Newsletter Issue No 10
February 1, 2018 
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Jog-a-Thon is tomorrow!
Calling all Elementary School parents!
Talent Show is almost here!
English Book Fair
Flash on Woodworking
Science Fair
Airbus Presentation
Math Club is organizing a Pi Day Celebration!
Science in 4th grade
Spanish class: tailor-made approach to learning
Be ready to be impressed!
Eustory project
Sports League
Winter Camp: February 26 - March 2

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Girard Gourmet Lunches:



School Council Minutes
The School Council met on January 8.
Minutes are now available online.


State of the School

State of the School SDFAS - January 26, 2018
State of the School SDFAS - January 26, 2018

In the recent State of the School address this past Friday January 26, we showed examples of curricular innovation and creativity within each school division and the fine work of our students, teachers and administrators. We also discussed among other topics the school's strategic objectives, enrollment, budget and financial health, tuition, fundraising, and upcoming Gala in March.  The event was filmed and is available for you to view on Vimeo.

Demande de bourses scolaires :

Nous vous informons de l'ouverture de la première campagne de bourses scolaires pour l'année scolaire 2018-2019.
Les formulaires et l'ensemble des informations utiles sont consultables en suivant ce lien
Afin de les approuver, ces dossiers sont à retourner au plus tard le mercredi 21 février 2018 à l'école.

Merci de contacter Stéphanie Humbert pour plus de renseignements: 

2018-19 Re-enrollment via DocuSign
You have until   February 28th, 2018   to complete your re-enrollment process for the 2018-19 academic year.  Enrollment agreements have been sent via DocuSign. Enrollment agreements are not be complete and your child(ren) space(s) will not be reserved without Parent 1   and   2 (if applicable) signature(s) and without registration fees payment.  
This year more than ever, we are expecting wait lists for a few grades in preschool, elementary and middle school. If you have any questions, please email Catherine Olive .

Friday, February 23rd

Dismissal is at 11:45 am for PK0-5, and at 12 noon for middle school.

Extended care is available from 12 noon until 6 pm.
Parents must register their children for  extended care on minimum days before Friday February 16th, by sending an email to EXTENDED CARE if you cannot pick up your child by 12 noon.
There is no Girard Gourmet school lunch service, so if your child is staying in extended care, please provide a lunch. Children who are not picked up by noon will go to the lunch area. Please pick up your children in the lunch area for K-8 and from the playground in preschool.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions:

Italian Adult classes

Italian Adult classes started Tuesday January 30th from 8:30-10 am in the classroom C8 with Rossella. If you are interested you can still join the classes, there are (10) classes on Tuesdays from 2/6/18 to 4/10/18. No class 2/27. 1.5h class $255.

ASA Spanish for 1st-4th grade
ASA Spanish for 1st-4th grade just opened on Tuesday from 4-5 pm. We would love to have more children. Dates as follow: 2/13, 3/13, 3/27, 4/10, 5/1, 5/8, 5/15, 5/22, 5/29, 6/5, 10 classes $165.

ASA Jazz Funk Dance

We are hoping that we can continue this new activity, children are so flexible

ASA Fencing

After the first two classes with La Jolla Fencing Academy children learned history of sword fighting and how it progressed into the Olympic sport of fencing over time. Also we learned basic footwork and some fencing rules! We have left and right handed children, very interesting for the instructor as well!

Double taxation seminar for French expatriates

Calling all French expatriates! Come join us at SDFAS in the auditorium on Tuesday, February 13 from 5:30 - 7 pm for a seminar to be given by a French tax lawyer and French accountant on protection from double taxation. See flyer in this edition of ECHO. Co-sponsored in part by SDFAS and the San Diego French-American Chamber of Commerce.


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San Diego French-American News 
Le journal de SDFAS

San Diego French-American News 2017-18 n°1
San Diego French-American News 2017-18 n°1

This is the first broadcasting of the 2017-18 school year from the Middle School broadcast journalism elective: enjoy!
Middle School: Edeline Project with Haiti 

Pictured: Colin, Arthur, Diego - Jean Baptiste , Nicola, Oliver -  Emilia, Sofia, Tiara - Lily and Jade

This month, 7th graders are being involved in a pen pal program with a school in Haiti, as part of the "Edeline Project".
Thanks to Stephanie Hoffman, a La Jolla physiotherapist, the project came to my attention and we decided to get the students of both schools in contact, since they are all French speakers. We worked in class on the history and geography of Haiti and learned about Edeline's ordeals during the earthquake of 2010, when she was studying to become a teacher, how it has inspired her to launch the Edeline Initiative, and to help the children of her country. 
Our letters are going to Haiti this week and we can't wait for the responses! Please visit the Edeline Project website to learn more about their wonderful work:
Marion Addo - Middle School French Teacher


In this season of re-enrollment for 2018-19 and in my first year as Head of School, I wanted to take advantage of the Edito for this 10th edition of the É CHO to express thanks to all of the SDFAS families for the trust and faith you place in our school, as well as your partnership and support. Our community is at once diverse and very close-knit. Many people involved with the school care about it deeply, volunteer their time, help and contribute - each doing what he or she can to make the school as successful as it can be. Your efforts are appreciated and your presence in the SDFAS community valued!

We are proud to offer re-enrollment online through DocuSign (and through FACTS). Although it is too early to say definitively, enrollment and retention are looking good for next year. In terms of opportunities to learn about our school, I would recommend that all elementary parents attend the SDFAS Middle School Experience Forum from 8:30 to 9:30 am on February 8th in the auditorium. And, speaking of community building, I encourage all who can make it to attend the Jog-a-thon this coming Friday February 2nd from 8:30 to noon to cheer on your children running for good causes! And let's not forget the Talent Show on Friday, February 9th at 5 pm!

Mark Rosenblum, Head of school

Chers parents,
En cette période des réinscriptions pour 2018-19, et ma première année en tant que chef d'établissement, je voulais profiter de l'Édito de cette 10ème édition de l'ÉCHO pour adresser mes remerciements à toutes les familles de SDFAS pour leur confiance et leur foi en notre école, ainsi que pour leur partenariat et leur soutien. Notre communauté est à la fois diverse et très soudée. Nombreux parmi vous sont ceux qui aiment sincèrement notre école et s'impliquent en offrant leur aide, sous la forme qui leur convient, afin d'assurer notre succès. Vos efforts et votre présence au sein de notre communauté sont très appréciés !

Nous sommes fiers de vous proposer une réinscription en ligne avec DocuSign (et via FACTS). Bien qu'il soit un peu tôt pour l'affirmer, le nombre d'inscriptions pour l'an prochain est en bonne voie. Pour en savoir plus au sujet de notre école, particulièrement si votre enfant est en élémentaire, je vous recommande d'assister au Forum SDFAS Middle School Experience, le jeudi 8 février de 8h30 à 9h30 dans l'auditorium. Toujours dans la rubrique « construisons une solide communauté », je vous encourage également à venir assister au Jog-a-Thon, ce vendredi 2 février à partir de 8h30 : venez nombreux applaudir vos enfants tandis qu'ils courent pour de bonnes causes ! N'oublions non plus le Talent Show le vendredi 9 février à 17h!

Mark Rosenblum, Chef d'établissement

Jog-a-Thon is tomorrow! 
Le Jog-a-Thon c'est demain !

The Jog-a-Thon is a great time for our school to build   team spirit and our a sense of community  through our commitment to charities benefiting children.

Download  RUN SCHEDULE  by grade for parents who are interested to watch their child run.

Questions? Volunteer? Contact Diesa Seidel:

Thank you for your support!
SDFAS Middle School Experience - Calling all Elementary School parents!
Les années collège à SDFAS - Un appel à tous les parents de l'élémentaire !

All elementary school parents  are invited to attend with the 5th graders a presentation entitled SDFAS Middle School Experience on Thursday, February 8, 2018 from 8:30 to 9:20 am in the auditorium. This will be an opportunity to gain an understanding of the middle school years at SDFAS with respect to:
· Academics and Visible Learning (Curriculum, Schedule, Electives, Clubs, Projects)
· Community Atmosphere
· Academic Learning and Personal Growth
· Character Development and Social Learning
· Global citizenship: Self-Reflection, Collaboration, Leadership, Tech Skills
· Preparation and transition to High School
Those who attend will be able to get a "feel" of what it is like to live the SDFAS Middle School experience: 8th graders, teachers and directors will inform you and even challenge you with some engaging activities. Questions will be answered.
All Elementary parents are welcome !
Talent Show is almost here!
Le Talent Show arrive bientôt à l'école !

English Book Fair
Marché aux Livres

If you are interested in volunteering, please contact .

Need books in French? Remember to visit online bookseller  Bookwitty.
A dedicated page for SDFAS has been created on their website, which includes different book selections and recommendations. 

For example: 
You can also find adult literature, art, travel, etc. Purchase the books online and have them delivered directly to your home!
Any purchase made on the site using the link below will automatically give our school a 10% discount to grow the library collection.
How it works?
Once you click on the link, a "cookie" is installed on your computer. What this means is that every time you go to, no matter the page, it will always link back any purchase made to our school account. And this will be the case for up to 45 days after the first time you clicked on that link.
The link to use for this page is HERE
To create an account and order books, follow those three easy steps.
1 - Click on the link provided
2 - Create an account. Shop!
3 - Any purchase made will be linked back to the school. No code needed.
We hope this new system will give you the chance to get the books you love.
Anne Ricart
SDFAS Librarian
Flash on Woodworking  ASA

Children choose what they want to build. After putting on safety glasses they learn

1) How to hold and turn wood in a vise to sand the sharp corners and edges down

2) How to use the hand drill to makes holes for screws and dowel pieces

3) How to saw the parts to their project by clamping the wood into a miter box

4) How to make something spin or turn using a screw, and

5) How to safely assemble the project using hammer and nails.

Children applying good effort and focus are able to complete a level one project each lesson. There is constant supervision. Safe and effective techniques are given throughout the class.

There is another session coming up. We encourage new students to register first and they will have priority. For students in K-1st grades, there will be 6 classes from 3-3:55 pm from 3/6/18 to 4/10/18 for $145 (6 students max). For students in grade 2-5, the class will run the same dates from 4-5 pm (8 students max), with, again, priority given first to new students.
Science Fair
Middle school: Airbus Presentation in 7 th grade
Collège : Présentation Airbus en 5ème

On January 18, 2018, Mr. Fournier, who is a parent in our SDFAS community and works at the Airbus Industries Company, came into the 7 th grade science class and delivered a presentation around 4 themes: the history of aviation, physics and the principles of plane flight,  how a plane is assembled and the several stages of the assembly process.
Middle School: Math Club is organizing a Pi Day Celebration!

The students in the MS Math Club are currently working on the organisation of Pi Day on 3/14. They are organizing booths with Math games for students from 5th to 8th grade.
To be continued...

Elementary: Science in 4th grade

The fourth graders have been working on changes to Earth's surface in science. Mrs. Jacoway (American Science Teacher in Middle School) helped organize a multi-stationed experiment so that the students could work with a variety of types of erosion. They worked collaboratively in groups reading instructions, performing the experiment, and analyzing the results to answer questions.
Spanish class: tailor-made approach to learning

Activities in class are designed to meet students' needs based on their level.
A new student recently joined in 8th grade as a Spanish beginner. Content and activities were designed to cover Spanish Level One material, in order to quickly provide him with strong foundations in the language. He worked on the verb "tener", body parts and adjectives to describe body parts. Activities were meant to be interesting and as interactive as possible. A beautiful mural on the classroom wall is now in full view for everyone!
During that time, the fluent Spanish speakers were working on the theme "Health Care and Medicine". They learned about the illnesses that are affecting Latino America. They explored their own health system, and learned about alternative health  approaches such as the "curanderos" healers. Students also learned about relevant topics such as the evolution of flu viruses and their impact in places such as Spain, México and the United States.  Yuriko Patino - Spanish teacher

Pre-Elementary: Be ready to be impressed!

SDFAS Pre-Elementary section is getting ready to present its art productions at the annual school Gala. Our students are lucky to get the expertise of some of our talented parents. Let's look at a couple of projects: Emilie's class will offer a blue, teal, and turquoise tree inspired by Kandinsky's round geometric shapes under the direction of well-known artist and parent Kerry Riché.

Anne-Sophie's Kindergarten will present a collective self-portrait: it's a rhythmic assemblage of a savvy juxtaposition of colors and shapes completed entirely by the children with the help of another one of our talented artist parents, Mireille DesRosiers, who is co-chairing the gala art projects committee this year.
Middle School: Eustory project: we are making the movie!
Projet Eustory : Le film est en cours de création

On Thursday January 18, 2018, a small crew went to the San Diego Museum of Art for the filming of the museum scenes, which are powerful key elements in the story line.
On Saturday January 20, 2018, participants of the Eustory project gathered at SDFAS for  several hours for a rehearsal session of the scenes of the "Chess Peace" movie they are making: German parents, teachers, and students from the German Pacific School, and French parents, teachers and students from SDFAS rehearsed the battlefield/chessboard scenes on a giant chessboard traced on the field.
On January 27, 2018, the final filming happened, under the lead of Diane Alpaio, our script writer and director, and with the help of our camera operators, Alexandra Borbolla and Julien Moncelet.
Thank you to all students and adults for their hard work, commitment, energy and enthusiasm to make this happen!
Sports League

Boys Basketball:

Our teams are now playing their second Sports League season of the school year. Enjoy the girls' soccer and the boys' basketball pictures! Congratulations to all players and coaches, Ms. Seidel (basketball) and Mr. Moncelet (soccer)! 

Girls Soccer:

Our girls varsity and junior varsity soccer team started the league last month with almost 20 players from grades 6,7 and 8. They made a lot of progress and their results (one win, one tie, one loss) will bring them to the playoffs which will start on Tuesday, February 6th on our soccer field at school. They are looking forward to representing our school next week for the semi-finals. Let's go Stingrays! 
Winter Camp: February 26 - March 2 (5 days)

SDFAS is offering vacation camps for PK0-8th grade at the following dates Feb. 26-March 2 (5 days).
Deadline registration Feb. 18th, 2018 on Feb. 19th a $50 late registration fee will be added to your total.

- For full day camp week 8:30-4 p.m. the price is $315 per week.

- Half day camp week from 8:30-12:30 p.m. is $275 per week. 

- Surf camp is from 9:30-12:30 p.m. ($340 per week). 

Albion Soccer camp for 1st-3rd grade from 9-12pm is $250, for 4th -8th grade from 9-2pm is $300. If you need camp until 4 pm, your child can join the afternoon camp; price is an additional $100/week.

Drop in full day from 8:30 am - 4 pm. $85 per day or half days 8:30 am - 12:30 pm $75/half day are available only for preschool.

For more info about the camp themes please  download the pdf form .
Click HERE to register online

- Friday, February 2: Jog-a-Thon (morning)
- Thursday, February 8: SDFAS Middle School Experience for all Elementary Parents (8:30 am)
- Friday, February 9: Talent Show (5:00 - 7:00 pm)
- Tuesday, February 13: Seminar for French expatriates (adults) on double taxation  (5:30 - 7:00 pm):
- Thursday, February 15 - Friday, February 23: English Book Fair
- Monday, February 19 - Thursday, February 22: P/T Conferences 1 st - 5 th grade
- Friday, February 23: Mini-Day / Présentation Pierre et le Loup grades 1
st -3 rd / P- T conferences 1 st - 8 th grade (1-3 pm)
- Monday, February 26 - Friday March 2: WINTER BREAK