June 21, 2018
Just wanted to share some information on upcoming events and let you take a look at some pictures of quilts that we were pleased to display at the Cattlemen's Ball.
We hope you enjoy your summer!

SEW MUSICAL Row by Row Starts Today!

Check out all the blocks you will find in Nebraska on facebook at Nebraska Row by Row! We have your free pattern here for you!
We are open Mon. - Fri. from 9:00 a.m. to 5:30.
Saturday hours are 9:00 a.m. to noon.
Here is our 12" x 27" project. This year shops could choose from a variety of block sizes!
Our license plate is ready to travel!
Saturday, June 30th / 9:00 to Noon
We are working on our bag project for the Heartland Shop Hop. Each shop will have a free bag pattern and sample for you. Plus, like any road trip it will be filled with fun and laughter. Look forward to seeing you. Stop in for some shopping and refreshments!
Quilts of Valor were awarded to 13 siblings on Father's Day in Hebron. The children of Paul and Patricia Hergott of Hebron were recognized for over 137 years of military service. Patricia, was presented with an honor quilt from her family for her support and sacrifice. This was an extrodinary service, and we were very pleased to play a small part in helping with the arrangements.
The next Quilts of Valor presentation will be on July 4th at 10:00 a.m. The ceremony will be held at the Majestic Theater in Hebron. A display of Quilts of Valor will be held during the morning. If you have a Quilt of Valor you would like to display, please give me a call at
We are planning on presenting six quilts.
This was our exhibit of the Vintage Quilts at the Cattlemen's Ball. This is the second day. Due to rain all the quilts were taken down on Friday and the display set up again on Saturday.
Thanks to all those who loaned us their quilts for the event. If you have a vintage quilt you would like to display or share with our quilting friends, just let us know. We would be happy to display it at the shop and would be able to share it with our Breakfast Club ladies.
Here are a few of the older quilts that were displayed.
Tree of Life Quilt from the Thayer County Museum dating back to 1845. This quilt was bought at auction for 25 cents. It was displayed at the Smithsonian Institute.
A Crazy Quilt was loaned to us by Susan Wiedel of Hebron. This quilt was given to her by her grandmother. No other information is available. From the combination of fabrics and threads, it is
believed to be over 100 years old.
Betty Petersen of Hebron shared her Mother's Friendship Quilt. This quilt has the names of several Gilead and Alexandria women. Betty remembers her mother quilting the quilt over a period of several years.
This Postage Stamp Quilt was loaned by Liz Kandahar from Hardy. This quilt was purchased at an auction. The quilt has over 10,000 pieces, each smaller than the size of a postage stamp.
This Grandmother's Fan Quilt was loaned by Kathy Retzlaff of Hebron. It represents a Depression Era quilt. This quilt was pieced using muslin squares for the backing. This quilt was not finished. Most Depression Quilts were not finished due to the cost of fabric backing and batting. Most were only completed when they were needed as a gift or for use.
Join us for a morning of quilting fun!
Lots to see and learn.
Bring a friend.

Breakfast Club
Saturday, July 21st / 9:00 a.m. - $5.00
All Quilters Welcome

Rolls, Coffee
Show 'n Tell
please call in and register - 402 768-6980

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