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June 2015 



Seneca Area Chamber/SDI is dedicated to promoting, encouraging and improving the business, civic, historical and cultural vitality for the Seneca area; to create a vibrant, environmentally sound, thriving and economically strong community.




Check it OUT! 
The  City of Seneca along with the Area Chamber/SDI are continuing to work very hard to give our community an active city website!


You will notice that there is an Events Calendar under the Community and Chamber/SDI tabs. Our goal is to list any and every event going on in the Seneca area to this calendar so event goers can look in one central location for all events in Seneca.


This is where we need your help! If your organization or business has any events that you would like published please contact Kylee Luckeroth  with details about the event and we'll get it posted on the community calendar!




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523 Main Street

8 A.M. ~ 4 P.M.


Executive Director: 
Kylee Luckeroth









Seneca Fire Department 125th Anniversary Celebration! 


Mark your calendars for June 26-28 and plan to attend the Seneca Fire Department 125th Anniversary Celebration!
There will be a activities for the entire family including a 5K run, breakfast, open house, Fire Apparatus parade, children's activities, tethered hot air balloon rides, memorial service, special presentations and live entertainment!

For more information check out the brochure.

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Business Spotlight:
Liz's Bridal and Formal Wear

   By: Michaela J. Altenhofen


Owning a small business can bring satisfaction and accomplishment to many people's lives. For Liz Feldkamp, the owner of Liz's Bridal and Formal Wear located 413 Main St. Seneca, Kansas she has recently been able to join being a small business owner. Before Liz took over the bridal in 2013, Anita Schulte was the owner who ran the business for many years. Liz's Bridal provides a variety of bridal gowns, bridesmaid dresses, tuxes, prom dresses and much more. Liz took the business over from Anita on February 1, 2013. Eight months prior to owning the bridal store they bought the building they are in now to fix it up with no intentions of becoming anything more. After the hard work and labor that her and her husband did they were not sure what to do with it, and then she was approached about taking over Anita's. Liz graduated from the University of Kansas in fabric and textile design.  She stated, "I figured this would be a perfect time to purse my passion with all my children now in school full time."


For the full article please visit our website.


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