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Happy Summer! Double Pride is pleased to announce our FIRST professional publication by 

"The Jacobs Sisters"! A dream came true when my sister Lisa Jacobs and I were finally able to coauthor this article about Deaf and Hearing Siblings for our new generation of deaf children 0-5 years old and their hearing sisters and brothers on a new journey TOGETHER!
We hope you enjoy reading this article with LOTS OF TIPS for hearing parents raising both deaf and hearing children. Please share this with your students, parents, clients, families, and colleagues! This E-Book is the 2015  RESOURCE GUIDE FOR EARLY HEARING DETECTION & INTERVENTION, published by EHDI (Early Hearing Detection and Intervention), March 2015.

The Secrets to Deaf and Hearing Siblings Success: Giving them an Early Start for a Lifetime Together.   



I look forward to sharing more with you! I also appreciate all that I have learned from all of you. Thanks for all your hard work in making an important difference in our world. Please send us any feedback on this article. We would love to learn about your own Deaf and Hearing Sibling experiences too!

Have a wonderful summer with your own sisters and brothers, family, and friends!

Warm regards,


Sheila Jacobs

Double Pride


A few highlights from the article are below.

Strategies for Successful Deaf and Hearing Sibling Relationships


1 Build empathy between D/HH and hearing siblings.

2 Identify what each individual D/HH and hearing sibling needs in his or her own "tool kit" to be successful throughout their life.

3 Implement a "communication huddle" approach for families to set communication goals and predict obstacles before, during, and after an event.


Great News and Big Thank You to the California Association of the Deaf!


CAD has been a key leader in the Language Equality and Acquisition for Deaf Kids 

(LEAD-K) Campaign to push for more language accountability during the first five years of a Deaf and Hard of Hearing child's life. 


SB 210, authored by Senator Galgiani, enforces language benchmarks in ASL and English during each Deaf and Hard of Hearing child's first five years to ensure they are on track to be academically and socially ready for Kindergarten. 



"Language acquisition is a basic human right to ensure that all Deaf babies and toddlers have full access to acquiring a language and experience the same milestones as their hearing peers. It is a very basic human right taken for granted by those with full access to language," said Julie Rems-Smario, CAD President.



"California Coalition of Option Schools and the Center for Early Intervention on Deafness are pleased to be working collaboratively with the California Association of the Deaf in support of SB 210. 


   Read the full press release here 



Ways to Organize the Family Home
  • Oval/Circular Table:  This allows for better visibility of everyone at the table.
  • Video Relay Service: The D/HH child should have access to a video relay service. 
  • Closed Captioning: For the D/HH child to have equal access to television shows, closed captions need to be enabled.
  • Alert Systems Attached to Light System: To give theD/HH child equal access visually to environmental sounds.

Cousin  Dr. Laurene Simms  is producing a 30-45 minutes educational documentary film called "Climbing the Avalanche" about the education of Deaf children of color.  This project is funded by the Deafhood Foundation and Deaf Women of Color, Inc.  We know this film will have a great positive impact!

  Please help her raise funds on GoFundMe 

Thank you Deaf Services, SF Library, for This Great Resource


Gallaudet University and the National Association of the Deaf Bust ASL Myths

Gallaudet University and the National Association of the Deaf Bust ASL Myths



We are often asked questions about raising your Koda (Kids of Deaf Adults) children, raising your deaf children, and Tips about how to have a "Double Pride Family"-the BEST of BOTH our Worlds.
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