Newsletter Issue No 13
March 22, 2018 
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Science Fair
Summer camps 2018
Pi Day was a topnotch event!
How to Use a Wordless Book to Boost Reading?
Printemps des Poètes
Language Arts
Theater Program Performance
Talent Show 2018 Video!
Visual Arts
Values of the school
Chapeau Ticket Store

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Girard Gourmet Lunches:



School Council Minutes
The School Council met on January 8.
Minutes are now available online.


This Saturday - GALA 2018!

If you are unable to attend the gala, you can still participate and bid on teacher experiences or class projects, or contribute to the Innovation Lab. 

Please fill out the absentee bidding form and returning it to the Development Office
by Friday March 23rd at noon.

Pierre Yves Plat Concert at SDFAS - March 30th

Yearbook 2018
Le livre de l'année 2018
It's time to order the yearbook 2018 celebrating the 30th anniversary of the SDFAS. Under the theme "When the Past Meets the Present", the yearbook features the values of the school as well as retrospectives from teachers and students but not only.

Order yours now! Online ONLY! 
Parents will be able to choose their options there. Prices start at $40. YBPAY.LIFETOUCH.COM and use ID code: 12766718 .

If you have any questions, please contact Isabelle

Deadline to purchase 
Yearbook is April 12 

Conference on Parenting at SDFAS - April 10th

Spring Break Camps

Camp de vacances du printemps SDFAS is offering a Spring Break Camp,  April 19-27th
 from 8:30 am - 4 pm Half days are available from 8:30 am - 12 pm. We do not offer hot lunch during our vacation breaks. If necessary, you can leave your children until 5 pm (There will be a charge of $10 for that extra hour per day.) Late pick up will be charged 1$/min after 4 or 5 pm. You can register directly online or you can fill out the registration form and attach payment to reserve your spot befor e April 10th ; first-come, first-served.

Please click HERE for more informations.

Haiku - Color 

Our Haikus written this week for TW'HAIKU!

March 15 - 1st Grade

"Pissenlit jolie
Ta tige brille dans la nuit
Tes pistils s'envolent ."
"Du rouge et du vert
Comme un feu d'artifice
Les pistils éclatent."
"Pissenlit dans l'herbe
Pistils éclatent de joie
Dans la nuit noire."

The "Fête de la Bretagne / Gouel Breizh" at SDFAS - May 26th

The Breizh Amerika collective will perform a 2 hours set of Celtic music mixed with Swing, Jazz, Latin and Folk music.
They might even teach the audience Breton dances.

Remember the date: May 26th at 3 pm


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International Mini-Forum 

International Mini Forum - 1st Graders and Kindergarten students - Hegoak in Basque
International Mini Forum - 1st Graders and Kindergarten students - Hegoak in Basque

Video: La Chorale Kinder-1st grade with Claire Selva.

Our section was an active participant of the SDFAS International Week. Our PK2 and K students enrolled in the Mandarin program performed on Wednesday, March 21st . Then the Kindergarteners sang 2 pieces with the 1st  graders, one in English (video HERE) and one in Basque. 11 Pre-elementary students participated in the "Défilé des langues" and spoke in Spanish, Swedish, Russian, Portuguese and Breton. In the classrooms, our wonderful parents presented to very curious students, aspects of their culture.
The " Défilé des langues" it's today

Earlier today, March 22nd, SDFAS celebrated our International Day with a special all-school forum. The K-1 Chorus led by Claire Selva (75 students) sang two songs (one in Basque and one in English), there was a Polish folk dance presentation by the International Dance Association of San Diego, approximately 50 students from PK through Middle School representing many different languages and countries participated in the SDFAS Language Parade, and there was a presentation of South African music by the group Zimbeat led by Nomsa Burkhardt. All of the students received small international flags to hold and wave as they entered the auditorium. It was a fun, inclusive, international experience for all!


March is a busy month and has brought many events and celebrations to SDFAS.

Last week, SDFAS Middle School student leaders held a walk-to-the-blacktop as a one-month anniversary memorial to the students and teachers who lost their lives in Parkland, Florida and to express their feelings about gun violence in schools. It was a moving, heartfelt ceremony and we have every reason to feel proud and inspired by our students' action, message, and leadership.

This week at SDFAS a team of seven educators from around California visited the school as part of the intensive CAIS re-accreditation process. They interviewed teachers, staff, administrators, parents and students, visited classes, and have been busily drafting their report. The results should be returned to us this summer and will prove useful as the school enters its upcoming strategic planning process.

Today was International Day and it was celebrated in part with a special all-school forum which included music and dance, and during which some 50 students participated in the first ever SDFAS Language Parade. A parade of students in PK through Middle School came to the microphone one-by-one (or in small groups) to each address the student body in a language other than French or English or in a regional dialect of French or English. The event was filmed and a link to the video will be shared in the next edition of Echo in April. Yesterday, we also celebrated with a Mini-Forum in Mandarin and English!

As we are all aware, this coming Saturday evening will be the SDFAS Gala at the Hotel Del Coronado. I look forward to seeing many of you there as we celebrate our school's 30 th anniversary and look to future. The Fund-a-Need project is exciting - the construction of an Innovation Lab to house our expanding coding and robotics program. Together, through your presence and your generosity, let's make this year's gala an unforgettable event!

Next week, SDFAS will celebrate Spirit Week in the Middle School. During Spirit Week, students dress up each day in a fun, creative way. This year's themes are Decade Day, Twins/Triplets Day, Favorite Character Day, Pajama Day and, of course, on Friday, Crazy Hair Day during which all students are invited to participate.

On Friday, March 30, there will be a concert at 7:30 pm in the SDFAS auditorium given by renowned French pianist Pierre-Yves Plat who will also play for our 4 th and 5 th graders at school earlier that same day. The event is co-sponsored by SDFAS and the Alliance Française of San Diego.

Enjoy reading Echo to learn more about recent and upcoming events at SDFAS!

Mark Rosenblum, Head of school

Chers parents,
Le mois de mars est un mois bien rempli, avec de multiples événements et célébrations à SDFAS.
La semaine dernière, les délégués du collège ont mené une marche sur le campus en mémoire des élèves et enseignants décédés il y a un mois à Parkland en Floride. Ils souhaitaient aussi exprimer leur indignation face à la violence par les armes dans les écoles. Ce fut une cérémonie touchante et sincère et nous avons toutes les raisons d'être fiers de cette action menée par nos élèves qui ont ainsi fait preuve de sensibilité et d'esprit d'initiative.

Cette semaine à SDFAS, une équipe de sept éducateurs venant de diverses écoles californiennes nous a rendu visite dans le cadre de l'intense processus de ré-accréditation du CAIS. Ils ont mené des entretiens avec des enseignants, des membres de l'équipe administrative, des parents et des élèves, ils ont également assisté à des classes tout en rédigeant leur rapport. Les résultats devraient nous parvenir dans le courant de l'été et nous seront utiles pour entamer notre processus de planification stratégique.

Aujourd'hui, c'était la Journée Internationale qui fut célébrée avec un forum spécial réunissant toute l'école et comprenant musique, danse, et la participation de 50 élèves au tout premier Défilé des Langues de SDFAS. Au cours du défilé, les élèves de tous les niveaux, seuls ou en petits groupes, sont venus au micro pour s'adresser à toute l'école dans une langue autre que le français ou l'anglais (ou dans un dialecte régional français ou anglais). L'événement a été filmé et vous trouverez un lien vers la vidéo dans le prochain numéro de l'Écho en avril. Hier, nous avons aussi pu assister à un mini-forum en mandarin et anglais !

Comme nous le savons tous à présent, ce samedi aura lieu le Gala de SDFAS à l'Hôtel Del Coronado. J'ai hâte de vous y retrouver nombreux pour célébrer les 30 ans de notre école et envisager son avenir. Le projet Fund-a-Need est particulièrement passionnant - la construction d'un Labo Innovation pour accueillir nos programmes de codage et de robotique qui sont en pleine expansion. Ensemble, grâce à votre présence et votre générosité, faisons de ce gala un événement inoubliable !

La semaine prochaine, SDFAS fêtera Spirit Week au collège. Pendant cette semaine de célébration, les élèves se déguiseront chaque jour de façon créative. Les thèmes de cette année sont : Journée des décades, Journée des jumeaux et triplés, Journée du personnage imaginaire préféré, Journée pyjamas et bien sûr, vendredi, ce sera la Journée des cheveux fous, ouverte à tous les élèves de l'école.

Vendredi 30 mars, un concert aura lieu à 19h30 dans l'auditorium de SDFAS, donné par le célèbre pianiste français Pierre-Yves Plat qui se produira également pour nos élèves de CM1 et CM2 pendant la journée. Cet événement est en partie sponsorisé par l'Alliance Française de San Diego.

Bonne lecture de l'Écho pour en apprendre encore plus sur les événements récents et à venir à SDFAS 

Mark Rosenblum, Chef d'établissement

Science Fair is fast approaching - April 9th!
La fête de la Science c'est bientôt !

Calling all aspiring scientists!

The science fair is coming. Do your experiments. Display your results. Tell us what you discovered.  

Projects are due in the auditorium before school on Monday April 9th. Judging and presentations will occur during school hours between April 9th and April 11th. Results will be presented on April 12th at forum.

Projects must include an experiment that includes playing with a variable (no demonstrations or research projects). Group projects are not permitted this year. 

Families CAN help!

Summer camps 2018 at SDAFS 
Camps d'été 2018

The Summer camps Around the World - Le Tour du Monde 2018 is now available to you!

REGISTRATION IS OPEN! Register b efore  April 30th to get the early bird discount.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions at
Pi Day was a topnotch event!

Pictured: Jacob, David, Mr. Giot, Julien - Jean-Baptiste - Cameron, Tiara, Leonie, Ms. Jacoway - Tiara, Sofia - Mr. Baron, Kayla, Aitana.

The Middle School and the 5th graders celebrated Pi Day on March 14 with engaging activities and contests in the MS area. Thank you and congratulations to Mr. Giot and the Math club students!
Students rotated through several classrooms and stations, where they were challenged with a variety of fun Math activities such as Battleship, Kangourou des Maths, MOEMS exercises, etc. In addition to these, students participated in two contests:
  • Pi Memory Contest : congratulations to Cameron (1st place) who won the award, and to Alex and Gabriel !
  • Pie Baking Contest: congratulations to Pie#2 and Pie#10! Jean-Baptiste (1st place) and Tiara and Sofia (2nd place) are genuine baking chefs!
Thank you again to the organizers and leaders of the Pi Day Project, thank you to the jury, Patricia, Julien and Emmanuel, and thank you to all faculty members for their help throughout the event! 
And Thank You to all the bakers, the pies were delicious...
Pre-Elementary: How to Use a Wordless Book to Boost Reading?
Maternelle : Comment utiliser un livre sans mots pour booster la lecture ?

Pictured: Clemente and Melody

Using only basic symbols to represent the different parts of the story, our PK2 students created their own version of the three little pigs. They then went to visit the Kindergarteners and used their wordless book to tell the story to their friends.
Wordless books, are reading before reading: Young children are empowered to be the storyteller instead of having to listen to adults. It is also a great tool to work on inferences, and story structure: Without words, students have to rely on their symbolic representation of the story to infer what is happening next. Always in our pre-elementary program, we have to consider the fun factor of an activity, and wordless books are fun! The story is always changing and evolving each time you "read" it. Children love to create and use their imaginations, and wordless books provide an outlet for that. It's amazing to see the ideas they have and the way they process the information. A classic story can become something quite different than the "original version".
Middle School: Printemps des Poètes

On Thursday March 8th, 2018, all Middle School students gathered in the auditorium to celebrate the Printemps des Poètes and the International Women's Day. The workshop was run by Ms. Addo and Ms. Bunod. Ms. Addo had prepared a fun interactive activity around Haiku. Students were invited to locate a station around the auditorium, where they had to compose, individually or in groups, several Haikus with a season theme and sentence structure guidelines.

Pictured: Nathalie

English Language Arts in 8th grade: Self- Written One-Act Plays
Collège : Ecriture et jeu Théâtre d'un act

On March 14th, 2018, the 8th graders performed their self-written one-act plays they have been working on in their English Language Arts class with Ms. Aseltine. They performed in the mini-amphitheater for the enjoyment of their parents, teachers and peers.
Thank you, Ms. Aseltine, for the impeccable articulation of your units and lessons, which are made up of a variety of educational activities that place learning into action in purposeful and thoroughly crafted manners! Thank you to all students for their hard work and skillful creativity!
Middle School: Theater Program Performance
Collège : Performance Théâtrale

On March 13, 2018, all Middle School students performed for their parents, peers and teachers, as part of the Theater Unit of the 2017 2018 Art Program.
Under the guidance of Meara Scanlon, students  have worked alongside the advisory program's main themes in their theater classes. They presented Monologues and Scene Work that covered the fundamentals of which the program was trying to teach.
For example: 6th grade focused on self-awareness and responsibility, 7th grade on discovering identity an
d understanding of diversity, and 8th focused on the importance of being a good role model and respect. 
Students had an opportunity to show off their acting talents, and expressed themselves confidently
and positively on stage.

*The Middle School Theater program is funded by the Annual Fund Giving Week
Talent Show 2018 Video!
La vidéo du Talent Show 2018 !

Talent Show 2018
Talent Show 2018

Thank you for your patience. The video of the Talent show is ready for you. Please note the video will be removed at the end of the year and is only available to us or whomever you may want to share with. I hope you enjoyed the show and look forward to seeing you next year. Please share a photo of your child with me and I will forward to the person handling the talent show page in the yearbook.
Elementary: Visual Arts
Elémentaire : Les Arts Visuels

Visual Arts are parts of our program from 1st to 5th grade. During the past trimester, the 4 th  graders have  experimented original ways to express themselves with forms and colors in a calm and serene ambience.

*The Visual Arts program is funded by the Annual Fund Giving Week.
Pre-Elementary: Motricity - Students are working on balance
Maternelle : Parcours de Motricité - Les étudiants ont travaillé sur l'équilibre

Pictured:  Hildegard - Amelia et Luke

This week to work on balance, our Pre-Elementary students did a balance course, walking on a beam, using spooner boards, moving with some clip cloppers and going through some unstable obstacles.
Balance is an important building block for so many skills! In order to move safely, a child must be able to switch from balanced position to balanced position. With good balance and coordination there is less likelihood of injury, as children will react with appropriate postural responses when needed (e.g. putting hands out to protect themselves when they fall off their bike).
Elementary: Values of the school

Since January, students from 1st to 5th grade have had regular class councils. This important moment of Citizenship allows the students to listen to each other, to share their opinions and to debate with respect. This week, teachers have asked them to think about what they value the most at SDFAS. These values will be collected and will contribute to a bigger school project.
Middle School: Chapeau Ticket Store

Pictured: Chloé and Diesa Seidel. 

On March 8, 2018, the Chapeau Ticket Store was up and running with Ms. Seidel for an enthusiastic crowd of Middle School students. The Chapeau Ticket Program is a fun and motivating way to reward students for their accomplishments, both in terms of academics and character development and ethics standards.

- Thursday, March 22:  International Day
- Saturday, March 24 GALA Une soirée pétillante at the Hotel Del Coronado
- Friday, March 30: Crazy Hair Day
- Friday, March 30:  Pianist Pierre Yves Plat at SDFAS at 7:30 pm
- Wednesday, April 4: Mini Forum PK0 & PK1
- Wednesday, April 9 - 11: Science Fair 2018