Newsletter Issue No 7
November 30, 2017 
In This Issue
Le Marché de Noël
Getting ready for La Jolla Holiday Parade
The Yearbook Cover
The Food Drive 2017
Reflection on Thanksgiving
360 Classroom
Writing in Cursive
Visible learning in Spanish class
Sailing Project
SDFAS artists show at La Jolla Library
The 9th Annual Talent Show

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Girard Gourmet Lunches:



School Council Minutes
The School Council met on October 9.
Minutes are now available online.


Monthly Morning Coffee with Mark in the auditorium

Meet and greet opportunities. Parents are invited to join new Head of School Mark Rosenblum for morning coffee in the auditorium, for all or part of an hour, from 8 - 9 am on the following dates: 

Tuesday December 5
See you there if you are interested and able to make it on one of these dates!
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French Film Club

Marché de Noël pick-up protocol - 
December 8
Preschool PK0-K:
Please pick up your child(ren) from his/her classroom:

- 2:45 to 3pm  Kindergarten  
- 3 to 3:15 pm PK0-PK2

After 3:15 pm, please pick up your child(ren) from Extended Care on the preschool playground.

Kindergarten will be in the preschool area after 3 pm.
Please pick up your child(ren) from his/her classroom: 

- 2:45-3 pm 

After 3 pm, the remaining children will go to Extended Care in A3 & A4 classrooms. 

If someone else is picking your child(ren) up, please let us know by email by December 6th:

Middle School:
Please pick up your child(ren) from the Middle School area:

- 3:15-3:30 pm

If someone else is picking your child(ren) up, please send an email to Ms. Brouder by December 6th:

At 3:30 pm, the remaining children will to go to Extended Care in A2 classroom to sign in. Middle School students will then be allowed to visit the Marché de Noël on their own but they must sign out with Ms. Seidel at the main gate when leaving the campus.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions:
Every Wednesdays: 
Baguettes, Pain-

What: Baguette and Pain-choco (Lindt bar & piece of bread) from Prager Brothers will be sold at SDFAS every Wednesday afternoon. Baguettes will be sold on a first-come, first-served basis. 

Why:  This year, these sale are part of a 8th grade fundraising initiative "by the students / for the students" in order to help partially fund the 8th grade students' graduation trip which will occur in June 2018. 

When: Every Wednesday afternoon from 2:45-4:15 pm.

Where: Outside on the K-8 blacktop

Please come support them!


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Thanksgiving Lunch at SDFAS
Repas de Thanksgiving à SDFAS

Thanksgiving Lunch was a success with more than 170 participants. We are so grateful for the wonderful Girard Gourmet meal shared with our family and friends.
Elementary and Middle School Math Project embellishes the blacktop with giant geometric shapes
Les élèves d'élémentaire et du collège ont eu pour mission d'embellir la cours avec des géantes formes géométriques 

Video created by Julien

In September, Mr. Moncelet (5th grade) and Mr. Giot (6th grade) decided to embark on a fun and innovative project that would give students the opportunity to work together on their geometry skills.
After a few workshops during Math class time, students were ready to apply their skills to the drawing of giant geometric shapes on the blacktop. On Monday November 13 and Tuesday November 14, the two groups (6B/5B on Monday and 6A/5A on Tuesday) traced giant 2-meter diameter shapes on the blacktop, using chalk and ropes for measurement.
The next exciting event in the project will occur in one week with the design of 10-meter diameter shapes. This time, students will use the sands of Pacific Beach and La Jolla Shores as their drawing board . Come support them on December 4 at Pacific Beach, and on December 12 at La Jolla Shores!


The end of the year is a magical time: the year quickly begins to collapse into these very dense moments: tear-jerking, end-of-year shows, lethargy-inducing meals, frantic shopping expeditions until, somehow, the littlest of boxes, the smoothest of cards and the most fleeting of smiles and laughs, come to represent what it means to celebrate with those you love. The holidays are here and so is the 2017 edition of our beloved Marché de Noël!

For the Marché de Noël, the Parent Association along with our awesome administration work together to turn our blacktop into an enchanted holiday shop. 
This transformation reflects the best of what we are. Please invite everyone you know and tell them about our train, craft area or dress-up photo booth (which are FREE). We will also have bouncy houses, face painters and a balloon artist. It's a special time designed to be shared; vendors come with the intention of letting the world know about their labor of love and the PA puts it on to recognize and commemorate our school's principles.

I look forward to seeing you, your family, friends, neighbors and colleagues at the Marché this year! May this holiday season be filled with giggles and grateful hugs from those to whom you give the presents you find at the Marché de Noël.

Happy Holidays to you and yours on behalf of your PA,

Lydia Inostroza, PA President

Chers parents et amis,
La fin d'année est une période magique avec des moments forts partagés. Les fêtes de fin d'année sont ici et nous sommes heureux de vous présenter l'édition 2017 de notre Marché de Noël!

Comme chaque année, l'association des parents ainsi que l'administration travaillent en tandem pour transformer notre cour de récréation en un immense marché enchanté.  Ce dernier vous donnera  l'opportunité de goûter une variété de plats sucrés et salés, de trouver le cadeau unique, l'article culinaire rare et de partager avec la communauté  un après-midi de plaisirs et découvertes. Le marché inclura de nombreux stands et activités ludiques pour le plus grand plaisir des enfants.

Alors, invitez tous ceux que vous connaissez. Le Marché est un événement communautaire gratuit, ouvert au public et nous vous remercions par avance d'inviter vos amis et votre entourage.  J'ai hâte de vous voir vendredi prochain avec vos enfants, parents et amis à notre Marché de Noël.

Joyeuses Fêtes à tous !

Lydia Inostroza, Présidente de l'Association des Parents d'élèves

Le Marché de Noël
Holiday Market & Fair
Getting ready for La Jolla Holiday Parade: Walk with us next to the festively decorated SDFAS float!
Préparons-nous pour la Parade de Lajolla !

Can you decipher the following charade?
Please register with Babeth Esterly at to volunteer to march in the Parade with us. Thank you so much for your support!
- My first is the note that follows SO  
- My second is a jewel in Spanish
- My third is the first syllable of the place where your heart belongs
- My fourth is the family name of a famous martial arts actor and artist  
- My fifth is the opposite of night  
- My sixth means "step" in French  
- My seventh is an ancient Egyptian Sun God  
- My eighth means "two" in French  
- My whole charade is where we hope to see you marching with us this Sunday December 3, next to a festive decorated float symbolizing an SDFAS global education and our school's international identity!
The Yearbook Cover
La couverture du livre de fin d'année scolaire

The Food Drive 2017: it was a great success!
Le Food Drive 2017 était un succès !

Pictured: the boxes that will be donated - Mirabelle, Reyhan, Kalina, Sami and Russel

To all students and families, let us say thank you for your participation in the Food Drive this year. The SDFAS community has collected enough supplies  for Feed America San Diego.

Encore merci à tous !
Pre-Elementary: Reflection on Thanksgiving
Maternelle : Qu'est ce que Thanksgiving ?

Video: Carlitos, Lyra and Eléanor

What is Thanksgiving when you are 3? Our PK1 students are maybe a little confused about this wonderful tradition, but they know how special it is. 
Middle School: 360 Classroom: how a class setting can enhance the learning experience
Collège : 360 Classes : Comment l'environnement d'une classe peut améliorer l'apprentissage

Here are the 8th graders in Ms. Jacoway's math class using  reusable walls to discuss and help each other learn how to apply linear equations. This would be harder to do without having all these surfaces! Students really like the walls! 

* Project financed by the Annual Fund "Giving Week"
Elementary: Writing in Cursive
Elémentaire : L'écriture en cursive

Pictured: Charlotte.

1 st  grade students learn how to write in cursive once or twice a week. After working on specific white boards, they write in their French note books with "Seyes" lines. French cursive is a demanding graphic technique that allows students to develop fine motor skills and teaches them to remain focused over a long period of time.
Middle School: Visible learning in Spanish class
Collège : Apprentissages visibles en cours d'espagnol

Pictured: Emeraude, Nathalie and Adrien.

To use language in context and in a fun manner is key to effective acquisition. In Spanish class with Ms. Patino, students are encouraged to use and reuse their vocabulary knowledge paradigms by playing games and conducting various drills/exercises.
To do so, the class is set around activity booths, and all students rotate through them: learning and student engagement are visible!
Sailing Project in 3rd Grade
Projet de voile en CE2

Video created by Julien.

Starting this year, we are excited to announce that San Diego French-American School has introduced a signature 7-week sailing program for the 3 rd grade. Classes are held at the Mission Bay Aquatic Center and instructed by knowledgeable sailing instructors. For 2 hours each week, students receive classroom instruction, watch demonstrations, and get on-the-water coaching as they learn to how to sail an 8-foot Sabot.

The vision of this program is to:
* Present a bilingual teaching unit that encompasses an in-depth understanding of sailing through theoretical understanding and experiential practice.
* Gain thorough comprehension of basic sailing concepts (including points of sail, tacking, and jibing), and become confident independent sailors in natural open water environments (using angles and geometry).
* Take advantage of eco-friendly watersports associated with coastal living.

* Project partly financed by the Annual Fund "Giving Week"

Pre-elementary: SDFAS artists show at La Jolla Library
Maternelle : Nos artistes de SDFAS exposent à la bibliothèque de La Jolla

Starting November 15th, La Jolla Library will kindly welcome our PK0 to K students' art productions.
Our fabulous( and very efficient) volunteers, Vanessa and Angela, installed the exhibit. They had the opportunity to have first glance at our young artists works.
This year, a lot of the art works revolves around geometry and basic shapes. What better way to learn about lines or circles than to study the works of Klee, Mondrian, Dubuffet or Kusama. For their works on emotions, our Kindergarteners used Van Gogh, Boutten and Pollock.

Please stop by the library to discover the entire exhibit, we know that you will be impressed.
The 9th Annual Talent Show

Auditions will be in January. Pick up your application in the office with Stephanie or print off from the school website.

- Friday December 1st: Ciné Club "In Harmony" -  7pm at SDFAS
- Sunday December 3: La Jolla Xmas Parade
- Tuesday December 5: Monthly Morning Coffee with Mark in the auditorium
Friday December 8: Marché
de Noël

- Friday December 15: Winter Show PK-Kinder and Elementary / MS Potluck - Noon / Minimum Day
- Saturday December 16 - Wednesday January 3: WINTER BREAK