Newsletter Issue No 14
April 05, 2018 
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In This Issue
Science Fair is this Monday!
Spirit Week and Crazy Hair Day
Mission Project in 4th grade
Getting ready for graduation!
Mathematics Learning
Chess Peace movie Premiere
Music Program
Art Program
Pierre-Yves at SDFAS
A bilingual project
PK1 Mini-forum
Head of School for the day
Summer camps 2018

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Le livre de l'année 2018
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Cine Club - April 6th 

Faces Places
Faces Places

Conference on Parenting at SDFAS - April 10th

Wednesday, April 18

Dismissal is at 11:45 am for PK0-5, and at 12 noon for middle school. 

Extended care is available from 12 noon until 6 pm.
Parents must register their children for extended care on minimum days before Wednesday April 10th, by sending an email to EXTENDED CARE if you cannot pick up your child by 12 noon.
There is no Girard Gourmet school lunch service, so if your child is staying in extended care, please provide a lunch. Children who are not picked up by noon will go to the lunch area. Please pick up your children in the lunch area for K-8 and from the playground in preschool.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions:

Spring Break Camps

Camp de vacances du printemps SDFAS is offering a Spring Break Camp,  April 19-27th
 from 8:30 am - 4 pm Half days are available from 8:30 am - 12 pm. We do not offer hot lunch during our vacation breaks. If necessary, you can leave your children until 5 pm (There will be a charge of $10 for that extra hour per day.) Late pick up will be charged 1$/min after 4 or 5 pm. You can register directly online or you can fill out the registration form and attach payment to reserve your spot befor e April 10th ; first-come, first-served.

Please click HERE for more informations.


March 19 - 1st Grade

"Sculptures élégantes
Regardent les étoiles

Wonderful rescue at SDFAS

Early this week we discovered a litter of fresh kittens hidden in a bush near our
office entrance. We immediately adopted them lead by our cat experts, Babeth
Stephanie, and Anne. Then we realized that they were not safe and that we needed to
take action to protect them. The Young family took the lead and brought the kittens
home. But we could not find the mother! Amparo and Dave set a trap to catch her and even stopped by in the evening to check it. Victory! Mother cat was reunited
with her little family. We have now 4 fully trilingual kittens looking for a

Please contact Babeth if you are interested.

The "Fête de la Bretagne / Gouel Breizh" at SDFAS - May 26th

The Breizh Amerika collective will perform a 2 hours set of Celtic music mixed with Swing, Jazz, Latin and Folk music.
They might even teach the audience Breton dances.

Remember the date: May 26th at 3 pm

The Breizh Amerika collective will be composed this year by 4 talented and experienced musicians:

Thomas Moisson - accordion

Gweltaz Rialland - Saxophon and bombard

Julien Le Mentec - Piano

Joe Kyle Jr. - Bass

Since its creation, the Breizh Amerika Collective has travelled to NYC, Chicago, Detroit, St Louis, Cleveland, Rochester, Santa Fe, Albuquerque, New Orleans, Baton Rouge, Lafayette, Arnaudville and Scott, Louisiana to celebrate la Fête de la Bretagne.
Don't miss the opportunity to see them in SAN DIEGO this year!


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Gala 2018, Thank You!

GALA 2018 full version
GALA 2018 full version

Our 30th Anniversary Gala on March 24th was indeed a Célébration Pétillante. We would like to thank parents, grandparents, families of alumni, faculty, staff and friends for making it a successful and unforgettable event. Thanks to exceptional support for the Fund-a-Need initiative, students will benefit next school year from a new Innovation Lab where all students from Preschool to 8th grade will learn coding and robotics.

We invite you to watch a video presenting the new program:

Innovation Lab 2018
Innovation Lab 2018

If you were unable to attend the gala, we would also like to share the video created by our talented 5th grade teacher Julien Moncelet who spent countless hours interviewing our three heads of school, and visiting former campuses throughout the county with Founder and Headmaster Emeritus André Bordes.

Les 30 ans de l'Ecole SDFAS NEWS FLASH 2
Les 30 ans de l'Ecole SDFAS NEWS FLASH 2

Gala Pictures are available! Part 1 - Part 2

Merci à tous pour votre soutien en tant que volontaires, donateurs, sponsors et convives!
International Day: Around the World

K classes visited the 8th grade class: In preparation for the International Day, Kindergarten visited the 8th grade Math class, which had been carefully decorated to represent Japan. As part of their trip to Japan, the younger students were invited to participate in hands-on fun activities that 8th graders had especially designed for them.

Middle and Elementary School: Each class decorated its own classroom, dressing the room up with the colors of its assigned country: Haiti, Thailand, Japan, India, Iceland, Israel, Madagascar, Peru, and many other countries were represented. Students enjoyed entertaining their "visiting guests" with fun educational activities that they themselves designed. Then, in turn, they were able to be "visiting guests" in other classrooms too. The younger students were especially proud to collect stamps in their passport from each "country" they visited!

International Day 2018 - Mexico
International Day 2018 - Mexico
Pre-elementary:  From PK1 to K, our wonderful parents presented to very curious students, aspects of their various international cultures. It was another great opportunity to celebrate the diversity of the SDFAS community!

Videos are available! 

International Day Forum 2018: 


This year's Gala at the inimitable Hotel del Coronado was a smashing success. It was very moving to witness the community come together to enjoy each other's company in such an elegant venue and raise money for the school, with a particular show of solidarity for the Fund-a-Need project. A big thank you to everyone who helped plan, prepare and attend this year's event. The school looks forward to the building of its Innovation Lab to house the expanding coding and robotics program!
International Week was a great success this past end-of-March. You will find in this edition of Écho links to video of the school-wide forum assembly from International Day, featuring the K-1 chorus singing in Basque and English, Polish folk dancing, the first ever SDFAS all school language parade, and a performance of music from Zimbabwe. You will see the entire student body joyfully celebrating by waiving their hand-sized international flags throughout the performances.
The CAIS accreditation visiting committee was at SDFAS conducting its assessment of the school during the last week in March. The official report with results, including the term length of the school's next accreditation, will arrive this summer. There will be commendations, minor recommendations and major recommendations. Major recommendations must be followed if the school is to maintain its accreditation with CAIS. One major recommendation is that the school focus on the implementation of a bilingual values-based social and emotional learning program. Another is that the school invest in individual and school-wide professional training aimed at further developing student-centered teaching and learning approaches.
The month of April brings with it field trips, overnight trips, exciting forum and mini-forum programs and competitions. Not to mention Science Fair and Earth Day followed by a much needed Spring Break!
Enjoy reading Écho to learn more about recent and upcoming events in and around SDFAS!

Mark Rosenblum, Head of school

Chers parents,
Le Gala de cette année qui s'est tenu au célèbre Hôtel del Coronado fut un immense succès. C'était très émouvant de voir toute la communauté rassemblée pour faire la fête dans un si bel endroit, tout en levant des fonds pour l'école, notamment pour le projet Fund-a-Need. Un grand merci à tous ceux et celles qui ont aidé à planifier et préparer cet événement et à tous ceux et celles qui y ont assisté. L'école est fière du nouveau Lab Innovation qui sera construit pour développer le programme de coding et robotique !
La Semaine Internationale fut un superbe succès en fin de mois dernier. Vous trouverez dans cette édition de l'Écho un lien vers la vidéo de la grande assemblée de toute l'école pour célébrer la Journée Internationale, avec notamment la chorale des élèves de Kinder et CP chantant en basque et en anglais, une danse polonaise, la toute première Parade des langues à SDFAS et un concert de musique du Zimbabwe. Vous y verrez également l'ensemble des élèves de l'école agitant leurs petits drapeaux de tous les pays pendant le spectacle.
Un comité d'accréditation CAIS nous a rendu visite pendant la dernière semaine de mars. Leur rapport officiel, comprenant toutes les indications à suivre pour notre prochaine accréditation nous parviendra pendant l'été. Ce rapport détaillera nos points forts, nos points faibles et les secteurs sur lesquels nous devons vraiment nous améliorer. Ces recommandations majeures sont à suivre impérativement pour maintenir notre accréditation CAIS. L'une de ces recommandations majeures est que l'école se concentre sur la mise en place d'un programme bilingue pour l'apprentissage des valeurs sociales et émotionnelles. Autre recommandation : que l'école investisse dans un programme de stages pour toute l'équipe afin de développer nos méthodes d'enseignement centrées sur l'apprentissage des élèves.
Ce mois d'avril verra de nombreuses sorties (à la journée et sur plusieurs jours), ainsi que de fabuleux forums et mini-forums, programmes et compétitions. Sans parler de la Fête des Sciences et de la Journée de la Terre, suivi de vacances de printemps bien méritées !
Profitez de cette édition de l'Écho pour tout savoir des événements récents et à venir à SDFAS !

Mark Rosenblum, Chef d'établissement

Science Fair is this Monday!
La fête de la Science c'est Lundi !

Calling all aspiring scientists!

The science fair is coming. Do your experiments. Display your results. Tell us what you discovered.  

Projects are due in the auditorium before school on Monday April 9th. Judging and presentations will occur during school hours between April 9th and April 11th. Results will be presented on April 12th at forum.

Projects must include an experiment that includes playing with a variable (no demonstrations or research projects). Group projects are not permitted this year. 

Families CAN help!

Spirit Week and Crazy Hair Day at SDFAS

Pictured:  Ms. Addo, Oliver, Matthew, Anouk, Sophie, Lexine, Leonie and Angelina - Jaxon and Adrien.

This Year once more, from March 26 through March 30, SDFAS celebrated "Spirit Week" in the Middle School ! The agenda behind "Spirit Week" is to encourage students to wear a fun and funky array of clothes with a different theme each day of the week. And on Friday, all the elementary and pre-elementary students were invited to join in the frenzy of Crazy Hair Day!
Elementary: Mission Project in 4th grade

Pictured: Marco, Antoine and Eleonor.

Each year the fourth graders dive into the history of California. They learn about the first inhabitants and then study Spanish colonization, which includes exploration of the famous California missions. The students are each asked to independently research one of the twenty-one missions. They write a report, create a project, and orally present their knowledge in front of their peers. This year, students chose from a variety of project ideas including the traditional 3D model, a detailed powerpoint, Prezi or Keynote, a poster, or even creation of an online 3D form of their mission using the platform Minecraft.
Middle School: Getting ready for Graduation!
Collège : Prêt pour la remise des Diplômes !

Pictured: Massin, Seiji and Alex - Apolline, Emma, Leonie, Chloe and Anouk - Liam, Ariana, Louna and Juliette.

The 8th graders got a feel for what graduation will look like in a couple of months, as they dressed up in their caps and gowns for their individual pictures by a professional photographer! Mark your agenda: the 8th grade graduation will take place on June 14th in the auditorium!
Pre-Elementary: Mathematics Learning in PK2
Maternelle : Apprendre les Mathématiques en moyenne section de maternelle

Our PK2 students have been working on number recognition and simple addition. In class, they built giant dominoes to connect symbol with quantity and add numbers. Today they were outside playing a game of dominoes. They were active in their learning, engaged and having fun. This is another example of active learning wherein a multi-sensory approach allows teachers to facilitate activities that reach different learning styles.
Eustory: Chess Peace movie Premiere

After several months of hard work, students, parents, staff and professionals gathered on March 21, 2018, at the Premiere opening ceremony of the movie "Chess Peace". Participants enjoyed watching result of their hard work over 6 months. The stars were aligned on this project, with a truly committed dream team of individuals: young children, teenagers and adults!
Thanks to their research, creativity, ability to articulate their vision together, efforts and persistence, "Chess Peace" is a beautiful, elegant, smart, profound and powerful 15- minute movie on the theme "Peace in War Time". The movie has now been submitted as our entry to the EUSTORY contest, organized by French and German institutions, in order to keep memories alive, promote peace and build bridges among young generations, as part of the 100 th anniversary of the end of WW1.
Elementary: Music Program in 4th and 5th grade

This past week, our Music program has started for 4th and 5th graders.

In 4 th  grade, Sufi Raina taught her first class of Indian Kathak Dance. Students were very engaged and focused in this new and specific way to discover a new culture and art form.
Middle School: Art Program starting the music program with the Center for World Music

6th graders will learn South African Zulu and Xhosa song, dance, and drumming with Nomsa Burkhardt. 7th graders will practice Balinese gamelan with Hirotaka Inuzuka. 8th graders will discover Persian classical melody and percussion with Kourosh Taghavi. Language, music, culture - perfect alignment with our mission to develop refined sensibilies toward beauty and open minds.
Elementary: Pierre-Yves at SDFAS

On Friday morning, at 8:30 am, the 4th and 5th graders had the chance to listen to Pierre-Yves Plat, " a brilliant improviser, willingly iconoclastic, humorous, and an amazing pianist" . Pierre-Yves Plat played classical and jazz pieces, interacted with the students and shared his passion for music. We hope that Pierre-Yves Plat will travel again from France to California in the future - his intervention with our students and community was of the very highest artistic and musical quality.
Elementary: A bilingual project

Les histoires de Marcel - Willy's stories by Anthony Browne

Thursday morning our first graders presented their forum on Willy's Stories  by Anthony Browne, also known as  les Histoires de Marcel, in French. This has been the subject of our fun bilingual project. We worked on presentation of a text in French and English, art, public speaking, and story completion.  

In the story:
Anthony Browne takes a monkey named Willy on adventures through an open window and through classic fairy tales. He never gives us the end of the story. The students imagined the end of each story and that is what they shared with us.

Thank you to Claire, Sarah and Elisabeth for this great project and for everyone who came to see us!
Pre-Elementary: PK1 Mini-forum

This Wednesday, we had our second PK1 forum. Our Head of School for the day, Iris Crosby welcomed the parents and introduced our performers. The 3 classes did 3 songs: "Pour dessiner un bonhomme", "Petit escargot" et "La famille tortue". The children were really excited to perform for their pears and their family. They were also really proud of their performance and we all agree that they deserved a big round of applause.
Head of School for the day with Mr. Rosenblum
Directrice des écoles pour la journée avec Mr. Rosenblum

Pictured: Iris Crosby and Mark Rosenblum.

Dear Parents, Chers Parents,

My name is Iris Crosby and I am in 2nd grade/CE1-B here at school. I am writing to let you know that I am serving today as Head of School for the day with Mr. Rosenblum. So far, we have welcomed and greeted cars during arrival time, mingled with arriving families in the Preschool, and attended a mini-forum for PK-1 where I got to introduce myself as well as open and close the ceremony. I am learning all about Mr. Rosenblum's many email accounts, about admissions work, about finance work, about communications and about academic leadership. Mr. Rosenblum's drinks coffee and I drink hot chocolate. It is an honor to be Head of School for the day. And, it is fun!

Have a great day everyone!

Iris Crosby

Chers Parents,

Je m'appelle Iris Crosby et je suis élève en CE1-B ici à l'école. Je vous écris afin de vous dire que j'occupe le rôle de chef d'établissement aujourd'hui pour la matinée avec Mr. Rosenblum. Déjà nous avons accueilli les voitures à l'arrivée devant l'école, passé du temp dans la cours de la maternelle avec les familles, assisté à un mini-forum des PK-1 où j'ai eu l'opportunité de me présenter ainsi que d'ouvrir et clôturer la cérémonie. J'apprends tout sur les divers comptes emails de M. Rosenblum, sur les admissions et la finance, concernant la communication et le leadership académique. Mr. Rosenblum boit le café et moi le chocolat chaud. C'est une honneur d'être directrice d'école pour la journée. Et c'est bien amusant !

Je vous souhaite une très bonne journée à tous et et toutes ! 

Iris Crosby

Summer camps 2018 at SDAFS 
Camps d'été 2018

The Summer camps Around the World - Le Tour du Monde 2018 is now available to you!

REGISTRATION IS OPEN! Register before April 30th to get the early bird discount.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions at

- Wednesday, April 9 - 11: Science Fair 2018
- Tuesday, April 10: Hilde Gross Parenting Seminar in Auditorium at 6:30-8 pm
- Wednesday,  April 11: Science Fair 2018
- Thursday, April 12:  Science Fair Forum - Prizes
- Friday, April 13: MOEMS Math Tournament in Middle School - Auditorium
- Tuesday, April 17: EARTH DAY at SDFAS
- Wednesday, April 18: Mini-Day 
- Thursday, April 19 - Sunday April 29: SPRING BREAK