Newsletter Issue No 12
March 14, 2019 
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Peace Ambassador Yasuaki Yamashita
The 2019 Gala has begun!
Science Fair

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School Council Minutes

The School Council met on January 14, 2019.

Minutes are now available online.


Book Fair - Coffee March 15

A huge thank you to all the Book Fair volunteers who helped set up, work shifts, and break down the book fair! 

You guys are amazing!! 

Please join us for coffee on Friday, March 15 at 8:45 in the conference room.

Ciné Club - April 5
OSS 117: Cairo, Nest of Spies (2006) - Trailer
OSS 117: Cairo, Nest of Spies (2006) - Trailer

Free Yoga / Mindfulness Classes at SDFAS

Babeth Esterly and Bénédicte Brouder are excited to offer to our community (staff and families) free yoga/mindfulness community classes at SDFAS.

- Tuesdays: Benedicte, 7:30 am to 8 am, auditorium 

- Wednesdays: Babeth, 7 to 7:30 am, auditorium 

Children are welcome to participate with parents if able to stay patient and focused. 

Follow the link below to register: 

Middle school students can attend without their parents. Limited to 20 yogis.

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The Value of Integrity

Many if not all of us are closely following with shock, horror and disgust the FBI and Justice department's 50 arrests earlier this week in connection with a major United States of America college admissions corruption scheme. 

It is important in my role as Head of School that I restate to all of us our school's core teaching values. The most critical value of the moment to teach in our pressurized and competitive society is integrity. Without it we are lost. The faculty and staff here at SDFAS teach to and for this most critical of all values each and every day. It is hard work. And we know that we engage in this work with your daily support, encouragement and reinforcement in your role as parents. Thank you for that. Together we are raising good (informed, open-minded, bilingual and honest) young people.

Mark Rosenblum

The countdown to the 2019 Gala has begun! Don't miss the party of the year! 

At this Party with a Purpose, the community will come together and celebrate what we cherish most about SDFAS, with the shared goal to raise crucial funds for the people who bring life to our school; the students, the staff and the teachers. 

As usual, we'll have an array of fabulous silent-auction items for perusal during the cocktail reception held on the rooftop terrace, and then it's on to the main event -- the live auction in the ballroom followed by some dancing. 

And starting tomorrow, you can start bidding online on the many restaurant cards, summer camps, sport classes that parents and friends procured. To purchase tickets and participate in the online auction, visit .
See you for our Nuit Blanche at the Hotel Pendry on Saturday, March 30th! 

2019 Gala Committee

Chers parents,
Le compte à rebours du Gala 2019 a commencé. C'est LA soirée à ne pas manquer! 

C'est notre plus grande levée de fonds et un moment unique où notre communauté est unie pour soutenir ce qui constitue le coeur de SDFAS : les enfants, les enseignants et le personnel. 

Notre Nuit Blanche commencera par un cocktail sur la terrasse dominant le centre ville et continuera avec le dîner dansant dans la salle de bal. Comme d'habitude, nous aurons un éventail de fabuleux lots pour les enchères. 

Et dès demain, vous pourrez placer vos enchères sur des certificats pour des restaurants locaux, des camps d'été pour enfants, des classes de sport que parents et amis de l'école ont gracieusement offerts ou démarchés. 

Pour acheter vos billets et participer aux enchères en ligne, visitez

Au plaisir de vous voir tous à l'Hotel Pendry le samedi 30 mars!

Comité du Gala

March 19:  Peace Ambassador Yasuaki Yamashita at SDFAS

Witness: Peace Ambassador Yasuaki Yamashita will come to SDFAS on March 19, 2019 and talk about his experience to students (5th to middle school) in the auditorium from 8:30 am to 9:20 am. All parents are welcome to attend.

Yasuaki Yamashita is a Peace Ambassador and a survivor of the atomic bomb in Nagasaki.
He moved to Mexico in 1968. He currently lives in San Miguel de Allende, where he paints and does pottery. He is an incredible human being and a true inspiration.

Here is an excerpt of his presentation at the UN:

What does it feel like to survive an atomic bomb? Nagasaki survivor Yasuaki Yamashita explains
What does it feel like to survive an atomic bomb? Nagasaki survivor Yasuaki Yamashita explains

March 30: The Countdown to the 2019 gala has begun.
Don't miss this Party with a Purpose!

Visit to purchase tickets online and preview our auctions. The online auction is open to the public. It will start tomorrow at 10 a.m. and will close on Monday, March 25th at 10 p.m. Your friends and relatives can also bid on restaurant gift certificates, birthday parties, entertainment for your family, beauty packages and more that were donated by parents and businesses.

Please contact the development office for questions, donations to the auction or volunteer opportunities.

Thank you in advance for your support!
April 8: Science Fair 2019
Calling all aspiring scientists!

The science fair is coming. Do your experiments. Display your results. Tell us what you discovered.  

Projects are due in the auditorium on Monday April 8th. Judging and presentations will occur during school hours between April 8th and April 10th. Results will be presented on April 11th.

Projects must include an experiment that includes playing with a variable (no demonstrations or research projects).  Teams of 2 are allowed. Both students must in in the same grade.

Families CAN help!

Questions, contact Echo Jacoway or Anne Laure Denis
April 12:
Deadline to purchase a Yearbook

Le livre de l'année 2019:
Theme: "We, Citizens of the World"

Yearbook cover design 2019 by Aimée and Aidan Desrosiers 

Order yours now!  Online ONLY!  

Prices start at $40. YBPAY.LIFETOUCH.COM 

Use ID code: 12766719

>> Deadline to purchase a yearbook is April 12th, 2019 <<

Don't forget to add lovelines or a personalized yearbook ad to recognize and congratulate your child's work for this school year, for his or her achievements, or for completing his or her 8th grade middle school year. 

If you would like to add one in your yearbook, your options are: 

Lovelines - These lines are limited to up to 20 words with no photos to accompany them. - Price - $35

Yearbook - Personalized ads: 

- Full page: $300 - you can submit up to 6 photos and a message up to 300 characters. 

- ½ of a page: $150 - You can submit up to 3 photos and a message up to 200 characters. 

- ¼ of a page: $100 - You can submit one photo and a message up to 100 characters. 

If you have already purchased a yearbook but would like to buy a personalized ad for your child, you can still do so under "Purchase an advertisement for my student (without a yearbook)." If you have already purchased a yearbook but would like to add a loveline, contact Isabelle. 

>> Deadline to purchase a Loveline or a personalized ad is March 29th, 2019 <<

Any questions ? Please contact Isabelle Sénécal

Relaxation and mindfulness

The PK2 classes are doing relaxation and mindfulness sessions . In Alexandra's Class, they are following the podcast "Superheros" from the show "Peace out". As you will see from the pictures there was some "brain massage" and imagining flying. The podcast also talked about compassion: the best Superhero quality! After doing a bit of yoga and following the podcast twice students were ready to continue their day in a "super" way... The podcast story served as a starter to discuss compassion in French.
In Anne's class, they used another tool called "Calme et attentive comme une grenouille" - sitting still like a frog. The objective of this little story is to help students to focus on themselves, on their body, mind and breathing. This gives them strategies to calm down and cope with emotional situations. It's a daily practice and our little frogs who love to jump also know how to relax.


Field trip to bates nuts farm

Pictured: Juliet, Annabelle and Natanel - Annabelle, Eliot, Lance, Mia, Noémie, Juliette, Mila and Iris - Natanel and Eliot.

After studying the farm theme for 1 month, the two PK1 classes went on a field trip to Bates Nuts Farm to learn about the nut culture, take a hayride on the tractor and feed the farm animals.

* Local day field trips are funded by the Annual Fund

Field Trip: 2nd grade visited the LUX Art Institute

We observed beautiful ceramic art that reflected the devastation of the fragile coral reefs as well as several pieces displayed in an outdoor garden setting. We also had the opportunity to make our own art similar to the art we observed.

* Local day field trips are funded by the Annual Fund


Acrosport with 1st grade

The first graders worked this last trimester on "Acrosport". During two months they learned how to carry, to parade or to balance with each other. By group they created their own figures. For their last session, they presented their balance piece to preschoolers. 

They were really impressed. What a great experience!

Ecosystem Project in 7th grade

The 7th grade students sealed their ecosystems on March 7. The goal is to have all the organisms that they included survive for 3 weeks without anything new being added or anything old being removed from the ecosystem. Organisms include succulents, aquatic plants and algae, snails, roly polies, insects and a minnow. They had to decide how much of each thing to put in so that there was enough food to last, enough plant matter to cycle the oxygen and carbon dioxide, but not so much that it used it up, enough bacteria (or other detrivores) to process the waste and so forth. They were very excited and will be recording what happens daily for the upcoming weeks.


SLAM Kick Off in preparation for the April SLAM workshops

"Beat Attitude", lecture par Annalisa Mari Pegrum & Sébastien Gavignet

What is SLAM?  On March 7, Ms. Addo crafted a workshop in order to kick off the SLAM project! In April, SDFAS will welcome Sébastien Gavignet, France's vice champion of Slam, poet and translator. Teachers and students will benefit from workshops with him, and learn the ropes of the SLAM art!

If you like you can also listen: Grand Corps Malade - A l'école de la vie


Aerial Revolution

On February 21, 8th graders went on a field trip to the Aerial Revolution studio. They practiced acrobatics. They are now fully ready to show off their acrobatic tricks!

* Local day field trips are funded by the Annual Fund

As of this writing, following the application deadline for independent high schools, here is a recap of where our 8th grade soon-to-be-graduates have applied.

Applied via Choice (#1) to Mission Bay High School IB program - 9 (so far 4 admitted via Choice; Choice results can be announced from now until September)
Assigned to Mission Bay High School IB program and planning to attend - 1
Applied via Choice (#1) to La Jolla High School - 1 (1 admitted)
Assigned to La Jolla High School and planning to attend - 5 to 6
Applied via Choice (#1) to San Diego High School IB Program - 1 (1 admitted)
Planning to attend Westview High School (Poway District) - 1
Applied to High Tech High (lottery) - 2 (1 admitted so far - HTH results can be announced from now until September)
May move to Washington State - 1
May return to France / French Lycée - 1

Applied to Bishop's - 0 (last year 7)
Applied to Cathedral - 0 (last year 1)
Applied to Francis Parker - 4 (last year 6)
Applied to The Grauer School - 2 (last year 2)
Applied to La Jolla Country Day - 5 (last year 4)
Applied to Pacific Ridge School - 1 (last year 0)
Lycée Français de Los Angeles - 1 (Accepted)
Le Châtelard (boarding - Switzerland) - 1
We have 27 students graduating from SDFAS in 8th Grade this year. (Graduation will be on Thursday, June 13 at 5:00 p.m. in our auditorium.) Seven of the 27 have applied to independent (private) high schools, and six of those have applied to more than one independent school.
For Choice applications, the San Diego Unified School District (SDUSD) states that the Choice results are random, and that Choice spots become available only once spots have been confirmed or declined by students from feeder schools. (We know that Choice results are not based on students' academic achievement.) If there is an older sibling at the desired Choice high school, the chances of a younger sibling being accepted are better, but are not 100% guaranteed.
We will report admission results once we have all - or most - of them. It is worth noting that while March 15 is the decision day for independent school admissions, the notification dates for SDUSD Choice applications, and lottery for High Tech High, can be later, sometimes even during the summer. In short, everyone does not find out on the same day. 

Wishing all of our 8th graders and their families the best of luck as they await their admission results!
High School Placement Counselor

The Summer camps Around the World - Le Tour du Monde 2019 is now available to you! 

New! French Intensive Summer Course for Teens June 24-August 2 

- Morning 9 am-12:30 pm: Beginners 
- Afternoon 1 pm-4:30 pm: Intermediate students

A certificate of completion will be provided.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions at

- March 15: Middle School Dance - St. Patrick's Day (Green day)
- March 15: Book Fair coffee at 8:45 am
- March 19: Peace Ambassador Yasuaki Yamashita in the auditorium from 8:30 am to 9:20 am
- March 20: Mini-forum PK0-PK1
- March 21: La Grande Lessive (Laundry Art Day)
- March 21: 8th grade cap and gown graduation photos and K graduation photos with Lifetouch
- March 29: Crazy hair and Hat day
- March 30: Annual Gala