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April 11, 2019 
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Teacher Appreciation Week
Art Fair 2019
French after SDFAS and High School Info

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Wednesday, April 17

Parents must register their children
before April 12th for extended care on minimum day, if you cannot pick up your child by 12 noon. 
Please send an email to:

Extended care is available from 12:00 noon until 6 p.m. Children that are not picked up by noon will go to the lunch area. Please pick up your children in the lunch area for K-8 and from the pre-school playground in preschool. 
Remember to bring lunch as on all minimum days there is no Girard Gourmet lunch.

Dismissal is at 11:45 a.m. for PK0-PK1-PK2 and K-5 and at 12 noon for middle school.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions:

School Council #3
Monday, May 6

The School Council will be meeting on May 6, 2019 at 3:20 pm 
in room A1.

Ciné Club - May 10

Back to Burgundy - Official U.S. HD Trailer
Back to Burgundy - Official U.S. HD Trailer

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Gala 2019: Nuit Blanche

Gala 2019 Introduction
Gala 2019 Introduction

Nuit Blanche  was a great success thanks to the generous support of our incredible community. This year's Fund-A-Need effort has given us the means to establish a multi-year fund to support two critical initiatives - Professional Development for our beloved teachers and Financial Aid, especially for staff families. We invite you to watch a video, presented at the gala, created by François Trégouet with the participation of middle school students, an alumna and two teachers. We are tremendously grateful for the families who led the night and inspired the community with their remarkable generosity. For the entire community's support, pride and trust in the school, we are profoundly thankful.

If you have not already received your items, please stop by the development office after drop-off to collect them!

We invite you to watch these gala videos by Alexandra Borbolla.

GALA 2019
Gala 2019

SDFAS We will rock you 2019
SDFAS We will rock you 2019
Laundry Art Day

On Thursday, March 28th, all Students took their art work out of the classrooms and displayed them outside. This event, called "The Big Laundry" is a global event organized the same day all over the world in French schools. This provides an opportunity to appreciate the creativity of all our students, from the youngest to the oldest.


This year's Gala on March 30 at the chic Pendry Hotel was nothing short of electric. It was inspiring to witness the community come together to enjoy each other's company in such a majestic venue and raise money for the school, with a particular show of solidarity once again for the Fund-a-Need initiative.

I know that faculty and staff are particularly moved and grateful to the community for its show of generosity and confidence. A big thank you to everyone who helped plan, prepare, volunteer, attend, underwrite and contribute to this year's event. The school now looks forward to expertly deploying the new $300,000 multi-year fund to support and enhance professional development and financial aid.

As always, the month of April brings with it exciting field trips, forum programs and competitions. We recently celebrated our first ever school-wide Laundry Art Day and our Science Fair took place earlier this week.  Soon we will all enjoy a much needed Spring Break!

Our dynamic strategic planning process continues and will eventually bring with it a revised mission statement and core values in addition to well articulated goals in the areas of program, faculty and staff well being, community and communications, development and financial sustainability. The strategic planning steering committee and task forces are working hard.

Our school continues to thrive and model for children optimism about the state of the world and their exciting role within it, empowering them through academic rigor, open-mindedness, adaptability, cultural understanding, and the knowledge that they can indeed enact positive change and contribute to society's ongoing progress.
Keep reading « L'Écho » to learn more about recent and upcoming events in and around SDFAS!

Mark Rosenblum, Head of school

Chers parents,
Le Gala cette année s'est tenu le 30 mars au très chic Hôtel Pendry, et quelle soirée ! Très impressionnant de voir la communauté se retrouver avec plaisir dans ce lieu magnifique et de pouvoir lever des fonds pour l'école avec un effort solidaire tout particulier pour l'initiative Fund-a-Need. 

Je sais que les membres du personnel sont tout particulièrement reconnaissants à la communauté pour sa générosité et sa confiance. Un grand merci à toutes celles et ceux qui ont aidé à planifier et préparer cet événement annuel, merci aux volontaires, ainsi qu'à tous les participants et généreux donateurs. L'école est impatiente d'utiliser de façon experte sur plusieurs années les 300 000 $ recueillis qui  nous permettront de soutenir et d'améliorer le développement professionnel et l'aide financière.  

Comme toujours le mois d'avril signifie sorties scolaires, forums et compétitions. Récemment, nous avons célébré notre première Grande Lessive artistique et notre Fête des Sciences s'est tenue en début de semaine. Bientôt, nous allons pouvoir profiter de vacances de printemps bien méritées !

Notre dynamique processus de planification stratégique se poursuit et nous conduira bientôt à une déclaration de notre mission et de nos valeurs fondamentales ainsi que des buts précis dans les domaines du programme, du bien-être du personnel, de la communauté et de la communication, ainsi que du développement et de notre solidité financière. Le comité de planification stratégique et ses sous-groupes y travaillent dur. 

Notre école continue à prospérer et à être un modèle d'optimisme pour les enfants au sujet de l'état du monde et du formidable rôle qu'ils y jouent. Nous nous efforçons de les responsabiliser grâce à un programme académique rigoureux, une grand ouverture d'esprit, un sens de l'adaptabilité, une compréhension culturelle et la certitude qu'ils peuvent réellement avoir un impact positif pour initier des changements et contribuer au progrès continue de notre société. 

Poursuivez votre lecture de ce numéro de L'Écho pour en appendre encore davantage au sujet des événements récents ou à venir à SDFAS ! 

Mark Rosenblum, Head of school

Deadline to purchase a Yearbook!

Order the SDFAS Yearbook 2019, by  Friday, April 12.

Visit YBPAY.LIFETOUCH.COM and use ID code: 12766719
April 29 - May 3:
Teacher Appreciation Week
May 6 - 8: Art Fair 2019 at SDFAS

May 14: French after SDFAS and High School Info


Forest in boxes in Kindergarten

Pictured: . Michael, Killian, Noam, Jace and  Leo - Zachary, Zoey, Luke and Viggo.

After the forest, the students have now begun to understand what a plant is and how they live and grow. We decided to make our own forests in boxes. It was a fun activity in small groups of 2 or 3 where imagination, arts, problem solving and communication were the skills required. After all the rain we've had in San Diego we have seen a lot of snails. In the kindergarten classes we learned how to build houses for them. Then we will learn how they live, what they eat and maybe we will even see some babies! It was a fun activity in small groups of Thanks to the parents who brought us a lot of natural elements the students were able to create their forests.2 or 3 where imagination, arts, problem solving and communication were the skills required.


PK2 classes field trip to The Flower Fields

To conclude our science sequence on plants, the three PK2 classes have been to The Flower Fields in Carlsbad. Various activities filled our busy day, including discussing how to grow a healthy garden, discovering compost, studying and making friends with worms, planting sunflower seeds, observing and getting to know good & bad bugs, making music and art. We also had the chance to ride a wagon in the fields and admire the wonderful colors of the flowers !

Thank you to our chaperones for their precious help. Stéphanie, Alexandra and Anne.

3rd Grade Forum

3rd grade Forum 2019
3rd grade Forum 2019

The third grade forum was a big success last Thursday. Families and elementary students enjoyed a wonderful slideshow featuring different learning experiences the third graders had throughout their school year. 

3rd grade Forum:
3rd grade Forum: "Je Veux Apprendre Paroles"
3rd grade Forum:
3rd grade Forum: "Count on Me"

The third graders also impressed the audience with their beautiful singing of "Je Veux Apprendre", a French song about being lifelong learners and embracing challenges, and "Count on Me," an English song about the importance of friendship. The third graders worked very hard preparing their forum, and their French and American teachers could not be more proud.


Monsters Book in 2nd grade

The second graders have been inspired by monsters encountered in books and created their very own MONSTER BOOKS. They learned how to write a description which is divided into 3 parts: the head, the body and the legs. They managed to capture the reader by giving details and funny facts. You can find many different types of monsters: nice, funny, sweet, bad, scary, weird, terrible, cute.... You can even mix the monsters, this is the students' favorite part!

Spirit Week in middle school

Pictured: Molly, Émilia, Juliette and Fay - Teva, Noé and Adam - Tahlia, Emeraude and Emilia.

Spirit Week organized by the Student Party Planning Committee this year!  Students were surveyed to choose the theme of each day. They chose Animal Day, Twin Day, Favorite Character Day, Pajama Day and Crazy Hair Day. 
Thank you to Mme Addo for her constant energy coaching the PPC, the members of the PPC and Jacob Johnston for the beautiful photo booth background!


Maker Space Elective

Pictured: Sofia and Francesca

The Maker Space elective designed beautiful outdoors games of cornhole for the middle school area! Thank you, Ms. Jacoway, thank you, students!

6th/ 7th graders Writing contest

On March 30, 6th and 7th graders participated in a French writing contest. For 1 hour and 40 minutes the students created a final production, whose recipient was an audience directly related to the project.
The project builds connections among peers, the 8th graders were included as the jury, awarding prizes to the best pieces.
This exercise stimulates the imagination of students and generates pleasure to write.


EPI ASSR 7th: les distances d'arrêt d'un véhicule

EPI ASSR 7th: les distances d'arrêt d'un véhicule

"Voici les résultats en image des calculs des distances d'arrêt d'un véhicule influencées par le conducteur ou l'environnement.
Les 7th grade ont utilisé google sheets pour modéliser les différences de vitesse, l'influence du beau et du mauvais temps ainsi que l'état du conducteur (normal ou sous influence).

Voici une de leur modélisation en vidéo. 

Á 50 km/h (vitesse limite en agglomération), un véhicule s'arrêtera au bout de :
- 30 m si le conducteur est normal et le temps sec.
- 47 m si le conducteur est normal et s'il pleut.
- 58 m si le conducteur est en état d'ébriété et le temps sec.
- 74 m si le conducteur est en état d'ébriété et s'il pleut."


SDFAS Track & Field Meet #2

Pictured: Emi Ayala-Sekiguchi competing in Triple Jump.

Congratulations to another impressive performance by SDFAS at their 2nd All-League Track & Field meet. Both the boys and girls teams placed 1st among 5 other schools.

Next Track & Field meet: Tuesday, May 7th @ SDFAS 

Registration for the Spring session 2019 is now available until  April 23rd online.

Click HERE to register for ASA

Payment: For your registration to be complete it must be paid in full before class starts (except for Homework class and the Conservatory of Music).
Late registration. On Wednesday April 24th a $50 late registration fee per family will be charged. Classes' prices will not be prorated for late registration.

Based on your feedback and to serve children and families better, many ASA classes will now begin at 3:30 pm to allow for either 30 minutes of daycare or 30 minutes of study hall before the activity. For all ASA classes starting at 3:30 pm, you must choose one of the following options (one selection only):

- Extended Care (free of charge if registered for an ASA)
- Study Hall from 3.00-3:30 pm (fee applying, will be billed later)

**It is critical for the school to have families register for study hall from now on for each day that it is desired. We must have a list of names in order to be able to plan accordingly in terms of staffing study hall correctly. Please work with us to plan your family schedule and routines accordingly. We greatly appreciate it.

Adult French classes are available to our community. 

Let me know if you have any questions, Valérie Asensio.


April 18-26 (7 days) from 8:30 - 4 p.m. or 5 p.m. for PK0 to 8th Grade. 

Deadline registration April 11, 2019 on April 12th a $50 late registration fee will be added to your total. 

You can choose from Surf Camp, ALBION Soccer camp for K-8th or regular camp for PK0-8th grade. 

If you only need one or a few days, register for regular camp. 

The theme is based on the season: Spring activities. Children will do arts and crafts projects using nature, fun stories and activities. Children will get familiar with different songs and participate in outdoor activities. 

Click HERE for more information and to reserve your spot online HERE. Please plan ahead and be mindful of the deadline as we might have to cancel the camp if we don't have 6 registered children. 

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions at

Summer camps are now available to you! 

New! French Intensive Summer Course for Teens June 24-August 2 

- Morning 9 am-12:30 pm: Beginners 
- Afternoon 1 pm-4:30 pm: Intermediate students

A certificate of completion will be provided.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions at

- April 8 - 11: Science Fair
- April 10 - 24:  OPEN REGISTRATION for SPRING After School Activities (ASA)
- April 12: Deadline to purchase a Yearbook
- April 17: Minimum Day 
- April 29 - May 3: Teacher Appreciation Week (May 1: Teacher Appreciation Luncheon)
- April 29 - June 15: Spring After School Activities (ASA) starts
- April 30: ERB Evening for MS Parents at 5:30 pm in the auditorium
- May 2: French Consulate San Diego Security Meeting at 5 pm at the Petite Ecole
- May 6 - 8: The Art Fair in the auditorium
- May 6:  School Council #3 at 3:20 pm in the room A1
- May 10: CinéClub #8 
- May 13: La Troupe performances for parents and community from 6 to 7 pm in the auditorium
- May 14: French after SDFAS and High School Info, from 5 to 6 pm in the room A4