 100 premiers jours d'école d'Emilie). 
Great team work accomplished here in 1 st  grade!"
Yearbook 2018
Le livre de l'année 2018

It's time to order the yearbook 2018 celebrating the 30th anniversary of the SDFAS. Under the theme "When the Past Meets the Present", the yearbook features the values of the school as well as retrospectives from teachers and students but not only.

Order yours now! Online ONLY! Parents will be able to choose their options there. Prices start at $40. 
Visit   YBPAY.LIFETOUCH.COM  and use  ID code: 12766718 .

If you have any questions, please email to
Elementary: TW'HAIKU Edu Twit in 1st grade

We have entered an online Haiku contest on Tw'Haiku. A Haiku is a three-lined poem, originally from Japan. You need to respect these rules to create one: the 1st and 3rd lines have 5 syllables each and the middle line has 7 syllables. It doesn't have to rhyme and it can speak about nature or seasons. First, Elisabeth read us Haikus written by adults and kids, like us. Then, each of us wrote our first Haiku by using a line bank of 5 and 7 syllables. We shared our poem with our classmates. Later, Elisabeth showed us a snowy landscape, we told her what we saw and felt while admiring this picture and she wrote it down on the white board. After, we worked in pairs to create a poem. Finally, we read our poems aloud to the class. Today, we worked on a picture of poppy flowers' and we produced another Haiku with a different partner. We practiced so we will be ready for the contest, which will start next week ( March 12) and will finish April 6th . This month, we will receive one picture per week and we will need to create one haiku per week describing what we feel. We will share our haikus with other schools via Edu Twit (a microblog dedicated to pedagogical purpose and to class). In May, we will find out if one our Haikus has been greatly appreciated and selected to be part of a poetry book= Tw'Haiku 2018. 

See you in May!

Elisabeth Perdereau
Middle School: Black History Month Celebration
Collège : Qu'est ce que la discrimination et la ségrégation ?

On February 15, 2018, as part of the Black History Month celebration, all MS students and teachers gathered in the auditorium for a workshop on discrimination, stereotypes and segregation.
The activity that was performed at forum was a simulation during which students were given one of three colored stickers. The students were then allowed to talk to each other openly. Before speaking, students learned the rules of the simulation which required that people with certain stickers be either socially avoided, neutrally appreciated, or overly loved by their peers. At the end, students had to guess what color sticker they had on their foreheads. Then, each of the three groups was given a box. The boxes were either very easy to open or difficult to open, depending on which sticker students had on their foreheads. Those who had green stickers had an easy time opening their box and found candy, while those with red stickers had a difficult time opening their box and found no candy.
The simulation was meant to show students how segregation and discrimination work, and how people's lives are affected by parts of their identity that they can't control.
Afterwards, students presented things they have been learning in their classes about stereotypes, segregation, and discrimination.
We had a wonderful discussion about how discrimination can be harmful. The students ended on an optimistic note, brainstorming specific ideas about what solutions could help solve these complex issues in the United States.

Thank you, Ms. Aseltine and Ms. Addo, for a well crafted, purposeful, interactive and engaging forum experience!

Elementary: Social and Emotional Learning
Elémentaire : Etude autour du pouvoir des mots et des gestes

In February we spoked about these key words: prejudice, tolerance, intolerance, feelings, mean, bully, violence and self-esteem.
The goal of this lesson was to teach kids that words have the power to hurt and to heal. Our words have power and they have meaning. Our words impact those around us.
After introducing the class to their new classmate "Charlie", each child said something kind to Charlie and then something unkind to Charlie. As they said unkind things to Charlie, Charlie was taken apart and the piece was given to the student who said the unkind words.

After Charlie was in pieces, it was time to put Charlie back together. Each child who said something mean to Charlie had the opportunity to apologize to Charlie and then tape the doll back together.

When the torn body is fully repaired - no matter how hard the students have tried to piece him back together - Charlie will not look the same as when students met her/him for the first time.
Charlie's feelings were hurt, and the scars remain. Chances are those scars will never go away.
Charlie serves as constant reinforcement of a vivid lesson in kindness.
Sarah Le Boyer
Elementary: 3D Training in 4th grade

Pictured: Harmony, Anir, Yehia and Marco.

The fourth graders were exposed to a 3D training on the platform Minecraft with François Tregouet in history class. They were shown how to manipulate a self-created world including building 3D structures. Students, who are skilled in this field, were given the opportunity to run workshops to support their peers. The students are encouraged to use this platform as an option to build their California Mission Project.
Middle School: Fly Your Ride Competition - Makerspace Elective

Collège : Compétition Fly Your Ride - Faculté Makerspace

Pictured: Zach, Ms Jacoway and Adrien.

Four teams of students chose to enter the Fly Your Ride Competition put on by the San Diego Air and Space Museum as their project during this trimester's Makerspace elective. 
Students had to submit blueprint designs with all measurements, a materials list and a budget that didn't exceed $30 to qualify. If approved and chosen the cars will compete in a ramp jumping contest in April. 
At this point designs by Zach Walker, Julien Laing Begin, Raphael Atlante, Julien Arribart, Alex Llewellynn Smith, and Nicolas Fischer have qualified.
We will keep you updated if more are approved, as well as posts that include the projects completed by other students in Makerspace as they finish them! 
Middle School: 4th Annual Middle School Film Festival

Every year, students work/compete in groups in the SDFAS film festival. Students were tasked with creating a 1-2 minute short film using iMovie based on either (1) a virtue, (2) why character is important or (3) community values at school.
We watched all productions together, and the award went to the movie which carried the best message.
Congratulations to Juliette, Jaxon, Gloria, Laudine, Gregoire, Sophie C., Nolwenn, Arthur P., and Nicolas F. for their movie!
Preschool: Mini-Forum PK0 and PK2

Our PK0 students had their first mini-forum! They presented a mimed story in  French "le village de Chut". Some of our young students were still intimidated by the setting and the presence of so many parents and friends, but most of them were really proud and happy to perform for an audience. Then our PK2 did a song and dance number for a captivated public "Les trois petits cochons". Farm animals was the theme of their performance, and a reflection of current classroom learning.

- Thursday, March 8: PA Meeting (5:30-6:30pm)
- Monday, March 12 : AF San Diego's "Festinema" PK2 / K field trip to the movies
- Tuesday, March 13:  Middle School 6th to 8th grade performance Meara Scanlon 8:30 am auditorium
- Friday, March 16: Field trip for Pk1 C to the Science Fleet Museum I MS Dance #2
- Wednesday, March 21: Mini-Forum Mandarin PK2 / K & English in Kinder
- Thursday, March 22:  International Day
- Saturday, March 24 GALA Une soirée pétillante at the Hotel Del Coronado
- Friday, March 30: Crazy Hair Day